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Uncursing Shrouded Painting In BG3

In BG3, the shrouded painting found in the Chamber of Justice is one of the mysteries that waits to be unveiled by you.

There are three shrouded paintings found in the Chamber of Justice in BG3. You must use Remove Curse or highlight with Left Alt to see the paintings clearly and uncurse them all to solve the puzzle.

In this article, we will further discuss the Shrouded painting, solve the puzzle of the chamber of justice and the doors it will open in Bg3.

What Is The Shrouded Painting In BG3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you will discover mysterious shrouded paintings within the underground Chamber of Justice.

Dark shrouds cover the paintings, and they seem unremarkable at first.

However, upon closer inspection, the paintings shimmer and shift as if something is moving beneath.

shrouded painting
The shrouded painting is found in the Chamber of Justice.

How To Find The Shrouded Painting In BG3?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can find the shrouded painting:

  1. To access the Chamber of Justice, you must find a hidden entrance somewhere in the ruins of Baldur’s Gate City.
  2. You will enter an ancient network of tunnels.
  3. While navigating the tunnels, you will come to a massive circular room.
  4. This room is the Chamber of Justice.
chamber of justice
Players can enter the Chamber of Justice.
  1. The shrouded painting is on the stone wall within the Chamber of Justice.
  2. The painting is located behind the throne in the chamber.
  3. You will discover the shrouded painting by exploring the tunnels and reaching the Chamber of Justice.
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How To Solve The Chamber of Justice Puzzle?

You will enter the Chamber of Justice and encounter a mysterious entity called The Judge.

Likewise, you will spot three shrouded paintings on tables around the room’s perimeter.

To view the paintings clearly, you can use the Left Alt key to highlight them.

You will find the paintings are shrouded.

Thus, you will have to remove a curse from each painting.

Players who have the Remove Curse spell can lift the enchantment.

For example, those with the Shadowheart companion in their party can have her cast Remove Curse.

remove curse spell
Make Shadowheart cast the remove curse spell in the paintings.

You must cast Remove Curse on each painting to complete the puzzle entirely.

Shadowheart will move from painting to painting, reciting an incantation each time to purge the magic affecting the artwork.

Once you uncurse a painting, the shadows will fade to reveal scenes depicting historical events in the chamber.

All three paintings must have their curses removed to continue.

Moreover, if you successfully solve the puzzle, the veil of smoke around the Judge will disappear.

What Will Happen After Solving The Chamber Of Justice Puzzle?

The dark veil of energy surrounding the Judge will disappear after successfully removing the curses from all three shrouded paintings.

With the puzzle completed, players will hear a low rumble as ancient wards and enchantments, barring further passage, deactivate.

The true nature of the paintings will now be revealed.

Moreover, scenes depicting historical trials held in the chamber long ago will shimmer into view.

judge shadow shrouded painting
The dark shadow around the Judge will disappear.

Any characters standing within the chamber when the puzzle concludes will feel a strange weight lift from their spirit.

Moreover, the magic imbued in the stones releases its hold on deception.

Progressing further, the door blocking the way to Ansur’s lair will now open.

Explore The Ansur’s Lair

You will gain access to a vast underground complex that was once home to the powerful dragon Ansur.

Within the lair are three additional trial rooms that must each be solved to find Ansur – the Chamber of Memories, Chamber of Wind, and Chamber of Insight.

Furthermore, each chamber you encounter inside the Ansur’s lairs has a puzzle involving magic or riddles.

Creatures that served Ansur still lurk in the lair’s halls.

Once you overcome all the challenges presented to you in The Liar, you will get clues about Ansur and valuable treasures.

The deepest chamber finally allows a confrontation with Ansur.

However, solving the Chamber of Justice is the first step to discovering the mysteries within Ansur’s sprawling underground domain in Baldur’s Gate 3.

3 shrouded paintings
The three shrouded paintings you need to uncurse in the Chamber of Justice.

The Bottom Line

The shrouded paintings in the Chamber of Justice are an exciting part of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Once you uncurse a painting, the shadows will fade to reveal scenes depicting historical events in the chamber.

Therefore, you will unveil various parts of the game by solving the chamber of Justice puzzle and the mystery of the shrouded paintings.

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