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Where To Farm Raiment Of The Infinite In Diablo 4?

Like many other Action Role Playing Games, Diablo 4 lets the players acquire some of the most amazing unique items in the genre.

The Raiment of the Infinite is one of the most sought-after sets in Diablo 4, as it grants powerful bonuses to the Sorceress class.

To farm Raiment of the Infinite, a unique chest armor for Sorcerers, you must reach World Tier 3 or 4 and loot enemies and chests in Nightmare Dungeons, Gathering Legion events, and Helltides.

Continue reading to learn what you can do with Raiment of the Infinite farm and where to find it.

What Is Raiment Of The Infinite In Diablo 4?

The Raiment of the Infinite is a unique chest piece in Diablo 4 which is only equipable by the sorcerer class.

Since it is a unique armor, it is more valuable than other gear pieces in the game.

It has a unique trait that affects the Teleport skill. After using it, close enemies are pulled to you, stunned for 2-3 seconds, and increased by 20%.

Here is a list of stats you can obtain from equipping the Raiment of the Infinite armor.

  • Increased intelligence
  • Increased damage to close enemies
  • Increased damage to stunned enemies
  • Increased ranks to Glass Canon
Game Model Of Raiment Of The Infinite
Game model of the Raiment of the Infinite in Diablo 4

As you can see, the armor theme is getting in between all the enemies and using skills that can damage a huge AOE(Area of Effect).

Furthermore, the armor even gives players the Glass Canon trait, allowing the Sorcerer to deal extra damage.

However, the Glass Canon also makes players take extra damage from monsters and provides them with extra damage. 

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What Skills Is Great With Raiment Of The Infinite In Diablo 4?

Players must use Teleport to activate the unique trait of the chest piece.

However, there are a few more skills that players can combine with Teleport to get the best result out of it.

Here you can find the list of a few skills you can combine with teleport.

1. Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze is an ice-based skill. This skill encases the player in ice and continually deals damage for 4 seconds.

Furthermore, the skill chills the enemies, which can slow them further allowing the players to damage the enemies.

2. Meteor

Meteor as the name suggest calls forth a meteor that damages enemies in an area and burns the enemy.

This skill summons a meteor that crashes down on a target area, dealing fire damage to enemies.

Furthermore, since the meteor leaves a burning ground, players can pull the enemies close and then drop the meteor on the enemy with the burning area to clean up after.

3. Blizzard

Blizzard is a skill that allows the players to summon a Blizzard in an area that chills and deals damage continuously to the enemies.

Like the meteor, players can teleport to the area, cast the Blizzard to chill, and deal heavy damage to the enemies.

Furthermore, these are not the only skills you can tinker with and play around with the unique chest piece.

However, these are the most prominent ones we consider great with the chest piece.

Where Can You Farm Raiment Of The Infinite In Diablo 4?

Players cannot target the farm for the chest piece. However, unlike certain items, this unique item does have a good drop rate.

There is no specific location to find it, so you must rely on luck and persistence.

Moreover, players can obtain the chest piece through a drop from a chest, random monsters or participating in Helltides.

Furthermore, the chest piece becomes droppable after players reach World Tier 3.

However, players claim the drop chance increases significantly after reaching World Tier 4.

raiment of the infinite farm
Player equipping raiment of the Infinite in Diablo 4.
Note: Players need to be cautious in World Tier 4 since monsters are very strong and can kill players instantly due to certain modifiers to them.

The Bottom Line

A unique chest piece is an enticing item to obtain. With chest pieces like Raiment of the Infinite, Sorcerers can have a complete makeover of their builds.

Moreover, the players might prefer to engage the mobs instead of staying in a secure area.

Hopefully, this article will help you find Raiment of the Infinite and get your builds up and running.

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