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Blasphemous 2 Marks Of Martyrdom: How To Obtain?

In Blasphemous 2, the Marks of Martyrdom are special items you can collect throughout the game’s world.

The game has various locations where you can obtain all the Marks of Martyrdom.

You can obtain Marks of Martyrdom in Blasphemous 2 by defeating bosses like the faceless boss, Lesmes, Infanta, and Alfador. Moreover, you can defeat other bosses from various other locations like Ravine of High Stones, City of the Blessed Name, Profundo Lamento, Grilles and Ruin, the Crown of Towers and Aqueduct of Costales.

Continue reading to discover how to obtain all the Marks of Martyrdom in Blasphemous 2.

What Are The Marks Of Martyrdom In Blasphemous 2?

In Blasphemous 2, the Marks of Martyrdom are special items you can collect throughout the game’s world of Cvstodia.

There are a total of 75 Marks of Martyrdom that can be obtained.

Collecting all 75 Marks provides certain benefits and advantages to the player character.

The Marks of Martyrdom take the form of bloody sigils or symbols that are left behind after defeating powerful enemies or completing challenging tasks.

Furthermore, each Mark symbolizes an act of penance or sacrifice the player character makes.

Finding and collecting all 75 Marks allows the player to fully embrace their pilgrimage of suffering in the name of the religion in Cvstodia.

Benefits Of Obtaining All Marks of Martyrdom

There are significant advantages to a player taking the time to collect each of the 75 Marks of Martyrdom. Here are some of them;

  • Unlocking New Abilities: Upon collecting the fina Mark, the player will gain access to a new powerful Penitence ability. This ability allows the player to sacrifice health in exchange for a damage boost in combat.
  • Increased Damage Resistance: Each Mark collected increases the player’s resistance to damage taken in battles. Collecting all Marks grants the maximum damage resistance.
  • Access To Secret Areas: Certain hidden areas, shortcuts and bonus content can only be accessed after collecting a required number of Marks.
  • Improved Chances In Boss Fights: Bosses will be easier to defeat with higher Marks collected due to the damage resistance and Penitence ability bonuses.
  • Sense Of Completion: Finding all Marks allows players to fully explore Cvstodia and experience all the game’s challenges and stories.
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Where To Find The Marks Of Martyrdom In Blasphemous 2?

The 75 Marks of Martyrdom are scattered throughout Cvstodia in various locations:

  • Chisel of Oblivion – Faceless boss
  • Lesmes and Infanta bosses
  • Radames boss
  • Afilaor boss
  • Benedicta boss
  • Odon boss
  • Sinodo boss
  • Svsona boss (Ravine of High Stones region)
  • Evitorna boss (City of the Blessed Name region)
  • Mini-bosses of Profundo Lamento, Grilles and Ruin regions
  • Mini-bosses of Crown of Towers, Aqueduct of Costales
  • Sacred Entombments, Mother of Mothers zones
  • Beneath Her Sacred Grounds
  • Sunken Cathedral boss
  • Labyrinth of Tides boss
  • Severed Tower boss
  • Two Moons, Crimson Rains zone challenges
  • Sculptor tool trade locations
  • Sunken Cathedral traveling merchant
  • Shops in regions

How To Get All Marks Of Martyrdom? All Locations

A total of 75 Marks of Martyrdom can be collected in Blasphemous 2.

These Marks provide various combat bonuses and unlock new abilities.

Obtaining them all allows players to experience the full extent of the game’s challenges.

The first Mark is obtained after defeating the Faceless boss in the Chisel of Oblivion area.

faceless marks martyrdom
You can obtain 1 Mark by defeating the Faceless boss.

You can earn further Marks by defeating other major bosses.

Lesmes and Infanta drop 1 Mark each, while Radames drops 1.

Afilaor yields 2 Marks, Benedicta provides 3 Marks, and Odon awards 3 Marks and Sinodo drops 4 Marks.

4 marks matryrdom
Defeating Sinodo will provide you with 4 Marks at once.

Additional Marks come from defeating regional bosses. Svsona drops 5 Marks, while Evitorna awards 5 Marks.

Exploring these vast regions will also reveal Marks hidden after completing platforming or puzzle challenges.

Areas like the Ravine of High Stones, City of the Blessed Name, Profundo Lamento, Grilles and Ruin, Crown of Towers and Aqueduct of Costales hold Marks from mini-bosses.

The Sacred Entombments, Mother of Mothers and Beneath Her Sacred Grounds zones offer Marks for exploration.

Deeper areas like the Sunken Cathedral, Labyrinth of Tides and Severed Tower have Marks for defeating bosses.

Two Moons and Crimson Rains zones provide Marks upon conquering challenges.

You can purchase some Marks from shops or receive them by trading tools to the Sculptor in their respective locations.

A traveling merchant in the Sunken Cathedral also sells Marks.

martyrdom scluptor
You will obtain some by trading tools with the sculptor.

Systematic exploration of each region and dedication to every boss and challenge are necessary to obtain all 75 Marks of Martyrdom.

With perseverance, players can earn all the combat bonuses and unlock the ultimate abilities to conquer Blasphemous 2.

The Bottom Line

The Marks of Martyrdom in Blasphemous 2 provide worthwhile incentives for players willing to explore Cvstodia and fully experience all the game’s challenges.

While a difficult task, obtaining all 10 Marks makes the player character much more powerful and allows them to experience the story’s conclusion.

The combat bonuses and sense of completion make hunting down each Mark highly rewarding for dedicated players.

Happy Gaming!

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