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The Crack Of The Muskets Breaking The Silence

The Crack of the Muskets breaking the silence is the only quest in the first act of the Roses and Musket event.

It acts as the introductory chapter of the event, setting the stage for the rest of the event’s story.

The Crack Of The Muskets Breaking The Silence is a quest where you can participate in different festivities of the Fontinalia Film Festival. Completing the quest requires several steps like taking to Furina and Chevreuse.

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The Crack Of The Muskets Breaking The Silence In Genshin Impact

The Crack of the Muskets Breaking the Silence is an Act 1 quest of the Roses and Muskets event.

Phase 1 occurs in the Court of Fontaine: Court Region waterway hub in the Fontaine.

Further, the quest introduces you to the key characters and locations in Fontaine.

crack of muskets breaking silence
Starting the crack of muskets breaking silence quest in Roses and Muskets: Act 1.

You have to go to the main aquabus station on the Clementine Line to start the quest.

Additionally, you can witness the lively atmosphere of the festival while participating in its activities.

Moreover, completing the quest unlocks additional event tasks, rewards, and access to later acts of the event.

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Steps To Complete The Crack Of The Muskets Breaking The Silence

The quest in the Genshin Impact involves a lot of twists and turns during the quest.

The breakdown of what happens during the quest is given below:

1. Go To The Square In The Court Of Fontaine

As you arrive in Fontaine, head towards the Court of Fontaine, which is a large building with a fountain in the center.

Further, when you reach there, navigate to the main square facing the building.

You will find a group of children dressed in festive attire and interact with them to trigger an initial dialogue with Paimon.

2. Go To Main Aquabus Station On Clementine Line

You have to follow the quest marker to the Clementine Line aquabus station, on the eastern side of the Court of Fontaine near the bridge.

Talk to the aquabus guide standing by the entrance and choose the option to “Take the Clementine Line.

During the ride, you can enjoy the scenic view of the Fontaine.

3. Go To Hotel Debord’s Second Floor

After the aquabus ride, you’ll arrive at the dock near Hotel Debord.

Then, head inside the hotel and climb the stairs to reach the second floor.

Further, locate room 202 on the second floor which is Furina’s apartment.

4. Go To Furina’s Apartment

Enter room 202 and interact with Furina, to ask her to become the director of the upcoming film.

The film is set to be released in the Fontinalia Film Festival and produced by Xavier.

Further, she’ll ask to see your camera ability and ask you to perform filming a scene.

5. Complete The Theme Furina Is Directing

Depending on the theme Furina chooses, you’ll need to complete specific tasks during the filming.

This involves various tasks with unique scenes as:

  • Action Scene: Follow the director’s instructions and use combat skills to defeat enemies.
  • Romantic Scene: Interact with designated characters and deliver lines while emoting.
  • Adventure Scene: Navigate through obstacle courses or solve puzzles within a time limit.

You have to pay attention to Furina’s directions and fulfill her vision for the scene.

6. Look For Chevreuse

After completing the scene, you have to look for Chevreuse, Captain of the special security and surveillance patrol.

A disturbance will occur and Captain Chevreuse will arrive on the scene to investigate.

Likewise, you can follow the quest marker to find her at the entrance of the hotel lobby.

7. Talk To Chevreuse

Here, you can engage in a dialogue with Chevreuse that can differ according to your previous choices and actions.

You have to answer her questions and cooperate with her investigation.

The Crack of Muskets Breaking the Silence quest completed.
After taking to Chevreuse the quest completes.

Then, the quest will be completed and you can advance to the next steps of the event.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the Crack of Muskets Breaking the Silence is a well-designed quest that adds excitement to the Roses and Muskets event.

You arrive in Fontaine during the Fontinalia Festival and participate in the festivities along with the quest.

Further, cooperating in Chevreuse’s investigation sets the story for ongoing mystery.

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