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Protect Yourself From Trademark Review Facebook Scam

Currently, there is a trademark review Facebook scam, which is causing a lot of issues for various brands. 

The brands are normally owned by a single person or owned by a recently established small-scale company. 

The trademark review Facebook scam preys on people who find the trademark review process daunting. Furthermore, to prevent scamming, you can simply report such pages or not interact with them at all. 

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What Is The Trademark Review Facebook Scam? 

If you own a business or a brand, you will want to have a trademark that will define your brand. 

However, to get that trademark recognition, you as an owner must go through the process of trademark review on Facebook. 

The review process can take quite a while. Not only that the owners must go through a complex set of forms to get the trademark registered.

For the trademark review Facebook scam, the scammers will look into the complex set of forms that the users or the owners must fill out.

Then, they will pose as legitimate companies willing to help you complete the review process. 

Unsuspecting people who want to complete the process as soon as possible will most likely contact these companies. 

However, the end result is far from a happy ending. Furthermore, the scam will greatly compromise the security of the users of Facebook. 

However, fret not we will be discussing the tell-tale signs of the scam and how to avoid it by protecting your personal credentials.

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How To Recognize A Trademark Review Facebook Scam? 

In the last few years, scammers have made their products and services look legit, thus, increasing the number of people being scammed daily. 

Furthermore, certain scams only take money while others can cause huge financial losses for the people.

There are a few ways to recognize the trademark review Facebook scam. However, it starts with the first step. 

The first step is users contacting these scammer’s pages and enquiring about the review process. 

After the users contact the pages or the entities about their prices or about their services, the scam process will begin. 

Furthermore, the companies will start messaging the users with various types of offers.

They will even neatly pack a limited-time offer for you to pay for. 

Once you enter your credentials into their websites or forms to use their services, they will take your money and other private information. 

This can lead to even more fraudulent activities using the credentials of the scammed users.

However, we can use various protective measures to protect ourselves from the scammers and the scams. 

trademark review Facebook scam
Users are falling for various trademark review Facebook scams.

Protective Measures Against Trademark Review Facebook Scam 

There are various methods of protecting yourself from the trademark review Facebook Scam. 

Here is a list of protective measures against the scam: 

1. Do Not Contact The Pages

The first protective measure is to simply not contact these pages.

Since they will spam the scam message to you after you contact them, having no form of connection is the best choice. 

Furthermore, you should interact with any of the random Facebook ads that they might send toward you too.

Thus, making is absolutely impossible for them to scam you in any shape or form. 

2. Report The Pages

In case you did contact them and they are trying to scam you.

Make sure to report the pages or the users and then block them from messaging you. 

This will allow you to minimize the severity of the damage that the pages or the users can do to your accounts. 

Furthermore, as mentioned before, it is better not to contact these pages or users at all rather than deal with taking various countermeasures. 

Therefore, if you make the mistake of contacting them or trying to use their services, follow the aforementioned measures to protect yourself.

The Bottom Line

Scams on social media platforms have been quite rampant over the years.

Thus, being mindful when interacting with any business online is better. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning more about the trademark review Facebook scam and prevent it. 

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