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X App Not Working: Possible Solutions

There is currently an outrage in X App (previously Twitter) and it is not working on many devices.

Moreover, users who can access the app are facing a Twitter For You not working problem.

The X App is not working possibly due to server outage or server overload. To fix the X issue, players should try reloading or relaunching the site or App, using a VPN, or uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

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X App Not Working

X App is not working for most of the regions in platforms including iOS, Android and Website.

The issue can be a server outage due to a high server load or immense traffic.

Users can also view the outrage reports on Downdetector for assurance.

X down
Reports of X outrage on website checker.

Twitter Timeline Gone

Players who are able to launch the Twitter app or website are facing a problem with their Twitter Timeline.

Twitter For Your or Twitter Timeline is not showing any feed or news.

X app not working
Something went wrong issue on Twitter.

However, players are able to see the Follwing accounts and even tweet without any hassle.

In most of cases, a smile refresh will get the job done; otherwise, users must use other alternatives.

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Why Is X App Not Working?

here are a few possibilities why the Twitter App is not working;

1. X Database Error

There is a high possibility of database errors in the X app as the website files are not connecting on the X server.

Also, there could be an issue with hosting due to incorrect credentials in the database.

2. Server Maintenance

X and Twitter For you are not working due to a server maintenance break; however, the possibility is low.

If that were the case, X would initially tweet or officially announce on social media platforms.

3. Server Load

X has a database of over a million users; hence there is a high chance of server load error.

When more users enter the app or site at the same time, a few of the server exceeds the load cap and an issue occurs.

Solutions To X App Not Working

Here are a few solutions users can apply when X, Twitter Timeline, or Twitter For You is not working;

1. Refresh or Relaunch 

Users accessing the X should refresh the site, relaunch the site, or switch to another browser.

Moreover, users on applications should initially relaunch the app, and try logging out and logging in.

Users can also restart the device and access the app in the app or browser again if Twitter For You is not working.

2. Reinstall And Restart

When the X app or its features are not working, users should initially re-install the app from iOS or Playstore.

Reinstalling the app will automatically clear the app cache and will provide the latest patch.

3. Use VPN

In many instances, the issue in websites and applications is limited to certain regions.

Hence, changing the region using the VPN can solve X not working issue.

4. Contact Technical Support

If users are facing any problems with X App, they can consult customer support at any time.

However, they may not be able to solve the issue as it is affecting many users at once.

The Bottom Line

An app that has a million users can face issues often; so players should worry about their account credentials.

Using VPN should be a great option as the issue seems to be regional.

Hopefully, Twitter will be back with an update or solve the issue ASAP as it is affecting many users.

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