Should you Buy an Used Office Chair?

We can all agree that setting up a home office takes a lot of effort and money. And when it comes to getting a home office, we’ve always spent all out.

If you’re on a tight budget, though, a secondhand office chair may be a lifesaver.

You won’t be able to experience the first-hand attributes of old chairs, though, because they’ve already been used by someone else.

In my case, after successfully ripping my pocket when purchasing an ineffective second-hand chair, I was able to acquire a worthy second-hand chair after conducting an extensive study.

Today, I will be your savior by presenting all relevant details for purchasing a used office chair.

Buying a secondhand office chair that is less expensive and has less damage is always a good idea. Unfortunately, top-rated bands with excellent quality, good design, and great comfort always cost huge money. So, it is better to buy a used office chair.

office chair
Office Chair(Source: Pexels)

Please continue reading to learn everything you need to know about buying a used office chair, including detailed information on its benefits and drawbacks.

Is it Worth Buying a Used Office Chair?

Investing in secondhand office chairs is only advantageous if your budget is limited and you want to improve your work environment.

Many companies have improved their chair’s performance and pricing due to a strong focus on quality.

However, as a result, investing in such high-priced goods is always a difficulty for low-income individuals.

So, depending upon the quality, it’s always worth it to buy a used office chair.

It’s usually a good idea to maintain your cash flow as minimal as possible when it comes to costs. However, when purchasing a used chair, there may be a range of concerns with chair ergonomics.

The chair may not fit your body type as well as it should, causing discomfort and lowering productivity.

In the following sections, I’ll go over each benefit and downside in detail.

Advantages of Buying an Used Office Chair

Purchasing second-hand items to satisfy your need is pretty common these days same goes with office chairs as well. However, there are several benefits of buying a used office chair.

The following are some of the most significant benefits of a used office chair.

1. Cost-Effective

Cost-effective is one of the main reasons many people go after used office chairs. But, as we all know, a good ergonomic office chair with awesome comfort costs a huge sum of money.

Buying a used office chair sometimes minimizes the cost even to half of the actual some of the money compared to buying it first hand.

Moreover, most office chair has a fixed price, however, buying a used office chair opens the door for bargaining which helps to minimize its cost.

The low cost encourages everyone to purchase a used chair, even of high-rated brands.

2. Detailed Review of the Product

Another merit of buying a second-hand office chair is you can get a detailed review of the chair.

While buying a first-hand office chair, it’s directly brought out after manufacturing, and nobody has ever used it.

Buying a used office chair, on the other hand, is advantageous since you may learn about its comfort, use, and utility from the first person who used it.

This allows you to buy the right product by eliminating undesirable and ineffective first-hand products.

3. Environment and Eco-Friendly

Purchasing used chairs contributes to making your environment eco-friendly.

We have a habit of dumping chairs or any items after a certain time. This affects the environment, and waste materials are accumulated in the nature.

It’s hard to imagine that a single task chair can contribute so much to the environment.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that up to 8.5 million tons (17 billion pounds) of office furniture ends up in landfills in the United States each year.

Buying a used office chair may be an eco-friendly option for you.

Furthermore, if many individuals utilize a used desk, the number of new desks is reduced.

The production process in industries and factories, as we all know, is extremely harmful to our environment.

Did you know? An office task chair’s carbon footprint is estimated to be 72 kgCO2eq, suggested by the Research.

That means that every time the chair is changed, the company is liable for releasing another 72 kgCO2eq into the environment, and the chair ends up as landfill garbage.

Less production means less impact on the environment and better use of old desks. Hence, Environment is uplifted through the use of used chairs.

4. Allows Customization

After you’ve purchased a used chair, you may personalize it with the money you saved from the transaction.

You may customize its appearance and add features to make it suitable for your requirements.

Your goal of owning an ergonomic office chair comes true for a fraction of the cost of new seats.

Customizing the innards of an old chair, as well as making adjustments to the back support and making the chair’s base more comfortable, are some of the customizations you may do.

Second-hand office chairs can be modified to appear as good as new while being more user-friendly and safe.

Many individuals avoid modifying second-hand chairs since the original cost is high, and they do not want to spend more money.

However, if you buy a used chair instead of a new one, you will have the option of customizing it with the money you save.

You may even make it seem brand new by customizing it. This transforms your old chair into a new one at a minimal cost.

