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Banned Natas Skateboard Deck: From Outlaw To Icon

The Banned Natas skateboard deck stands as a coveted collector’s gem, born from the collaboration.

Real Skateboards and legendary skateboarder Natas Kaupas came together to feature the iconic Banned deck.

Released in 2012, this limited edition deck boasts a distinctive graphic with the word “BANNED” in a dripping blood font.

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Banned Natas Skateboard Deck: A Closer Inspection

To release the highly sought-after and limited edition Banned Natas skateboard deck in 2012.

The Real Skateboards, professional skateboarder Natas Kaupas, and artist Pushead came together for the collaboration.

Likewise, this features a distinctive graphic with the word “BANNED” in a dripping blood font, originally crafted by artist Pushead.

Natas Skateboard Decks
It is actively sought after on the resale market, commanding high prices for its exclusivity.

Constructed from 7-ply maple wood, the deck provides durability and strength.

Further, with dimensions of 31.8 inches in length, 8 inches in width, and 0.2 inches in thickness.

It possesses a concave shape and includes a medium kicktail and nose, catering to the preferences of experienced skateboarders.

Similarly, the unique design and limited availability have turned the Banned Natas skateboard deck into a collector’s item.

History Behind The Banned Skateboard Deck

Pushead, a prolific artist and musician deeply embedded in the punk and hardcore scene, designed the Banned Decks graphic in 1989.

Initially featured in Pushead’s clothing line, the “Banned” graphic swiftly became linked with alternative music and rebellious expression.

Similarly, in the early 1990s skateboarders embraced it, resonating with its anti-establishment spirit and their pursuit of independence.

The graphic’s bold, dripping font and skull imagery convey a literal sense of danger, defiance, and censorship.

Futher, this graphic reflects the challenges faced by marginalized communities.

The connection between the “Banned” graphic and professional skateboarder Natas Kaupas adds another layer to its history.

Eazy E with banned Natas skateboard deck
Eazy E proudly displaying a rare Natas skateboard deck, prohibited from sale in all skate shops.

Kaupas, known for his unconventional and rebellious approach to skateboarding, perfectly embodied the spirit of the “Banned” graphic.

The graphic serves as a historical marker, reminding skateboarders of the struggles and triumphs of early street skateboarding.

Further, carrying cultural significance as a powerful symbol of individual expression and nonconformity.

It’s worth noting the influence of figures like Easy E, who played a significant role in the punk and hip-hop scenes.

Similarly, it contributed to the graphic’s association with rebellious expression, adding yet another layer to its multifaceted history.

The “Banned” graphic stands as a powerful legacy, reflecting the fusion of various cultural influences.

Likewise, its ongoing impact on shaping the narrative of self-expression within the skateboarding community and beyond.

Market Buzz: Banned Natas Deck’s Collector Value

The Banned Natas skateboard deck is a highly wanted item among skateboard collectors.

It came out in 2012 with only a few made, and it sold out quickly, making it a rare piece of art.

Likewise, this rarity is a big reason why it’s so valuable to collectors to this date.

Further, the banned deck’s value is not just about how it’s made but also about how much people want it.

Original Banned Natas decks typically come with a substantial price tag, often ranging from $500 to $2,000 USD.

Similarly, the cost varies based on factors such as the deck’s visual appeal and its uniqueness compared to others in the market.

This enduring interest is driven by its cultural scarcity and its connection to Natas Kaupas, making collectors highly desirous of it.

Moreover, this ongoing interest is a big part of why its value stays high and might even go up in future.

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