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Skull And Bones Vs. Last Epoch: Choose Best RPG

Skull and Bones and Last Epoch are well-known RPG games that cater to different preferences and playstyles.

Last Epoch is an action RPG with elements such as character progression, loot collection, and exploration.

Similarly, Skull and Bones is an open-world action RPG where players can customize their ships and explore the open seas.

Continue reading to learn about the comparison of Skull and Bones and Last Epoch games.

Last Epoch: Dark Action RPG

Last Epoch is a time-travel action RPG video game set in a dark and sandy world developed by Eleventh Hour Games.

Players can play as one of the five base classes, each with three mastery classes, that have their unique skills and playstyles.

Last Epoch is a dark-action RPG game combined with time travel and dungeon crawling
Last Epoch is a dark-action RPG game combined with time travel and dungeon crawling.

However, according to its Steam page, the Last Epoch will be officially released on February 21, 2024.

In this game, players will fight various formidable enemies, collect loot, and level up their character, navigating different locations.

They can unlock and allocate skill nodes by levelling up their skills and respec them anytime.

Moreover, they can travel through time, witness the world’s past and future, and shape their destiny with their actions.

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Skull And Bones: Open World Action RPG

Skull and Bones is an action RPG that can be played solo or with up to two others.

It is a 2024 action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Singapore and published by Ubisoft which was released on Feb 16.

Skull and Bones offers extensive customization options for ships, including weaponry, armor, and aesthetics in combats
Skull and Bones offers extensive customization options for ships, including weaponry, armour, and aesthetics in combats.

This game revolves around piracy and naval warfare and players can gather up to five other players to ally in PvP gameplay.

However, players will have to control the ship, sail through the ocean and send enemy vessels to Davy Jones’ locker in search of loot.

Last Epoch Vs. Skull And Bones: Full Comparision

“Last Epoch” and “Skull and Bones” are two distinct games with different gameplay mechanics, settings, and focuses.

However, here’s a comprehensive comparison between these two games:

1. Gameplay

Skull and Bones features action RPG elements with solo or cooperative gameplay.

Players engage in naval combat, customize ships, and explore the open seas while encountering various settlements, production sites and forts.

Progression is driven by the infamy system, with ship upgrades and treasure acquisition opportunities.

On the other hand, Last Epoch is a time-travel action RPG that offers a mix of time travel, dungeon crawling and endless replayability.

In this combat-oriented game, players can customize their character and fight with different skills and items. 

However, to progress in the game, players must optimize their build and gear and face challenging enemies.

2. Platforms

Skull and Bones is available on Amazon Luna, PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S.

This platform availability offers accessibility to a wide range of players, with the potential for further expansion in the future.

Similarly, players can play Last Epoch on platforms like Windows, PC (Steam), and Linux.

3. Max Level

In Skull and Bones, the max level is Level 10 for Ships and Kingpin for Infamy.

Players must equip better weapons, armour, and furniture to raise their ship’s rank and level up in the game.

Similarly, in Last Epoch, the maximum level players can reach is 100

However, this applies to the base level only, and not to the Skill level or Master Class level as the Skill level is capped at 20.

4. Price 

The price for Skull and Bones for consoles is $70 and $60 on PC.

While Last Epoch is available at $34.99 for Standard Edition and $49.99 for Deluxe Edition.

However, the Last Epoch price might change as this game is still in early access.

5. Release Date

Skull and Bones officially released on February 16, 2024, after several delays.

It marked an important milestone for fans who have been eagerly awaiting the game’s launch.

However, Last Epoch after being in Early Access for four years, is finally ready for its 1.0 full release.

Last Epoch 1.0 will be released with two more Mastery Classes, bug fixes and more on Feb 21, 2024.

6. Multiplayer System

Skull and Bones features both solo and multiplayer elements.

Players can play with friends or join forces with random players on the same server.

However, if players want to add a player not on the same platform as they are, players have to add them via their Ubisoft account. 

Similarly in Last Epoch, players can play with other players online and join or create parties.

There are items that players can trade with other players using the in-game chat or the trade website.

Moreover, players can also chat with other players using the global, regional, or party chat channels.

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