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Obtain The Hex Of Vengeful Corruption Debuff

In Destiny 2, Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon players have to encounter the hex of vengeful corruption.

Similarly, players also have to face the formidable Hefnd’s Vengeance, a Blighted Chimera.

It is one of the pivotal challenges that players have to complete during the battle.

In Destiny 2, players can attain the hex of vengeful corruption after the death of the chieftain. Similarly, the hex of vengeful corruption is the timed debuff marked by the message: Your fists bear corruption; Strike your foes or be consumed.” 

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Origin Of The Hex Of Vengeful Corruption

The origin of the Hex of the vengeful corruption starts upon encountering the Taken Blight Orb.

Similarly, players must be pre as the Taken Blight orb signals to the emergence of the Hefnd’s Vengeance.

However, players must understand the importance of the floating platforms and ascending islands before engaging with the boss.

Acknowledging these platforms can be beneficial for the players as these platforms serve as the zones for fighting the boss.

Hex Of Vengeful Corruption
A player is about to battle the Hefnd.

Moreover, players must learn to navigate these areas properly with good mobility for each phase as it will be helpful during the fight.

Similarly, the boss enters the arena with numerous Taken eyes and blight orbs,  which pose a great threat to players.

Thus, players must be patient and clear these threats one by one for the smooth execution of these subordinates.

Furthermore, players must be prepared to face the formidable Scorn Forces alongside the Yellow Bar Chieftain.

Hex Of Vengeful Corruption: An Overview

During the battle, players have to face formidable forces like yellow bar chieftains and Taken eyes.

Similarly, upon defeating one of the formidable chieftains, players can have additional capture points.

Besides that, defeating the chieftains initiates the Imminent Wish timer which is a race against time for the guardians.

For the given period, players have to eliminate all of the Scorn Mini bosses and secure as many capture points as possible.

Moreover, after killing the yellow bar chieftains, guardians can only receive the Hex Of Vengeful Corruption.

It is a timed debuff  that presents guardians with the message “Your fists bear corruption; Strike your foes or be consumed.” 

Subsequently, players have to encounter scorn opponents such as corrupted Hex drinker that appears instantly.

Players must engage these enemies in melee combat to transfer this debuff to enemies.

However, players have to be careful while transferring the debuff as the second strike from these enemies can return the debuff.

Getting hit by the enemies with the debuff and allowing the timer to expire will lead to the player’s death.

Confronting The Hex Drinkers

As these corrupted Hex drinkers spawn on the battlefield, players must kill Hex Drinkers before they kill them.

Likewise, as the Imminent Wish Timer finished, players will attain Naeem’s Wish Empowerment buff.

Naeem's Weapon
Players have to take a debuff before the timer expires.

Attaining this buff makes the Hefnd vulnerable to the damage so players must capture as many capture points within the timer.

After the timer is finished players must carefully manage the Hex Of Vengeful corruption to defeat the Hex Drinkers.

Thus, transferring the Hex of vengeful corruption efficiently to the enemies maximizes the damage output to secure the kill easily.

The Bottom Line

Players can attain an important debuff during the recently introduced season of the wish in Destiny 2.

Similarly, players can attain it to balance the offense and defense with precision and coordination.

In summary, despite it being a power debuff, players have to be careful while using it as it can hurt their backs.

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