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1fichier Bypass: Quick Ways To Fix Download Time Limit

1fichier is a file hosting platform that provides free cloud storage to all users.

Its headquarters is in France, which defines the unusual name of the website as Fichier is French for a file.

Furthermore, many users face waiting time problems while downloading files on 1fichier.

You can bypass 1fichier waiting time using a VPN, clearing the cookies and using a stable internet connection. You can upload files in 1fichier and later download those files by going through simple steps. 
Continue reading to learn what 1fichier cloud storage is and how to bypass 1fichier waiting time.

What Is 1fichier Cloud Storage?

1fichier is a cloud storage website where you can store your files in the cloud without using your device storage.

It was founded in 2009, with 33 million views monthly as of February 2023.

Introduction to 1fichier
1fichier is a cloud storage website where you can store your files in the cloud.

Furthermore, it is one of the outstanding cloud storage services competing with other companies like Dropbox, Box, Mega, etc.

Moreover, it offers unlimited temporary storage with up to 300GB per file.

What Features Do 1fichier Offer?

As an online file-hosting service, it has many features to share and secure our files in cloud storage.

  • You can access it securely with the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption method.
  • You can download unlimitedly and concurrently with unlimited download speed.
  • It offers API along with IP or host authentication.
  • It is an FTP(File Transfer Protocol) server, so we can transfer files using FTP management.
  • You can store and download files automatically with HTTP(HyperText Transfer Protocol) links.
  • It has features like inline download and 2FA(Two-Factor Authentication).
  • It provides unlimited hot storage, 2TB of cold storage and 100GB of CDN credits per month.

Furthermore, some features are unavailable to the guest and only registered users.

However, you can unlock all the features by upgrading to a premium version starting from €5 for one-month upto €250 for a year.

How To Upload And Download Files Using 1fichier?

1fichier is free for all users, and it is easy to upload and download files using 1fichier.

You can follow the steps below to upload your files in 1fichier.

  1. Go to the 1fichier website and register your account.
Register your account in 1fichier
You can register your account in 1fichier using your email.
  1. Open your Account, click “My Files,” and Create a new folder.
Creating new folder on 1fichier
1fichier allows you to create folders where you can store files.
  1. Go to the main page of 1fichier > click the newly created folder > select the files to upload.
Uploading files in 1fichier
You can upload files in the newly created folder in 1fichier.
  1. Wait for the files to upload, and download links for each file will be generated.
Download links after uploading in 1fichier
1fichier provides a download link after uploading files in it.

Hence, the files gets uploaded after the download link is generated, and you can download those files later.

Furthermore, you can follow the steps below to download the files from 1fichier.

  1. Open your Account and go to “My Files.”
  2. Select the files you want to Download and click “Show Download Link.
Downloading files from 1fichier
You can download files from the folder you stored them.
  1. Click on the download link and select “Download.
Download files
Easily download files from the 1fichier website.

Thus, your files will be automatically downloaded to your device.

How To Bypass 1fichier Waiting Time?

Many users are facing problems while downloading the files from 1fichier.

1fichier has set a download limit for free users, so you might also find a waiting time when downloading your files.

Waiting timer in 1fichier
You must wait for the given amount of time to download files.

However, there are a few ways 1fichier bypass can be done; the following are some ways to achieve it.

1. Clear Cache And Cookies

You can try clearing the cache and cookies specifically for the 1fichier website.

Furthermore, clearing those cookies will remove all the saved data from your account, which can help to bypass the waiting time in 1fichier.

You can follow the steps below to clear your cache and cookies.

  1. Go to Settings on your browser and click “Privacy and Security.”
Clearing cache and cookies
Clear your cache and cookies from the browser settings.
  1. Click on “Site Settings” > search for “1fichier” > click “Clear displayed Data.”
Clearing cookies specifically for 1fichier
You can clear cookies specifically for the 1fichier website only.

Furthermore, check if the waiting time issue is solved or persists after clearing cookies.

2. Check The Internet Connection

Sometimes, your slow internet connection can be the reason for showing waiting time on the 1fichier website.

Therefore, check your internet connection before going into the downloading process.

You can check your internet connection on or SpeedTest.

If your connection speed is slow, try restarting your router or installing an ISP with higher bandwidth.

3. Use A Reliable VPN

A VPN is the best way to bypass 1fichier waiting time while downloading your files.

Many users are reporting that the issue is cleared after using a VPN.

Among all the VPNs iTop VPN and Proton VPN are free and the best VPNs.

Furthermore, you can follow the steps below to bypass 1fichier waiting time.

  1. A timer will open after clicking the download button and then open the VPN.
Timer for download in 1fichier
1fichier shows the download timer.
  1. Connect to any server in the VPN.
VPN for bypassing
Use a reliable VPN to bypass 1fichier waiting time.
  1. Then reload the 1fichier website after connecting to the VPN.
  2. Now, the timer will be removed, but you will be bombarded with many ads.
downloading files after using VPN
VPN can remove the waiting timer while downloading files.

Therefore, the download will be available without a waiting timer after using the VPN.

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4. Use A Different Account

If you are using 1fichier for the first time, there will be no waiting time problem when downloading the files.

However, after downloading many files, 1fichier will show the timer, so creating a new account can fix the issue.

Furthermore, log out from your previous account and register with a new account.

Moreover, you can upload your files to different accounts and download them whenever needed.

The Bottom Line

1fichier is a fantastic tool for storing your files and folders in cloud storage.

However, while uploading your files in 1fichier, you might run into a timer of plentiful minutes.

Hopefully, some fixes mentioned above will resolve the issue in your device.

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