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Ready Or Not Optiwand: Shoud You Abandon It?

In Ready or Not, many players have gathered their concerns regarding the Optiwand and its mechanics and usage.

Some players are deliberately choosing to play without the Optiwand and lockpicks in the game, which makes the game more exciting.

In Ready or Not, most of the players are abandoning the usage of the Optiwand for a smoother movement that allows squads to maintain momentum during the execution of urgent actions.

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Usage Of Optiwand In Ready Or Not

In Ready or Not, many players have gathered their concerns regarding the use of items like Optiwand and lockpicks.

Similarly, the use of Optiwand in Ready or Not has become the point of discussion among its players.

Likewise, many players have already chosen to exclude the optiwand from their toolkit for strategic gameplay.

Players are willing to drop the Optiwand from their toolkit for a more immersive and challenging experience.

ready or not optiwand peek door
A player is peeking under the door with the usage of optiwand.

Many players have been using the optiwand to peer through the doors and are a helpful kit during the battles.

However, letting go of the Optiwand hinders the ability of players to check what’s inside the closed doors.

Moreover, players have to make rapid decisions and put their reactions to the test after abandoning the Optiwand.

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Abandoning The Optiwand In Ready Or Not 

Several players have abandoned the Optiwand in Ready or Not because of their desire to play the game realistically.

Similarly, the decision to exclude the Optiwand and lockpicks has several impacts on the gameplay because of heightened realism.

Here are the details of the several impacts that players have to face upon abandoning the Optiwand in Ready or Not:

1. Realism Takes Center Stage

Upon eliminating the usage of the Optiwand players cannot peek under the doors.

Players find themselves in a situation that demands quick thinking and decisive decisions as reality kicks in.

Similarly, abandoning the Optiwand increases the element of uncertainty where players have to make strategic decisions.

2. Locked Doors Challenges

One of the major impacts of abandoning the Optiwands is the challenges regarding the Locked Doors.

As players did not have any problems regarding the Locked doors earlier, the absence of Optiwands presents one.

ready or not Locked Doors
A player can enter the locked doors by kicking it directly without using the Optiwand.

The tools like Battering Ram can be useful as tactical utilities for the locked door challenges.

3. Pacing And Momentum In Optiwand Free Movement

After abandoning the Optiwand, players can witness a significant change in their pacing and movement.

The exclusion of Optiwand and lockpick provides smoother movement for the players.

Also, the squads can maintain the momentum and execute the actions with a heightened sense of urgency.

Similarly, players can experience more dynamic gameplay after not having to invest time in door examinations and consume lockpicking.

The Bottom Line

Many players are trying to experience the gameplay of Ready or Not by discarding the usage of Optiwand and Lockpicks.

Similarly, many players have reported that after discarding the Optiwand they can experience the game in a realistic approach.

Abandoning the Optiwand and lockpicks not only reshapes the pacing of the game but also promotes dynamic and faster movement.

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