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Threads Vs. Bluesky – Which Is Better?

Threads and Bluesky are the new text-based social media platforms in the block.

After Twitter put various restrictions on its users, other social media platforms such as Threads and Bluesky are in demand. 

Threads and Bluesky are text-based social media platforms. Similar to Twitter, they allow users to post various types of content. However, users can already use Threads, but Bluesky is still in development and only allows invite-only access.

Thus, In the battle between Threads Vs. Bluesky, Threads seems to be in the lead.

In this article, we explore what Threads and Bluesky are and compare them.

What Is Threads App?

Threads is a text-based social media platform. Meta, the parent company of Instagram, rolled out the social media platform in 100 countries on Thursday.

Various sources claim that Meta has been developing the platform since January.

However, users claim Meta’s decision to debut the social media platform comes after the recent announcement of limits on the number of tweets users can post on Twitter.

User's profile and post
Threads is a new app developed by Meta.

Alongside texts, users can also post links, photos and videos which can go up to 5 minutes in length.

Furthermore, users can easily access the social media platform with their Instagram account.

Features Of Threads App

Here are some notable features of the Threads app;

1. Easy Access

Since Thread is accessible using an Instagram account.

Users do not need to go through the hassle of creating a new account, a new name and setting new passwords.

2. Curated Threads

The posts that the users see will cater to the user’s interests rather than other posts.

This also allows the social media platform to learn about the topics that users gravitate towards and curate the posts to their liking.

3. User-Controlled Posts

In Threads, the users can control the words they want to ban, see specific posts, and allow only specific people to see them.

Furthermore, the team also mentioned that they will ensure Threads is a safe platform for everyone.

Function to control the viewability of posts
Several functions allow users to control who sees their posts in Threads.

What Is Bluesky?

Bluesky Social is a social media platform that is still in the development phase.

However, the developers for the platform are the same team from Twitter.

The platform began in 2019 while the team was still working at Twitter.

However, after the acquisition of Twitter by Mr. Elon Musk, the team set out and began as an independent company last year.

Furthermore, the developers behind Bluesky Social are the same team from the previous Twitter, and the ownership of the company is under Jay Graber.

Alongside Jay Graber, some familiar names such as Jack Dorsey and Jeremie Miller are also in the company. 

Bluesky team does test posts
Bluesky team member makes posts on the platform

Features Of Bluesky

Bluesky shares a good chunk of its features with Twitter. However, users may notice a few notable features when they use the platform.

Here are some of its notable features;

1. Text Oriented

Similar to Twitter, Bluesky leans towards texts rather than images and videos.

The users can post messages as long as 300 characters in their feed.

2. Open Framework

The platform operates as an open platform. This means the users can tailor the information they see in their feeds.

Additionally, this system is very similar to another text-first application, Mastadon.

3. Decentralized Social Media

The Bluesky platform is a decentralized social media.

This means that the platform’s users control their own data and communicate and share information directly with other users.

Furthermore, the platform will have an automated moderation system rather than a moderator who oversees everything.

Thread Vs. Bluesky – Which Is Better?

The main difference between Thread and Bluesky is that users are able to use Threads. However, in the case of Bluesky, the platform is still in development.

Furthermore, Threads does not require an invite to access their features, thus this allows the users to enjoy all the features the moment they join the platform.

On the other hand, Bluesky is an invite-only social platform for now.

This means that the users need to get an invite from developers to access the platform and enjoy their features.

In the case of Bluesky, many of the features are still in development. Thus, commenting about which is better right now is a bit hard.

However, once the social platform is available for all users, this article will get a revision.

For now, using Threads is your best option because of its availability and easy access.

The Bottom Line

As Twitter is putting up various restrictions on the platform.

Other tech companies such as Meta and Bluesky are coming up with an alternative to Twitter.

Furthermore, users can expect various other alternatives to pop up soon.

Hopefully, this article can give you a brief understanding of Threads and Bluesky.

Continue reading to explore enabling dark mode and using the Threads app API.
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