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Details Of The Broomstick Bash Event In Monopoly Go

Broomstick bash is one of the one-day events or tournaments in Monopoly Go.

So, you have to complete the milestones of this event before the 24-hour timeline finishes.

There are many different types of events in Monopoly Go that you can actively participate in.

Broomstick Bash is a one-day tournament with 30 milestones to cover in Monopoly Go. Completing the milestones and getting on top of the leaderboard before the time finishes will help you gain exciting rewards.

Here we will discuss the events in Monopoly Go and the Broomstick bash event and its rewards.

Events In Monopoly Go

Events in Monopoly Go range from seasonal events to just 24-hour run events.

These variations of events present in the game provide players with an entertainment package.

Stickers Broomstick Bash Monopoly Go
You can get different types of stickers as a part of the reward for different events.

The types of events present in Monopoly Go are:

  1. Seasonal Events
  2. Multiday Single Player Events
  3. Multiday Tournament Events
  4. Other Events

Seasonal events run over a couple of months with the collection of some of the game’s best rewards.

Multiday Single-player events run over a few days and have different rules and rewards for each.

Multiday Tournament events are events with a leaderboard so a player can also gain rewards by their place on the leaderboard.

Other events include special events and 24-hour events and tournaments that are available in the game time and again.

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Broomstick Bash In Monopoly Go

Broomstick bash is a one-day event that is starting on the 12th of October at 14:00 EST.

In addition, this new tournament event has exciting rewards, such as golden sticker packs.

Furthermore, it is a tournament event so there are two methods by which you can bag rewards.

You can get rewards by reaching the Broomstick Bash tournament milestones.

Or, you can get rewards by scoring as many points as possible on the leader boards as securing the first position.

Additionally, you will be competing in a group of 50 players in the Broomstick Bash tournament.

So, you have to battle 49 other players to be in a strong position on the leaderboard.

Also, you can score points based on two methods that are:

1. Shutdown

Shutdown is a minigame in Monopoly Go that triggers when you land on one of the railroads.

In addition, you can visit another player’s board and attack their landmarks.

If you successfully attack their landmarks, you will get Shutdown Success rewards.

However, the player can also block your attack with a shield to protect their Landmark.

So, your reward will be reduced to the Shutdown Blocked status.

You can get the following points and rewards for the Shutdown minigame.

  • Shutdown Blocked- 2 points
  • Shutdown Success- 4 points

2. Bank Heist

Bank Heist is another minigame in Monopoly Go that also triggers when you land on one of the railroads.

During a Bank Heist, you will see a collection of vault doors with treasure inside.

In addition, you have to find three rings out of 4 total on the board.

After finding all three treasures, you will see at last how much money you have stolen.

You can get the following points and rewards for the Bank Heist minigame.

  • Small Heist- 4 points
  • Large Heist- 6 points
  • Bankrupt- 8 points

Also, a Bank Heist will probably provide more rewards to a Shutdown comparatively.

Rewards Of Broomstick Bash 

There are 30 milestones in the Broomstick Bash tournament and finishing this milestone will provide you with 1,300 dice.

Players on Reddit are also wondering whether there is a reward list somewhere for Broomstick Bash.

Reddit Broomstick Bash Monopoly Go
Reddit player discussion on the Broomstick Bash tournament.

Also, all 50 players will get some form of reward no matter where they land on the leaderboard.

Finishing at the top of the leaderboard will guarantee you a golden sticker pack and 1,500 dice.

Here is a list of all the rewards you can get with the Broomstick Bash tournament. 

Leaderboard PlaceReward
1Golden Purple Sticker Pack, 1,500 dice, and Money
2Golden Blue Sticker Pack, 750 dice, and Money
3Golden Pink Sticker Pack, 600 dice, and Money
4Golden Yellow Sticker Pack, 500 dice, and Money
5Pink Sticker Pack, 400 dice, and Money
6350 dice and Money
7300 dice and Money
8250 dice and Money
9200 dice and Money
10200 dice and Money
11-1550 dice and Money

So, people who finish in the top 5 of the leaderboard will get some form of sticker pack.

People finishing in 6th to 15th place on the leaderboard will get some amount of dice and money.

Along with that, people who finish on the 16th to the 50th place on the leaderboard will get just money.

The Bottom Line

There are multiple types of events present in the game Monopoly Go.

Broomstick Bash is a type of one-day tournament that has exciting rewards.

You can gain different types of sticker packs by making your way to the top of the leaderboard on Broomstick Bash.

So, what are you waiting for, complete the event as the clock is ticking and you only have a few hours left.

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