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Where To Place The Runepowder Bomb In Baldur’s Gate 3?

The Runepowder bomb in BG3 is used to blow up the Steel Watch Foundry and complete the Avenge The Ironhands quest.

You’ll encounter many choices and options when interacting with the Ironhand Gnomes.

Runepowder Bomb is a powerful explosive given to you by Wulbren to destroy the Steel Watch Foundry. Additionally, choosing between placing and not placing the bomb is completely up to you.

This article will explore the details of the choices and placing the Runepowder bomb.

What Is The Runepowder Bomb In BG3?

Runepowder Bomb is a powerful and rare consumable used by the gnomes of Baldur’s Gate 3.

It is a secret concoction of smokepowder and gnomic mysticism, and it is said to be more volatile than a whole barrel of smokepowder.

Additionally, Runepowder is incredibly dangerous, and you can use it to create devastating explosions.

Similarly, it weighs 16 kg and costs 2500 gp for a single use.

It causes damage to everything in its vicinity and automatically deals critical hits to objects and environments.

Furthermore, players can get this bomb by stealing from Wulbren’s desk in Angleiron’s Cellar.

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How To Place Runepowder Bomb In BG3?

The Runepowder Bomb is to be placed at the Steel Watch Foundry.

Remember that if you place the Runepowder bomb in the factory, you will be siding with the Ironhand Gnomes.

In addition, siding with Ironhand Gnomes is a completely safe card to play, as they are friendly allies.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on placing the Runepowder Bomb.

1. Enter The Steel Watch Foundry

Firstly, enter the Steel Watch Foundry and make sure to be careful.

Additionally, you can find two Steel Guards guarding the steel doors of the Foundry.

You can either sneak into the Foundry by tricking the guards.

Alternatively, you could enter the Foundry through one of the pipes and a gas potion.

2. Talk To Gondian Zanner Toobin

After entering the Foundry, you can find a room with Gondian Zaneer Toobin.

Moreover, you can talk to him and learn about the Steel Watch Foundry story.

3. Choose Whether To Save The Gondians

You also have the factory’s permission to save the Gondians.

Due to the devices around their necks, the Gondians work in the Foundry under compulsion.

Note: You can use the Invisibility cloak or the invisibility of the potion to travel around the Steel Watch Foundry.

4. Place The Bomb In The Neurocitor

From your interaction with Zaneer Toobin, he tells you to place the bomb in the Neurocitor of the Foundry.

You can find the Neurocitor at the bottom of the Foundry at the Control Centre.

Neurocitor Runpowder Bomb In BG3
Players can find the Runepowder Bomb at the center of the Neurocitor.

Once you place the bomb in the center of the Neural Switch Board, you’re job here will be one.

However, after you destroy the Steel Watch Foundry, you still have a choice to kill Gondians.

If you refuse, you will anger Wulbren, and he will promise his revenge on you.

In addition, whatever your choice, you will have helped the Ironhand Gnomes to survive, as the Steel Watch will be in flames.

The Bottom Line

Players can place the Runepowder Bomb at the center of the Neurocitor.

Choosing the place of the bomb in the foundry will help Wulbren and the Ironhand Gnomes to survive.

Additionally, you will get a choice to save the Gondians.

Regardless of your choice, you will have much fun unveiling the game’s mysteries.

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