Watch the video to customize an old office chair,

5. You can Buy a Chair that is Currently Unavailable in the Market

Getting a used chair allows you to use chairs that are no longer in production, allowing a person to purchase their chosen brand even if it is not accessible in stores.

Different high-quality chairs on the market may sell out before you can buy them so that you can buy the same chair as a second-hand one.

When purchasing a used chair, you can also get an antique or remarkable chair.

6. Old Chairs have Great Quality

We can all agree that wood and metal quality has degraded in comparison to older metals and woods.

Although our grandfather’s chair is still in our home, we are still repairing our own chairs. It is due to a change in the quality of the product.

Many people sell their used chairs because they want to upgrade to a newer model or don’t want antique chairs in their homes.

One may always buy those chairs because they will last longer and be customized if you want a specific look.

Therefore, investing in high-quality antique chairs might be a great investment.

7. Easy Pickup and Faster Services

One of the most significant issues with the newer chairs is that they are manufactured in limited quantities and are only available in certain locations.

This issue causes slower delivery service and makes it difficult to pick up a chair in an emergency.

On the other hand, used chairs are typically sold urgently and at a local level. As a result, it ensures a quicker collection and delivery service.

When buying a used chair, most people go straight to the supplier or first-hand owner, but receiving a new chair may take longer because the original company may be far from your preferred location.

As a result, this reduces the pickup time for used office chairs compared to the new ones.

Disadvantages of Buying an Used Office Chair

After reading the benefits of a used office chair, many of you may be interested and considering purchasing one.

However, there are several significant drawbacks to purchasing a used office chair. They are as described below in detail.

1. No Manufacturer’s Warranty Card

Any new piece of furniture or electronic item comes with a warranty card.

The warranty guarantees that the chair is a good investment. Long-term warranties cover the chairs of several top-rated brands.

However, the warranty is only valid if the customer is a first-time buyer. For example, you’re looking to purchase a second-hand office chair.

Even if the warranty is set to expire in a particular amount of time, you will not receive it.

The first-hand buyer’s warranty is not transferable to the second-hand buyer.

On the other hand, some vendors will supply you with a return policy without a valid warranty or warranty card. 

It poses a problem during chair damages, as you’ll have to spend more money on repairs.

2. The Chair Might Not Last Long

Every piece of furniture, desk and gadget has a limited lifespan.

However, if you choose a high-quality chair, it will endure between 7 and 10 years.

Purchasing a used office chair will not last as long as purchasing a new one. Many people only sell the chair after they have used it for a particular period of time.

As a result, buying a used chair will reduce the chair’s lifespan.

It will quickly harm your chair, necessitating purchasing a new chair after a short period of time.

3. May Have Duplicate Parts

This problem can affect both new and used chairs. On the other hand, an old chair is more likely to fool you than a new one.

Because old chairs aren’t appealing, you won’t tell the difference between duplicate and original components.

A dreadful seat cushion, sloppy adjustment levers, and even a terrible headrest and armrest are all duplicate pieces found in a used chair.

Unfortunately, these duplicate portions will wear out much faster, forcing you to purchase new chairs.

4. Low-Quality Chairs

Obtaining a second-hand chair from a well-known brand is usually a challenge. As a result, quality second-hand chairs are rarely sold.

When buying a used one, you will almost always obtain a low-quality alternative.

Because most people sell low-quality chairs, you will only acquire chairs that will not last long and have poor ergonomics.

Fact: A low-quality office chair’s lifetime might be as brief as six months. Low-quality seats also have a detrimental ergonomic influence on employees’ health.

5. Customization and Repair Might Increase the Chair Cost

Depending on the conditions and how they are utilized, second-hand chairs may require customization and repair.

The cost of repair and customization will be high if the chair is severely damaged.

As a chair is personalized and repaired, its price climbs. You can even buy a new chair with the money you save by customizing and renovating a secondhand chair.

6. Hidden Defects in the Chair

Another downside is the hidden defects that can occur with a used chair. No one will provide all of the chair details they’re selling because defects must be considered when selling the item, lowering its price.

They either hide the defects, mention them, or make temporary corrections to cover the flaws.

For example, failing to report a problem with a seat cushion, painting over damaged areas, or failing to warn about faulty chair handles are all examples of concealed faults.

Hidden defects reduce the chair’s lifespan and force you to pay extra for a mediocre product.

7. Old Chair Won’t Look Aesthetically Pleasing

If your home office is brand new, purchasing an old chair will affect the overall design.

