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How To Complete Burden Of Proof In Starfield? 

Burden of Proof In Starfield is a sort of filler mission between the main Crimson Fleet mission and the UC Vanguard Faction mission. 

Furthermore, the ending of the quest propels players to another mission that forces players to decide whether to murder someone or not. 

Burden of Proof is a filler quest in Starfield. However, it sheds light on the workings of the Crimson Fleet. Furthermore, this mission also allows players to prove their worth in the fleet and join them sooner. 
This article discusses burden of proof and its completion method in Starfield.

What Is Burden Of Proof In Starfield? 

Burden of proof is one of many quests that players must complete for the UC Vanguard Faction. 

The UC Vanguard faction is a faction that contradicts with Crimson Fleet in Starfield. Furthermore, players can join the Crimson Fleet by completing the quests given by the faction. 

The Crimson fleet is a group of notorious space pirates, while the UC Vanguard Faction is on the side of justice. 

Players join the Crimson Fleet after obtaining the quest to infiltrate the fleet from the Vanguard.

Furthermore, even before getting a chance to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet, the UC Vanguard must arrest the players. 

Thus, players must commit a few crimes for the UC Vanguard to arrest the players. 

After the Vanguard puts the players in prison, they will give two choices to the players, either stay in prison or help the Vanguard infiltrate the Crimson Fleet. 

The obvious choice is to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet. 

After you choose to infiltrate the fleet, your first quest will be to access the Deep cover, allowing players to access the Crimson Fleet. 

Once you infiltrate the Crimson Fleet, the burden of proof quest will be next in line. 

decision before burden of proof starfield
Decide before starting burden of proof mission in starfield
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How To Complete Burden Of Proof In Starfield? 

After entering the Crimson fleet, your next task will be finding and securing evidence. 

The evidence will provide information on the illegal activities of the Crimson Fleet.

D-block for carter's locker starfield
Head to D-block for carter’s locker

To complete the mission you must find Carter’s slate with the recording of Carter. This is a part of the Echoes of the Past side quest. 

Players must head to a cell in D-block, where they will find the slate with the recording.

evidence inside carter's locker
Find evidence inside carter’s locker

Furthermore, the quest also outlines that the recording is between Jasper Kryx and Carter. 

After you play the recording, you will learn about the unique code for the illegal activities, thus, completing the burden of proof mission.

Burden of proof evidence Starfield
Burden of proof evidence Starfield

Furthermore, during this mission, you can also commit a few crimes. However, if you get caught, it will be up to you to fend for yourself. 

Thus, you must decide to either commit the crime or be a bystander and gain the information. However, the decision is quite simple. 

What Comes After Burden Of Proof In Starfield? 

After you complete the burden of proof quest by gaining the information for the UC Vanguard Faction, you will be given more quests. 

The quest you will get is ” Rook Meets King,” which is a Crimson Fleet quest. Thus, this quest does not relate to the UC Vanguard Faction. 

This quest will make you meet Naeva, who will give you a mission to kill Austin Rake to prove your worth in the fleet. 

However, you can complete this quest without killing Austin Rake. Thus, making it so that you have less blood on your hands. 

Talk with navea after burden of proof starfield
Talk with navea with after completing the burden of proof mission in Starfield

After you complete this mission, you can get to the Key. The key is the main headquarters of the Crimson Fleet. 

Thus, gaining access to the main headquarters is a great way to infiltrate the space pirates group and gain more information. 

After docking the spaceship, you will get a tour of the key and meet Delgado the leader of the Crimson Fleet. 

Furthermore, you will also get a few rewards for completing the missions. 

Here is a list of rewards for completing the Crimson Fleet mission in Starfield: 

  • Crimson Fleet mission board
  • Crimson Fleet Trade Authority vendor
  • Credits
  • Experience

After you become a part of the Crimson Fleet, players speculate you will be able to obtain an outfit similar to the Enlighted Ones faction.

However, currently, there is no concrete information on that. Thus, players must wait patiently for the extra rewards for joining the fleet.

The Bottom Line

The burden of proof is like a filler mission for players to give a context of the Crimson fleet. 

Furthermore, players must complete various missions after this to become a full-fledged member of the Crimson fleet. 

This makes the mission a bit of a hassle, but the data that players obtain can help understand the motive behind the activities of Crimson Fleet. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in completing the burden of proof mission and progressing through the game in Starfield.

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