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Glade Flower WOW SOD: Where To Use It

Players need to find a Glade flower in the latest SOD of WOW to craft an item.

There are many items and runes in the new Season Of Discovery, among which the Glade flower is one.

The glade flower in the Season Of Discovery Of World Of Warcraft is an item that players can use to craft another item, which is the Glade Crown.
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What Is Glade Flower In WOW SOD?

The Glade flower is a flower that is used to create a crown, Glade Crown, for a quest.

Moreover, the Glade flower has an item level of 1 and belongs to the Druid class in the game.

Similarly, players can find the Glade flower with the loot in the Teldrassil location of the game map.

However, the Night Elves can easily pick these flowers around the Dolarnaar village of Teldrassil.

In the same way, players need to collect 3 Glade flowers to create the Glade crown in the game.

Additionally, players will find it difficult to get this flower as it has a slow respawn rate and a maximum stack of 20.

What Is Glade Crown In SOD?

Glade Crown is an item in the new Season of Discovery that players need to obtain the Sunfire rune.

Moreover, players can craft this crown by combining three glade flowers together using a spell.

In the same way, Glade Crown has an item level of 1 and falls under the consumable item category.

Wooden Effigy mob
Using Glade Crown on the Wooden Effigy.

Similarly, players have to use this crown to awaken the spirit of the plains and get the Sunfire rune.

Additionally, players need to use the Combine Glade Flowers spell to create the Glade crown.

What Is Combine Glade Flowers Spell?

Combine Glade Flowers spell is a spell that players can use to create the Glade Crown using 3 Glade flowers.

Similarly, this spell has a cast time of 3 seconds, and players can use this spell for free.

However, one of the players discussed about this spell being tradeable to other Druids.

Furthermore, this spell is self-induced with no range and has a cooldown rate of 0 seconds.

How To Use The Glade Crown?

Players need to use the Glade Crown to unlock the Sunfire rune, which burns the enemies with nature damage.

Similarly, you will need to go to Teldrassil and find a tree branch in the location on the map.

Moreover, players have to destroy all lunar stones using Moonfire and then loot the chest.

Additionally, you will get the Sunfire rune from the chest, after which you must find the Wooden Effigy mob.

Lunar Stones
Destroying Lunar Stones using Moonfire.

Furthermore, players can find Effigy in Starbreeze Village, where you have to use Glade Crown.

In the same way, the tree will consume the crown, and a spawn mob will appear, which you have to defeat.

Finally, after defeating it, players have to use the rune and loot all the items from the Effigy tree.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Glade flower is an essential item in Season of Discovery as it is used to craft other important items.

Moreover, players can use the Glade crown made by using this flower to find other items and runes.

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