Furthermore, adding a used chair will ruin your setup if you have a visually appealing setup.

Such a layout may appear unappealing, reducing the effectiveness of the working environment.

Old office chairs (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Old office chairs (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

8. Less Compatible with your Other Office Setup

A used chair might not go with the rest of your office furniture. The key point of emphasis during the purchase of second-hand chairs is the decreased pricing.

People frequently overlook its length and height structure due to price considerations.

As a result of this issue, the chair height differs from the home office desk height, and your chair may appear taller or shorter than your desk, which causes pain.

Furthermore, the second-hand chair may not be compatible with your body structure, causing discomfort.

9. Problem in Delivery and Transportation

Although, while purchasing an old used chair, you will receive speedier collection services than when purchasing a new chair.

To obtain the product, you must travel to the source with your own transportation method.

Similarly, if you buy from an individual, there is a lower possibility of getting a delivery service, which causes delivery and transportation issues.

Things to Consider While Buying a Used Office Chair

After going through the advantages and disadvantages of buying a used chair, if you are tilted towards buying one, there are certain things you need to consider while buying a used office chair.

When purchasing a secondhand office chair, keep the following factors in mind.

1. Used Chair Should be at Least 20-50% Cheaper Than its First-Hand Price

Chairs are one of the assets that depreciate with time.

It is always a better bargain to get an office chair for 20-50 percent less than its original price, depending on its condition and how long it has been used.

If the chair is in good shape and has been used for a short period of time, you may consider paying between 70% and 80% of its original price.

If it’s mediocre, though, consider paying half or less than half of the original amount.

It is better to get a brand new chair if you pay 80-90 percent of the original cost for a used item.

Also, if you’re buying it for a low price, inspect it thoroughly because hidden problems may exist.

The following are some of the greatest chairs on the market, along with their first-hand prices and how much to spend on a second-hand purchase.

Best Office ChairsMarket PriceBest price range for its second hand versions
1. Herman Miller Eames Aluminum Group Chair$1730$600-$800
2. Herman Miller Aeron$1445$500-700$
3. Steel Case Leap V2$1028$400-500
4. Nightingale CXO$1049$400-500
5. EuroTech Ergohuman$900$400-500

You can find this refurbished chair on eBay or Re-work furniture.

2. Study About the Chair Type and its Reviews

In today’s world of the internet, you can get full-fledged detail of any chair. Perform an in-depth study of chairs that will be suitable for you.

Studying its type will help you to be safe from all defects the chair can possess.

Furthermore, if you are familiar with the type, the supplier will be unable to deceive you and, you will be successful in obtaining a good secondhand chair at a reduced cost.

You might also read other people’s reviews to learn more about the chair’s quality.

3. Ergonomic Features

Second-hand chairs may be lacking in ergonomic qualities. But, unfortunately, when it comes to refurbishing old chairs, vendors focus on aesthetics rather than ergonomics.

The term “ergonomic” refers to the comfort and effectiveness of a chair to promote productivity.

The chair must have proper ergonomics, which is essential for proper bodily posture and work longevity. So, think about a chair that looks not only good but also supports good ergonomics.

The chair’s ergonomics covers the major height, width, and comfort of the chair, all of which are appropriate for any demographic.

Some of the ergonomics features that one should get in an office chair are:

  • The height of the office chair should be between 16 and 21 inches.
  • The chair’s breadth should be 17-20 inches wide, with a depth of 2-4 inches.
  • For optimum hip and lower back support, the chair should be cushioned with comfortable chair seat material.
  • An adjustable handle is highly ergonimics so that your back won’t be troubled.
  • Finally, the chair’s backrest should be flexible, ranging from 12 to 19 inches wide.
  • Wheel and swivel on a chair are one of the chair’s ergonomic features for smooth chair movement without any trouble.
  • The armrest should be positioned properly so that you can work efficiently.
  • Your office chair’s headrest can be one of the most useful components for supporting your whole posterior chains (neck, back, and hamstring muscles)
Ergonomic Features Office Chair
Ergonomic Features Office Chair (Source: Amazon)

Every individual is unique, as are their specific desires. As a result, to select the best office chair for you, make a list of the most important requirements. Various chairs have different qualities.

Similarly, most used chairs are customized for their past customers, which may or may not fit your body structure or how you want to use it.

