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How To Get Titanstring Bow In BG3?

The Titanstring Bow is one of the rare weapons in BG3.

Moreover, Players can only obtain the Bow by trade. 

To get Titanstring Bow in BG3, Players must trade Gold with Brem at the Zhentarim Basement. However, they must complete the Finish the Missing Shipment Quest before opting for trade.

Continure Reading to discover the usage and the location of the Titanstring Bow in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Is A Titanstring Bow?

The Titanstring Bow is among the legendary weapons in the game.

Thanks to its immense strength modification, it destroys potent enemies and bosses with ease.

In addition, the Titatanstring belongs to the Longbow +1 category.

Further, the longbow offers uncommon quality and martial proficiency in its usage.

Moreover, the Titanstring Bow is the Two-handed Ranged Weapon.

In addition, Players can battle with enemies in a range of almost 18 meters.

It deploys damage of 7 to 14 depending upon the player’s utility and skills. 

Unfortunately, obtaining this item is a lot harder than players think.

Players can neither extract the item in any location nor receive it by completing the mission.

However, Players can buy the Titanstring Bow from Brem NPC.

NPC are the in-game characters that impact future events depending upon the player’s approach.

Moreover, some of them also act as merchants to trade precious items in a certain location.

In addition, Brem is the NPC that can provide you with the rare Titanstring Bow.

Players must trade their 310g to receive the longbow.

However, Players must complete Find the Missing Shipment Quest to opt for the trade initially.

The Trader resides in the small Warehouse in the Zhentarim basement location. 

How To Complete Find the Missing Shipment?

To obtain the Titanstring Oow, initially, players need to complete the Missing Shipment Quest; here’s how to do so,

  1. Head to the Risen Road at the Nautiloid Crash Region.
Risen Road
Visit the Risen Road on the Nautiloid Crash Region.
  1. Confront the Seething Fury in the location using Wisdom Perception and commence the battle.
Seething Fury
Interact with the Seething Fury.
  1. Meetup with Rugan after the battle and deploy Oathbreaker Intimidation.
Rugan Baldur's Gate 3.
Approach with Rugan after the battle.
  1. Follow the route through the vast Cave.
Find the Missing Shipment
Head to the Cave location.
  1. Open the Caravan Strongbox with the Sleight of Hand to complete Finish the Missing Shipment.
Find the Missing Shipment
Open the Chest to complete the Missing Shipment Quest.

How To Get Titanstring Bow?

After completing the Missing Shipment Quest, Players can extract the Titanstring Bow by following the steps;

  1. Enter inside the Shabby door in the Wauken’s Rest.
Go inside the Wooden Door at the Wauken’s Rest.
  1. Approach Salazon and grab the Engraved Key
bg3 titanstring bow
Obtain the Engraved Key from Salazon.
  1. Head to the Zhentarim Basement using the Wooden Hatch.
bg3 titanstring bow
Go to the Zhentarim Basement.
  1. Follow the Hidden Stairs, Approach Zarys and unlock the Iron Gate.
bg3 titanstring bow
Meet Zarys and open the Iron Gate.
  1. Approach Brem at the basement and trade your gold for a Titanstring bow.
bg3 titanstring bow
Obtain the Titanstring bow from Titanstring bow.

The Bottom Line

Titanstring Bow is one of the Longbows, generating additional damage equal to the strength modifier.

Moreover, the Bow can be brought from Beam in exchange for 310 golds.

However, Players must accomplish Finish the Missing Shipment and head to the Zhentarim Basement.

Continue reading to reach the Worg Pens and Pedestal of Reckoning in Baldur’s Gate 3. 
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