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Brisa Cove Mission In Ready Or Not

In Ready or Not, players must come across one of the interesting missions, Brisa Cove.

It is one of the challenging levels in Ready Or Not as players have to face AI Enemies that are resilient.

In Ready Or Not, players can complete the Brisa Cove quest by navigating through the Brisa Cove Memorial, rescuing the civilians, and arresting the suspects. Similarly, players have to locate the sniper rifle in Rooms 1204 and 1201.

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Ready Or Not: An Overview Of Brisa Cove Mission

In Ready Or Not, players must complete several quests as the game’s storyline, and Brisa Cove is one of them.

Similarly, the Brisa Cove mission is about rescuing the civilians, arresting the suspects, and finding the Retired Navy Officer.

While learning about the mission, players can find that there was an assassination attempt on Senator Cornelius Fremont.

Brisa Cove Mission
An Overview of Brisa Cove Mission.

Further, the attempt was made at the Brisa Cove Memorial Park when he addressed a rally in the park for his presidential bid campaign.

As this event unfolds, there is a catastrophe around the Brisa Cove Moment where the Senator became the apparent sniper attack victim.

The Brisa Cove Mission was clear, players need to travel to the Brisa Cove Memorial Park as soon as possible.

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Mission Briefing Of Brisa Cove

Upon heading to the Brisa Cove Memorial Park, the mission is clear; players should infiltrate the building and search every apartment.

Players should search every room of the buildings to find the potential suspect for shooting the Senator.

Likewise, upon searching for the potential suspect, players have to rescue all of the civilians who are trapped in the crossfire.

 Overview of Brisa Cove Mission
The player is reading the Briefing of Brisa Cove Mission.

Besides, players have to locate the Sniper in Room 1204 on the southern side of the Building, as he killed multiple civilians from the hotel window.

Also, players must find the Sniper in Room 1201 on the northern side of the building, as he killed two officers and three civilians.

Moreover, players have to find the Music Producer by locating the ‘Laurie‘ a resident of apartment 1202.

Finally, during the Brisa Cove Mission, players have to locate the ‘Sailor‘, a retired Navy officer residing in apartment 1203.

Brisa Cove Ready Or Not: Tips And Tricks

Players have to face numerous obstacles during the Brisa Cove mission and it is hard to overcome these hurdles.

Similarly, The Brisa Cove Mission is so hard since the enemy AI is better at flanking the players.

Players can experience the thrill as AI enemies movement has gotten faster compared to the Swat AI.

 Brisa Cove Mission Enemies
A player is confronting the enemy in Brisa Cove Mission.

Here are some of the tips and tricks to overcome the difficulty of the Brisa Cove Mission In Ready Or Not.

  • Firstly, players have to carry a substantial amount of the Door wedges, as they can strategically block the doorways connecting the hallways.
  • With this technique, players can clear the middle area and progress room by room without the threat of being flanked.
  • Secondly, players have to choose the right sets of weapons such as Gas, Smgs, and pepperball guns during the quest.
  • Choosing the right sets of weapons can help complete the mission as well as assist in achieving the S-rank.
  • Thirdly, players should be patient while fighting the AI enemies and let Swat AI handle them.
  • Finally, players have to split their teams and equip their SWAT AI with powerful weapons like SA58 or .300

The Bottom  Line

In Ready Or Not, players have to be cautious and well-prepared while embarking on the Brisa Cove mission.

Similarly, the Brisa Cove represents the spontaneous nature of the political events and challenges faced by law enforcement.

Players have to equip themselves with the right weapons and make a good strategy to complete the Brisa Cove Mission.

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