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MW3 Magma Camo Not Unlocking: Find Out Possible Solutions

In Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3, there are several camos available for players to grab.

However, players need to complete various quests and challenges to get these camos.

Players on social media report about the Magma Camo Not Unlocking issue in MW3. However, the team has posted an official statement on X/Twitter addressing the issue, mention that you need to get exactly 1,233,700 XP during the event.
Continue reading this article to discover more about the Mw3 Magma Camo and to know why it is not unlocking.

What Is MW3 Magma Camo?

Modern Warfare 3 has come up with a new event i.e. Vortex: War’s Domain event where you can unlock an exclusive weapon camo.

Players can earn cosmetic goods like weapon stickers and emblems as rewards in Vortex: War’s Domain.

In total, you can earn 16 rewards, and one of the ultimate rewards you get in this event is the Magma Camo.

Animated Camo in Modern Warfare 3
New animated Camo in Modern Warfare 3.

Magma Camo is a reward that you can unlock after gaining the required amount of XP during the event.

Hence, Magma Camo is an animated skin that covers your weapon and gets in your hand upon completing the event.

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Is MW3 Magma Camo Broken?

Players on social media and online forums report that the MW3 Magma Camo is broken as they are unable to unlock it.

Further, they state that even after completing the event and collecting the mentioned XP they can not access it.

Hence, players are facing the issue with the new animated Camo because of the false instructions in the game.

Official Statement by the team addressing the issue
Official Statement by the team addressing the incorrect information in the game’s UI.

According to the official statement of Call of Duty on X/Twitter, it is all because of an in-game UI mistake.

Hence, the amount of XP listed to get the Magma Camo in the Vortex event is wrong.

This issue has made players frustrated and has created chaos all over the internet.

How To Unlock Magma Camo In MW3?

To grab the Magma Camo in MW3 during the Vortex: War’s Domain event is not easy.

Moreover, here is the guide that you can follow to access the Magma Camo in Mw3.

1. Leveling Up

Launch your game, head over to your preferred playlist and level up, gaining the experience points (XP).

Hence, you must earn as much XP as possible once you get in a match.

2. Collect XP

The Vortex event counts the total amount of XP that you have collected to unlock the Magma Camo.

Hence, to unlock the Magma Camo, the final reward, you must collect the 1,233,700 XP.

3. Headover To Loadout

Once you collect the XP, head over to your loadout and equip Magma camo on any of your weapons.

Moreover, you can also utilize Double XP tokens for this event to proceed faster in the game.

The Bottom Line

In Modern Warfare 3, the new event The Vortex: War’s Domain brought a lot of excitement and enjoyment.

Hence, players have reported that they cannot unlock the Mw3 Magma Camo even after completing the event.

However, the MW3 team has published an official statement addressing the issue.

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