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How To Avoid Peepers In Lethal Company?

Peeper in Lethal Company refers to a demon named Bracken.

Their keen instincts in detecting movements, sounds, and visual cues have earned them the title of Peeper.

Players are eager to know more about how to avoid peepers in Lethal Company.

If you stare at those peepers for four or five seconds, that’s too long and you’ll be next on its menu. So, Avoid direct eye contact and move like stealth to avoid Peepers in Lethal Company.

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What Is Peeper In Lethal Company?

The Peeper is a unique creature known for its keen senses and unpredictable behavior.

They are the second listed scariest creatures in the game.

Getting a peep of the devil makes him angry and rush towards you, hungry for blood.

Make sure you are ready before peeping these devils and making them angry.

Bracken Lethal Company
These are the creatures known as Bracken in the game.
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Why Do Peeper Attack In Lethal Company?

Peeping in a sense refers to looking at the demon in a certain way.

These demons don’t like to be seen by others as they get angry about the visibility of humankind.

Therefore, They try to attack you if you peep towards them even if you are hiding in walls.

There are certain reasons for peepers to attack Lethal Company.

  1. Protecting Territory
  2. Sensitivity to Movement and Sound
  3. Response to Eye Contact
  4. Survival Instincts
  5. Protecting Offspring
Peeper Attack In Lethal Company
This is the picture of Peeper’s attack in the game.

Ways To Avoid Attacks From Peepers

Peepers in Lethal Company are known for their keen senses and unpredictable behavior.

They are attracted to movement and sound, making stealth and careful movement crucial for avoiding their attacks.

You can use the following steps to avoid them:

1. Move Slowly And Quietly

Peepers are sensitive to both movement and noise.

Moreover, when exploring the game world, try to move at a slower pace and avoid running, as this minimizes your chances of catching a Peeper’s attention.

2. Use Cover Wisely

Peepers tend to lurk in various environments.

Therefore,  you must take advantage of covers such as walls, rocks, and foliage to stay hidden.

3. Stay Low and Stay Still

If you sense a Peeper nearby, crouch down and stay still.

So that the Peepers are less likely to detect you if you’re not moving.

4. Avoid Direct Eye Contact

Peepers are known for their sensitivity to eye contact.

Correspondingly, if you spot a Peeper, avoid looking directly at it and use your peripheral vision to keep tabs on its location.

5. Distract And Divert

If you find yourself in a tight spot with Peepers closing in, use distractions to divert their attention.

Likewise, Tossing objects away from your location can create a diversion, allowing you to slip away unnoticed.

The Bottom Line

Successfully navigating the world of Lethal Company requires mastering the art of avoiding Peeper attacks.

By moving slowly, using cover wisely, avoiding direct eye contact, and employing distractions, you can increase your chances of surviving.

Keep these simple strategies in mind, and may your adventures in Lethal Company be filled with safe exploration.

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