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Why Is Society Emblem Ranker Disabled In Fortnite?

Society Emblem Ranker is a rare Backbling in Fortnite that was recently disabled due to some ongoing issues.

Therefore, players are not able to wield this back bling in the game until an upcoming patch.

In Fortnite, the Society Emblem Ranker back bling was disabled because it was showing incorrect peak rank during the game. Therefore, players cannot equip it in the game as developers are fixing this issue.

Continue reading this article to learn why the Society Emblem Ranker was disabled in Fortnite.

Introduction To Society Emblem Ranker In Fortnite

Fortnite is known for its plethora of character customization options in the game which adds an element of fun.

In fact, Fortnite switches up these customizations every season to give a fresh look to a player’s locker.

Similarly, Season 5 Chapter 1 of Fortnite released new Emotes, Skins, Sprays, Gliders, and Back Blings.

Society Emblem Ranker
The in-game appearance of the Society Emblem Ranker Back Bling in Fortnite.

However, one Back Bling known as the Society Emblem Ranker had a distinct feature in live games.

Appearance-wise, the Society Emblem Ranker has a bronze color with a red eye in the center.

During the game, this specific back bling displayed the peak rank of the player during the active season.

However, the game removed this back bling as it was showing incorrect rank displays in the game.

Therefore, this item is unusable during any game mode in the game as it diverts from its purpose.

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How To Get The Society Emblem Ranker In Fortnite?

Society Emblem Ranker is part of the Ranked Urgent Quests in Fortnite, ending on March 8th.

Hence, a player must partake in this event to unlock its specific quest during the event.

Ranked Urgent Quests in Fortnite is a time-limited event that disappears forever after its date has expired.

How to unlock Society Emblem Ranker
Unlocking the Society Emblem Ranker Quest in Fortnite.

Players must survive 11 Storm Circles during the Battle Royale ranked mode to unlock this back bling.

Moreover, players can either play the build or no build ranked battle royale modes to unlock this item.

Also, this quest is pretty easy to complete as multiple storm circles appear in a single game.

Therefore, players can easily complete this quest by playing approximately 3 matches by playing it safe.

Is The Society Emblem Ranker Disabled Forever?

Since this back bling was disabled from the game, players are concerned whether this item is gone forever.

However, the official Fortnite Status account took it to the social media platform X to answer this question.

Society Emblem Ranker
Fortnite Staus’s official post at X, talks about the Society Emblem Ranker Disable issue.

According to them, the Society Emblem Ranker bug is known in the game.

Additionally, the Fortnite team is already trying to fix this bug as they confirmed it via their post.

Moreover, this type of bug has already appeared in the past where back bling didn’t show the kill counter.

Therefore, players can rest easy as this bug is likely to be fixed until the next update.

At last, players must switch to their other back brings in the game as this one is currently disabled.

The Bottom Line

The Society Emblem Ranker is a highly anticipated cosmetics in the game, allowing players to boast their peak rank to others.

However, since there is an issue with it currently, players have no option but to forfeit it for now till the next update.

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