As a result, different chairs have varied characteristics, therefore before buying a used chair, ask the provider or previous users if it has all above mentioned ergonomic features or not.

If you have already bought an used chair and is willing to add a headrest. Do check how to add headrest in your office chair.

4. Buy the Second-Hand Chairs of Top-Rated Brands

Even if you purchase a second-hand chair, you should always choose a chair from a reputable, high-quality brand.

Purchasing a used chair from a low-rated and low-quality brand will be a waste of money because it will not last long.

Some of the top-rated brands are:

  • Herman Miller Chairs
  • Steelcase Chairs
  • Nightingale Chairs
  • EuroTech Chairs

As a result, it’s always best to look for high-quality brands at a reasonable price that provides excellent chair service.

herman mi
Herman Miller Office Chair in Second Hand(Source: Re-work furniture)

You can buy this second hand Herman miller chair on Re-work furniture

5. Ask for a Trial Period Before you Actually Buy Them

As previously said, your chair may appear to be in fine condition from the exterior but may conceal various hidden flaws.

In this situation, it’s always a good idea to try out the chair before making a final decision. During the trial time, you could potentially ask for a partial payment.

Before purchasing a used chair, you should test the following items:

  • First, inspect all of the chair’s adjustment handles, including the handles headrest and seat, to see if they are smooth.
  • Sit on it for a few hours to see how comfortable it is. Avoid those chair that provides strain on your neck, hamstring, and shoulder muscles.
  • Make sure your lower back is free of stress.
  • Lean into the chair and recline to see how comfortable it is to work for lengthy periods of time.
  • If your chair has wheels, make sure they are in good working order so that one may readily move it from one location to another.
  • Look for any cracks or scratches that are unpleasant.
  • Make sure the seat fabric is durable and odor-free.

If you want to buy an office chair to reduce your lower back pain. Do check Chair Alternative to minimize your lower back Pain.

6. Look for the Safety

A chair’s dangerous qualities include a weak backrest, a harsh seat cushion, and aches and pains in various muscles.

If your backrest is weak, you’re more likely to slip out of your chair when sitting.

In addition, the weakening of the grips can result in various accidents, such as muscle tension or falling out of the chair.

If your swivel or wheels are not securely attached, you may experience an accident while seated. As a result, look for every single element on a chair to ensure maximum safety.

7. Buy Only if There is a Return Policy

When purchasing a used chair, there are numerous frauds to be aware of. For example, you can acquire low-quality chairs, chairs with numerous flaws, or seats with poor bodily support.

Return policy means one can return the purchased item if it has any defects. However, it may depend on the suppliers.

Return policies ensure that you may return a product if it isn’t what you anticipated or doesn’t work correctly.

To return the used chair effectively, you must do it within the time frame set by the providers. The following are some of the most prevalent return policies:

  • Exchange of products
  • 100% refund
  • Provision of voucher due to defects
  • Free repair of defects

As a result, always double-check the supplier’s return policy. If there is no return policy, don’t buy the chair.

Because, in the used chair, there are no warranties or invoices, and the supplier may trick you with low-quality products.

8. Buy Second-Hand Chair from Nearby Suppliers

To buy a used chair, it’s always beneficial to purchase from a customer nearby or a supplier nearby. Firstly this will minimize the problem in delivery and transportation cost.

Lastly, most importantly, shopping from local and close providers ensures quick returns, easy complaints, and even speedier returns and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Used Chairs Delivered Assembled or Not?

Second-hand chairs that have been assembled are delivered based on the suppliers. Therefore, by far the most convenient way of delivery is assembled chairs.

As a result, they are delivered through several well-known liquidators and suppliers. However, some local vendors may not provide delivery.

Where to Buy a Used Office Chair?

Several retailers are either of the same brand or some third-party retailer to buy a used office chair.

Following are the list of every source from where you could buy a used office chair:

For more online and offline used chairs suppliers. Go to Second Hand Chair Suppliers.

Herman Miller and Steelcase, among the above-mentioned suppliers, sell returned products from their respective brands’ customers.

The other four vendors sell old chairs from various manufacturers.

You can even find a used chair on Facebook Market Place.


A used chair can be a blessing in disguise if it offers all of the benefits of a new chair at a lower price.

However, if you need to replace old chairs regularly due to frequent damage, it’s always better to buy a brand new product.

Most importantly, consider purchasing it from reputable vendors who will not deceive you and give you a long-lasting product.

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