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Blast Rain Marksman Build Guide In Last Epoch 1.0

Among Marksman skills, Blast Rain stands out as an ability that rains arrows down on enemies, dealing significant area damage.

The Marksman class in Last Epoch is renowned for its precision and deadly ranged attacks.

Moreover, building around Marksman Blast Rain requires a selection of Skill Allocation, Passive Tree, Gear, etc.

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What Is Marksman In Last Epoch?

The Marksman class in Last Epoch specializes in ranged combat and precise strikes.

Armed with bows and traps, Marksman excels at dealing high damage from a safe distance while maneuvering on the battlefield.

Marksman skill tree
Marksman skill tree in Last Epoch.

Furthermore, Marksman has three sets of skills which are:

1. Dark Quiver

Dark Quiver can summon 7 black arrows for 4 seconds that grant a 100% damage increase to the next bow attack.

Moreover, it costs 19 mana and can be unlocked at level 15. It is a buff-type skill that has a cooldown of 6 seconds.

2. Multishot

Multishot can fire 5 arrows at a time at a single target which can also reduce the speed if the aim is further.

Likewise, it costs a low amount of mana which is 10 and can be unlocked at level 5. It is a bow attack skill with a 6sec cooldown.

3. Hail of Arrows

Hail of Arrows is a multiple arrow attack for 3.5 seconds which also adds 300% damage per second.

Additionally, it costs 60 mana and can be unlocked at level 30. It is a bow attack skill type with a cooldown of 2 seconds.

What Is Blast Rain Marksman In Last Epoch?

The Blast Rain Marksman harnesses the explosive power of the Blast Rain skill to devastating effect.

By raining down fiery destruction upon their enemies, Blast Rain Marksman builds create chaos and destruction on the battlefield.

This build focuses on maximizing the potential of Blast Rain through strategic skill selection, passive tree, and gear selection.

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Best Build For Blast Rain Marksman In Last Epoch

Crafting the ultimate Blast Rain build requires careful consideration and planning.

Here are some of the key components to build Blast Rain Marksman in Last Epoch:

1. Skill Allocation

Invest heavily in improving the potency and efficiency of Blast Rain, unlocking nodes that enhance damage, area of effect, and utility.

Allocate points into supporting skills such as Explosive Trap and Arrow Traps to complement Blast Rain’s effectiveness.

Furthermore, these traps can provide additional crowd control and damage amplification.

Skill Allocation
Skill Allocation for Blast Rain Marksman build in Last Epoch.

2. Passive Tree

Use points into Dexterity nodes to increase bow damage and critical strike chance, amplifying the potency of Blast Rain.

Select utility nodes that enhance mobility, survivability, and resource management to adapt to various combat scenarios.

Moreover, these nodes can boost elemental damage, particularly cold damage, to capitalize on Blast Rain’s strengths.

Passive tree
Passive tree optimization for Blast Rain Marksman builds in Last Epoch.

3. Gear Selection

Equip gear that enhances bow damage, critical strike chance, and attack speed to maximize the effectiveness of Blast Rain.

Prioritize gear that reduces Mana costs or increases Mana regeneration to sustain the frequent use of Blast Rain during combat.

Likewise, ensure adequate elemental resistance to mitigate incoming damage and enhance survivability on the battlefield.

Although the build excels in dealing high damage from a distance, it may lack in close-quarters combat.

Players should remain vigilant while utilizing terrain to their advantage and maintain distance from enemies.

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