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2021 Legends Bundle 1 In Overwatch: Buy With Codes

The 2021 Legends Bundle 1 in Overwatch are the are collections of cosmetic items that share a connected theme.

However, the availability of this bundle is over and currently is not available in the in-game shop.

Therefore, if players are willing to buy the 2021 Legends bundle, they should buy codes and apply it in your game.

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What Is 2021 Legends Bundle 1 In Overwatch?

The 2021 Lengends Bundle 1 is the first legendary item’s bundle that was released in Overwatch.

There were listings of 2 different skins of 2 heroes of the game.

  1. Widow Maker- Ange De La Mort Legendary Skin
  2. Mei- MM-Mei Legendary Skin 

Along with the outfits and new appearance of the heroes, they both received new gun skins as well.

2021 legends bundles
To buy the 2021 Legends Bundles 1 in Overwatch, you have to access the codes as its not available in the item shop.

On the day of the skin release, the cost for buying them were 500 in-game currency for the whole pack.

However, the price of the Skin remains same but the process to buy the skin is defferent as its not available in the in-game shop.

Currently if you are willing on to buy the skins, you have to buy codes and apply them in the game.

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Code For 2021 Legends Bundle 1 In Overwatch

To get the code for the 2021 legends bundle you can visit purchase link provided by the

This site directly leads you to the purchase page but you should have enough League Tokens to buy the code.

The code serves as a key to the 2021 Legends Bundle, where players will recieve a 16 digit code that they can redeem.

Therefore, you should purchase atleast 500 league points to buy the code which cost you around $30.

You can purchase it through various payment methods like:

  1. Paypal
  2. Credit or Debit Card
  3. Balance

Ways To Redeem Code For 2021 Legends Bundle 1

After you successfully purchase the code from the product link, you can redeem the code in your account.

However, you need to understand that the code is only for single use and can only be claimed once in a single account.

Therefore, make sure to redeem the code in your primary account so that there won’t be any issues with loosing your account.

Follow these steps to redeem the code for 2021 Legends Bundle 1 in Overwatch.

1. Copy The Code

Once you have enough League tokens and you successfully claim the code using the tokens copy the code.

However, make sure not to share the code to anyone else, as its only of one use and others may claim it.

2. Go To Blizzard Official Site

Once you have the code, head over to the official site of the Blizarrd which is and sign in with your Overwatch account.

Overwatch account and the Blizzard account are the same as the game is operated through Blizzard platform.

3. Goto Account Settings

As you login into the page, you will find a dropdown menu at the top right corner naming Account.

Simply click the Dropdown menu and open the Account Settings to open up a new page.

Account Settings
You can find the Account Settin at the top right corner after login in to the home page of Blizzard.

4. Paste The 16 Digit Code

Once you are in the Account settings page, you will find a section naming Account Overview.

There you can see an option which says Redeem A Code where you can simply paste the redeem code.

Enter Your Redeem Code
Once you open the Account Settings, you can find the placeholder of Redeem code at the Account overview Section.

5. Redeem You Item

After pasting the code, make sure to check the digits as sometimes you may miss some digits.

Enter the code and click on Redeem. After that you can open the Overwatch Game and in the inventory you should find the items.

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