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How to Screenshot Snapchat Without Them Knowing?

If you are desperately trying to capture someone’s story or chat conversation and don’t want to notify them, don’t worry! 

You have come to the right place. Let us help you out with something.

Snapchat provides a fun and easy ways to share snaps, live video chat, message, create avatars with bitmojis, and play with filters and lenses.

Whenever someone takes a screenshot of their chats or snaps, Snapchat notifies users. Let’s learn to secretly screenshot chats or stories on Snapchat without knowing them.

How to Screenshot Snapchat Without Them Knowing? [2022]

Here are some Proven and Possible ways to take screenshots on Snapchat without notifications.

1. Use Another Phone to Capture a Snap

You can use a spare phone to capture a photo of the chat you want to screenshot without notifying the other person. You may experience rough or poor picture quality. There are better methods than this, but it is acceptable.

2. Use Google Assistance (Android)

Google Assistance enables you to take screenshots of chats without the help of any third-party application.

With this method, you can only share the screenshots in other apps but cannot save them on your device. 

If you don’t share the screenshots, then they will be lost. Make sure to share the screenshots immediately after taking them.

Here are the steps to follow,

    1. Open the chat you want to capture.
    2. Enable Google Assistance by saying “OK Google” or long-press the Home button.

press home button for some time wake google assistance

    1. Say “Take screenshot” or “Capture Screenshot”.

command take a screenshot google assistance

    1. Share it with other apps you want to.

nearby share after screenshot using google assistance

Snapchat cannot detect this way of capturing, and no alert would be sent to another device.

3. Using Screen Recorder

Screen recorder is available both for android and iOS. It allows users to record phone screens.

You can take screenshots on Snapchat and also record the videos without notifying them.

Some smartphones have an in-built screen recorder. If your phone does not have it, you can easily download third-party screen-recorder apps for android.

On Android

You can follow the steps below to capture the screen using screen record features in Android.

      1. Launch the app on your device. Open the snap you want to save.
      2. Swipe up to access the control panel and tap on the Screen Recorder options.
      3. Select Record.
      4. After the countdown, you can successfully record a video of Snapchat on your device.
      5. You can quickly stop recording by tapping the Stop option.

(You cannot capture your screen when you are watching snap)

On iPhone

Users can record the screen on the iPhone. By default, these features may be disabled, but you can follow the steps to enable them and capture the screen.

      1. Go to Settings > Control Center> Customize Controls.
      2.  You will see the screen recorder option. Tap ‘+’ sign near the screen recording.
      3.  You can access the screen recorder by swiping up the button.

You can now easily record videos of the chat you want. Some screen recorders don’t allow you to take screenshots but enable you to capture video.

4. Use Third-Party Applications

You can find many third-party applications on the market. We discuss some popular ones here.

Private Screenshots 

This application enables you to take screenshots on Snapchat without notifying the sender. 

This app doesn’t work on  Netflix and the incognito tab in the browser but works fantastically on Snapchat.

      1. First, Tap on the Install button and download the Private Screenshots app from Google Play Store. 

tap on install private screenshots play store

      1. After installing the application, Go to Settings, and enable the Floating icon.
      2. Then tap on Start now.

turn on floating option private screenshots tap on start now

      1. Open the chat conversation you want to take a screenshot of.
      2. Tap on the Red round Camera icon, and it will take a screenshot.

tap red round camera icon start capturing screenshots private screenshots

Snapsaver App for Android

Follow the instructions step by step:

      1. Tap the Install button to download and install the SnapSaver app and launch it on your phone.

tap install button shotsaver google play store

      1. Go to Settings, and enable the Floating icon.

turn on floating icon snapsaver settings

      1. You can see many options such as Screenshots, Screen Record, Bursts, etc, select as you want.
      2. Then tap on Start now.

tap on start now snapsaver app

        1. Then, go to the Snapchat that you want to screenshot.
        2. Tap on the Red camera icon to screenshot without notifying the sender.

tap on red camera icon snapsaver

        1. Tap on Stop red button if you want to stop the application.

tap on red stop button exist recording screenshot

KidsGuard Pro for Android

This is the best android spy software/ application to capture screenshots without notifying the sender. It operates in a secret mode. 

The Snapchat data, like messages sent and received, stories, maps, etc., will be displayed on the application’s dashboard.

You can even use this app to control the privacy of your kid addicted to Snapchat.

To do so, follow these steps:

          1. Sign up and get your plan/ Open clevguard.
Note: You need to have both your own and the targeted device at hand while binding the devices. Once you bind, you are not required to have the target smartphone physically.
          1. Now Pick up the Target android device and install kids guard Jr. /(Go to to download the app)
          2. Verify your setup and follow the on-screen instructions.
          3. Once you have configured the instructions, you need to hide the app icon on your target device.
          4. Select Remote Control on the left side, then tap Capture Screenshot

This is how you can take screenshots on Snapchat secretly. It allows you to record screens while using Snapchat too.

5. Enable Airplane Mode

You can easily screenshot Snapchat secretly by enabling airplane mode.

Follow these steps to enable the airplane mode on your phone,

          1. Open the chat you want to capture.
          2. Turn on Airplane mode/Flight Mode.

Turn on airplane mode

          1. Take the screenshot immediately.
          2. You will see ‘You took a screenshot of chat,’ inside the conversation section and Screenshot in the chat list but ignore that.
          3. Then, go back to your chat page and long-press on the chat you want to take a screenshot. A menu will pop up, and tap on the Chat settings.

tap on chat setting pop up menu

          1. Click Clear from Chat feed .

tap on clear from chat feed

          1. Now exit the Snapchat app and close it completely.
          2. Now, disable Airplane mode/Flight Mode and go back to your chat.

turn off airplane mode

It does not say anything about screenshots. This is how you can secretly screenshot a Snapchat conversation or snaps.

6. Screenshot From Recent Apps Section

This is another easy way to take screenshots on Snapchat without a notification alert to the sender. This method won’t help you to capture full size. Follow the steps below,

          1. First, open the Snapchat you want to take screenshots of.
          2. Hit the recent app button/Home button, take a screenshot, and Close All Apps.

You need to be fast in taking screenshots and closing all apps. You can easily crop the screenshots and save them on your device.

7. Using Screen Mirroring Feature

You can enable the screen Mirroring feature from your smartphone’s settings.

Every smartphone does not support the screen mirroring feature. Install any apps available that can cast your smartphone to any external device. 

For this, you have to open Snapchat on your phone and record or take screenshots from an external device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does Snapchat Notify the User After Taking Screenshots?

Snapchat sends an alert notification when your chats/snaps/photos are screenshotted for some reason. It is a security feature that Snapchat offers to its users.

It helps to protect privacy by letting you know who is saving a record of your Snapchat content. If you are taking screenshots, be careful not to violate others’ privacy.

Is It Illegal to Take Screenshots of Snapchat’s Content?

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media applications since 2011.

Simply taking screenshots is not illegal; how you use that screenshot could be illegal. Passing them to others on without consent is illegal. 

How to Screenshot Snapchat on Mac Without Notifying Senders?

Follow the instructions below to do so,

          1. First, connect your iPhone to your MacBook using a data cable.
          2. Open QuickTime Player > New Movie Recording>
          3. Switch QuickTime Player App, and Open a New Movie Recording.
          4. Select any unfolded options.
          5. Select recording output in your iPhone at the same time.
          6. Press the record button, and the screen starts to record your phone.
          7. Open Snapchat and Press cmd+shift+4 to take screenshots.

In this method, the sender will never know about the screenshots of their chat.

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