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Bluesky Vs. Mastodon – Which Is Better?

Mastodon is a social media application that is text-first, similar to Twitter. It has been providing its services since 2016.

While Bluesky is an up-and-coming text-fist social media application that is in the development process by the ex-members of Twitter. 

Mastodon and Bluesky share a lot of similarities. However, due to the availability of Mastodon and also being an open-source application, Mastodon seems to be a lot better than Bluesky.

This article will compare Bluesky and Mastodon based on their features.

What Is Bluesky?

Bluesky is a text-oriented social media platform. It is similar to Twitter.

Furthermore, the development team for the platform is ex-developers of Twitter.

Users can download the application from the IOS and Android app store. Additionally, users can post messages up to 300 characters long.

Users conversing and posting in Bluesky
In development image of users conversing and posting in Bluesky

Currently, users cannot access Bluesky easily; they need an invitation to use the application.

Furthermore, the social media application is still in development. Thus, users can expect full access after the completion of the development process.

Features Of Bluesky

Here are some notable features of Bluesky;

1. Decentralized Servers

This is going to be a recurring feature in both social media applications.

In decentralized servers, users can use a localized server near them or create a server themselves. 

This allows each server to have its moderation and allows the users to feel like they are amidst a group of people with similar thoughts.

2. Text-Oriented

Bluesky heavily leans toward text-only posts, similar to Twitter’s early days.

This is an excellent feature for users who prefer reading text-based posts to seeing vivid images and videos. 

3. Open Framework

Lastly, the application features an open framework. This means that users can choose the information they see in their feeds.

This is one of many features that Bluesky shares with Mastodon.

What Is Mastodon?

Mastodon is a text-first social media application. However, the application does images, photos and videos. Furthermore, the application debuted on March 16, 2016.

Users can download the application from IOS and Android app stores.

Comparatively, Mastodon allows users to post messages of upto 500 words. 

However, users can post various links, images, audio files, and videos alongside messages. 

Mastodon is entirely free to use and is currently available.

Furthermore, in recent times after the changes in Twitter, the social media platform has seen a growth of nearly 400% in its user base. 

Features Of Mastodon

Features of Mastodon are very similar to Bluesky. However, there are a few additions to Mastodon. Here are some of them;

1. Decentralized Servers

The Mastodon servers are completely independent of one another.

However, there is communication between servers when you follow someone from a different server, or someone follows you from a different server.

Furthermore, users can move from one server to another.

Thus, when this happens, there needs to be proper communication between the servers for the smooth functioning of the social media application.

Control mastodon
You can control Mastodon according to your needs.

2. Open Source

Mastodon is an open-source application. This means the users can change the application they see fit for personal use.

Furthermore, this also allows the team of Mastodon to learn and gain various improvements for the application from the community itself.

Create polls, send audio and react
You can create polls, send audio, and react to posts in Mastodon

3. Not For Sale

Mastodon believes in ad-free content. Furthermore, they also state that the users’ data is in control of the users, and the Mastodon team will never use it to push unnecessary posts to the users.

Control your privacy
Control who sees your posts In Mastodon

4. Moderation In The User’s Hands

This is one of the most prominent features of Mastodon that allows every server in Mastodon to have a unique set of rules.

Furthermore, Mastodon also states that moderation is not done through a top-down corporate level but by the users themselves.

See the posts your prefer
See the posts that you prefer rather than through an algorithm

Bluesky Vs. Mastodon – Which Is Better?

Between Mastodon and Bluesky, currently, Mastodon is better to use.

The main reason for this is that Bluesky is currently an invite-only social media application.

Thus, users cannot quickly get into the application and use it.

However, users can easily download Mastodon and use it right away.

In Addition to that, Mastodon is an open source application, being an open-source application.

If an issue arises, a community member will likely fix it faster than the developers.

Thus, we can further dive into this topic once Bluesky launches worldwide without the invite-only clause. However, currently, Mastodon is far better than Bluesky.

The Bottom Line

Social Media is an integral part of our lives now. And with this in mind, various social media platforms are popping up.

However, even among them, some will be better and garner the most users.

In the case of Mastodon vs. Bluesky, currently, Mastodon is in the lead because of its availability.

But this may change once Bluesky is available for all to use.

Hopefully, this article can help you choose between using Mastodon right now or waiting for a full release of Bluesky.

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