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Explore The Updates With Smite Season 11 Patch Notes

Smite Season 11 is more than just a collection of changes; it’s a declaration of intent.

It rewrites the rulebook, restores the competitive flame, and injects a potent dose of innovation into the game’s veins.

Smite Season 11 is a major update that introduces a new Conquest map with Maya influences, a new goddess Ix Chel, a Healing update, a new HUD, and a new event: Hope Reborn.

Continue reading to learn more about the latest patch notes for Smite Season 11.

Highlights Of The Patch Notes In Smite Season 11

The latest patch notes for Smite Season 11 are available on the official website and Reddit.

Some of the highlights of the patch notes are:

1. A New Conquest Map With Maya Influences

This is a significant change to the primary game mode of Smite, where two teams of five players compete to destroy the enemy’s Titan.

The new map has a different layout, design, and theme.

The Maya civilization and the upcoming goddess Ix Chel inspire them.

Further, the map features magical plants and vines that grow over time and a new enhanced form for the Fire Giant.

A new teleporter between the solo and duo lanes and a new meteor mechanic grant gold and experience.

new conquest map patch notes
The new conquest map has a different layout, design, and theme.

2. A New Battle Pass: Duality

This new way to earn rewards is by playing Smite and gaining Battle Points.

The Duality Battle Pass has 90 levels and seven skins to unlock.

It features dual-themed Nox, Ah Muzen Cab, King Arthur, and Zeus skins.

Contrarily, the Battle Pass includes other cosmetics such as avatars, announcer packs, jump stamps, and player titles.

Continue reading more about the Smite Miraculous Chest.

3. A Healing Update

This is a global change to the core healing system in Smite.

It affects both items and gods with healing abilities.

However, the update removes the Brawling passive and caps the Healing Reduction at 65%.

Further, it changes how healing scales work by removing the physical/magical power factor.

Nearly there’s the reduction of all ability heals but compensation with non-healing buffs.

The update aims to balance the healing meta and create more strategic options for players.

ability smite season 11
The update aims to balance the healing meta.

4. A New HUD

This is a visual overhaul of the in-game Head-up display, or HUD, that shows essential information to the player.

The new HUD has a sleek, modern design, improved readability, and customization options.

Significantly, it is changed for console platforms, with enhancements to the item shop, scoreboard, death recap, and more.

5. A New Event: Hope Reborn

This thematic event centers around the all-new Aphrodite Tier 5 Skin: Leading Lady.

It transforms her appearance and abilities throughout the match.

Generally, the event features over 20 new skins and cosmetics.

They, like Elven Enchanter Morgan Le Fay and Voidsworn Surtr, will be released over the season.

Contrarily, the event has three chapters, each with a chest containing six items and a quest line that rewards gems.

The Bottom Line

Hi-Rez is committed to keeping Smite fresh, exciting, and strategically profound.

With the relic system rework, new items, infinite Glyphs, and a revamped jungle, Season 11 injects a potent dose of innovation.

So, step onto the battlefield, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer.

Further, embrace the new and carve your legend in the annals of Smite history.

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