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Who Are The Bhaalspawn In Baldur’s Gate 3?

The Bhaalspawn in Bg3 are characters that have the divine power of the Bhaal, The God Of Murder.

Bhaalspawns are the children of Bhaal. You will realise you are a Bhaalspawn when you experience strange dreams and powers. The Bhaalspawns will have a fragment of Bhaal’s essence that resides within them.

In this article, we will talk about who the Bhaalspawns are and what powers they possess.

Who Are the Bhaalspawn In BG3?

The Time of Troubles saw the god of murder, Bhaal, temporarily becoming mortal.

During this period, he conceived individuals known as the Bhaalspawn.

Bhaal passed on his essence to these spawns, thereby marking them with his divine power.

However, this also means the spawn are targets for the other gods who want to eliminate any trace of the now-dead Bhaal.

In Baldur’s Gate, the main character discovers they are one of these Bhaalspawn after experiencing strange dreams and powers.

They learn that their divine essence can grow stronger over time, allowing them to take on aspects of Bhaal, like increased strength.

However, this also makes them more susceptible to the bloodlust of their sire.

Other notable Bhaalspawn includes Jon Irenicus, who seeks to become a god himself.

dreams bhaalspawn
You will experience strange dreams before realizing you are a Bhalspawn in BG3.

The Divine Spark Of The Bhaalspawn

As a Bhaalspawn, the main character possesses a “Divine Spark” – a fragment of Bhaal’s essence that resides within them.

This spark strengthens as they beat someone, level up, and embrace their murderous heritage.

At a certain point, the spark can potentially allow the Bhaalspawn to claim Bhaal’s portfolio as the new God of Murder.

However, the other gods, especially Bhaal’s sister Myrkul want to prevent this from happening.

The Bhaalspawn must work to control their bloodlust and divine spark lest it fully corrupts them.

Quests like the Druid Grove help the character understand and manage their spark’s influence.

But giving in to murder and chaos could see the spark consume them, transforming the Bhaalspawn into a new dark god.

The Hunt For Power By Irenicus

Other Bhaalspawns seek to claim Bhaal’s power for themselves.

The most notable is Jon Irenicus, a powerful wizard who imprisons the main character’s soul to steal their divine spark.

Irenicus believes with both his and the protagonist’s spark combined, he can achieve godhood.

irenicus bg3
Irenicus the chid of Bhaal in Bg3.

He is not the only one hunting other Bhaalspawn, however.

Agents of the dead god Bhaal and the goddess of murder Myrkul work to eliminate all the spawn before they can threaten the divine order.

Even other spawns view each other as rivals and will beat to strengthen their own spark.

The main character must not only escape Irenicus but survive the constant attacks from those who want their power or seek to destroy the last remnants of Bhaal.

The Fate Of The Bhaalspawn

By the end of their journey, the main character will have one of three possible fates depending on their actions and alignment:

Embrace Godhood

By fully giving in to their bloodlust and defeating countless foes, their divine spark will be strong enough to claim Bhaal’s portfolio.

They will become the new God/Goddess of Murder.

Destroy The Spark 

By resisting their murderous urges and helping others, they can learn to control their spark.

In the epilogue, it is said they used their power for good as a mortal.

However, if they beat indiscriminately but are not strong enough or try to achieve godhood but fail, they will be slain.

Their spark and Bhaal’s legacy will finally be ended.

The Bottom Line

The story of the Bhaalspawn is one of divine destiny, the struggle against their murderous nature, and those who want them dead.

Their fate will determine if the God of Murder lives on or is finally laid to rest.

Hopefully, this article has helped you acquire information about the Bhaalspawn in BG3.

Happy gaming!

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