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The Thaumaturge Ending: Shape Your Journey With Choices

In The Thaumaturge, every twist and turn leads to a different ending, making players enthusiastic about the gameplay.

The Thaumaturge was released on March 4, 2024, and is already available across every platform.

With its fascinating RPG gameplay and the release from Polish studio Fool’s Theory, the game is already famous.

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The Thaumaturge: Progressing For Better Ending

The Thaumaturge game takes you on a thrilling adventure in early 1900 Warsaw.

In this game, you play Wiktor Szulski, a person with special powers and abilities who is a Polish Pokemon hunter.

The main purpose of the protagonist is to capture the creature known as “salutors,” so players must embark on an exciting adventure.

Playing Wiktor Szulski allows you to see demons and uncover secrets about people by touching things they have touched.

As players navigate through the city, they learn about the truth of their father’s death and more about themselves.

Additionally, Wictor’s journey takes players on a path related to Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin, political upheaval, and personal tragedies.

In The Thaumaturge, players should partake in the 3 different main parts, called acts.

the thaumaturge ending
A player is completing the mission in Act 2 as a Wiktor.

Players should get involved in these acts and complete the story missions and side activities of the following acts.

Similarly, Acts 1 and 2 have most of the missions, while Act 3 is shorter and offers a conclusion to the game’s narrative.

One of the major highlights of The Thaumaturge is its innovative turn-based combat system.

Subsequently, players must allocate Thaumaturgy points across four dimensions: heart, mind, deed, and word.

All of these points are associated with a salute, so you should be careful while approaching them.

Upon partaking in this mission, Wictor gains experience and unlocks new combat skills and modifiers.

With these new abilities, you can easily navigate the treacherous battles lying ahead in the game.

However, timing is crucial in combat, and players need to focus on interrupting enemy attacks and disabling their traits.

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Multiple Endings Of The Thaumaturge

It usually takes around 20–25 hours to complete The Thaumaturge game and its storyline.

If you only decide to proceed with the main storyline of the game, you can even finish it faster.

Since there are several side content and story choices, you can also partake in it to learn more about the world and characters.

Exploring the world of Warsaw in 1905 allows players to experience the streets, from bustling streets to hidden alleyways.

However, in The Thaumaturge, every choice you make affects the outcomes, so you should think carefully and proceed carefully.

the thaumaturge ending
It all depends on the player’s choice to shape the final narrative of the game.

1. Bad Ending

The Thaumaturge offers multiple endings, and it all depends on the player’s choices to shape the Wictor’s fate.

Your decisions shape the ending of the game, and with each decision, the game’s storyline moves to different endings.

Likewise, progressing through the main story might give you a quick finish, but it could also lead to a bad ending.

The game’s main storyline focuses on playing the political game to further your agenda; it is not as exciting as facing the bosses.

2. Good Ending

You can also choose to play the side story and explore the dynamics of the game.

From the moment you start as a Wictor, Salters will constantly attack you and present you with threats.

You should align yourself with the downtrodden workers in their revolt against formidable bosses.

It all depends on the player’s choice to shape the fate of the Wictor, either emerging as a hero or finding redemption.

Thus, for a satisfying game ending, you should explore every mission and consider your choices and actions.

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