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Upgrade Jeweler In Diablo 4: The Ultimate Guide

Diablo 4 is a highly anticipated action role-playing game that uses gems to provide various bounties and effects.

A Jeweler in Diablo 4 is a vendor that allows you to craft and socket gems, add sockets and upgrade Jewelry pieces.

You can upgrade Jeweler in Diablo 4 by selecting items from the inventory, dropping them in the upgrade item tab of the Jeweler and spending gold or crafting materials.

This article will explain a Jeweler in Diablo 4, how to upgrade them, and everything related to them.

Who Is Jeweler In Diablo 4?

A Jeweler is an NPC(Non-Playable Character) that provides every service related to gems, including improving the quality of the gems and making their bonuses more powerful.

Some of the gems found in Diablo 4 are Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire, Diamond, Skull etc

gems name in diablo 4
You can find various gems in Diablo 4.

Similarly, if a gem is equipped with a piece of Jewelry, it increases your character’s resistance to elemental damage.

Features Of Jeweler In Diablo 4

You can find some of the features of Jeweler in Diablo 4 below. 

  • Gem Unsocketing:  You can remove gems from your gear without destroying them by paying a small gold fee to the Jeweler.
  • Gem Crafting: You can craft and combine different gems and tiers to enhance your gear with various effects.
  • Jewelry Upgrading: You can upgrade your rings and amulets to increase their item power, resistances etc, by using some gold and crafting materials.
  • Adding Gem Sockets: You can add sockets to your gear that does not have any using a Scattered Prism.

Jewelers can be found in big cities in Sanctuary once you have the minimum level.

Hence you will find the first Jeweler inside the small two-story building in Kyovashad.

location of first jeweler in diablo 4
Location of the first Jeweler in Diablo 4

You can unlock the Jeweler by reaching level 20 and completing a priority quest called Gem Crafting at Fractured Peaks.

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Upgrading Jeweler can make your character more powerful. Players may want to upgrade their Jeweler to increase the item power, level and stats of their rings and amulets.

Furthermore upgrading Jeweler is the same as Blacksmith Upgrade. You can upgrade it four times per item using crafting materials and gold.

It can upgrade amulets and rings for a small crafting fee. 

You will need resources and crafting materials to upgrade it. Some of them are Gold, Veiled Crystals(Rare items), Silver Ore, Iron Chunks and Abstruse Sigils.

Besides you can accumulate these resources by Salvaging Unneeded gear or from the Ore deposits in the Overworld.

Follow the steps below to upgrade Jewelry in Diablo 4.

  1. First, choose any rare or legendary jewelry piece from your equipped times or inventory.
  2. Drop the item in the upgrade item tab of the Jeweler.
  3. Then, select the Upgrade option.
Adding gem cockets and upgrading jeweler Diablo 4
Adding Gem Sockets and upgrading Jeweler in Diablo 4

Alternatively, you can visit a local Jeweler to upgrade, extract and add sockets to your items.

Likewise, you can upgrade your rings and amulets to increase their item, power, resistances and extra stats.

Note: Upgrading Jeweler such as Legendary items requires Baleful Fragments. 

The Bottom Line

Upgrading Jeweler in Diablo 4 requires gold and crafting materials which depend on the item level and availability.

Hopefully, by following this guide, you can make the most out of your gems and upgrade your Jewelry in Diablo 4.

Enhance your combat abilities with upgraded Jewelry and its new-fangled effects.

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