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7 Best Office Chair Mat Alternatives

Every time I sit on my office chair to do my office work, I always want to glide from time to time to have little fun and refresh my mind.

In the meantime, I worry about my eye-catchy and decorated carpets being scratched and damaged due to moving from time to time.

Regarding the issue, I searched for many alternatives to the office chair mat, which was highly hectic (I know you, too, agree with me).

And guess what? I found the best options to protect my flooring and carry on my office work in my favorite office chair.

Well, don’t you worry. Today, I will share my well-researched and practically implemented office chair mat substitutes.

As a substitute for the chair mats, you can go for the chairs that do not have wheels. Or, you can use polyurethane wheels, felt pads, and bell glides, or you can place tempered glass or a stylish rug underneath your chair.

Home Office
Home Office (Source: Pexels)

Are you afraid that we have come up with limited office chair mat alternatives?

Well, we hear you, so we have collected several choices with their pros and cons in the article below.

Is Office Chair Mat Necessary?

If you have recently purchased an office chair, you might have wondered if a chair mat is needed. Okay, we got you.

Initially, I was also in the same seat as you. Also, I nearly denied spending my money on chair mats; however, I came across many benefits of chair mats.

Firstly, the chair mat is the life savior of the floors and carpets. In a sense, it protects the flooring from any strain and damage.

Also, the chair mat gives a different aesthetic to the room as we can get other mats per our choice.

Next, if we put a chair mat under the office chair, we will be free from body pain while moving from one office to another.

It is so because those mats are more accessible to roll over than the carpets. In addition, it saves our time.

Mostly, chair mats are affordable.

Office Chair Mat
Office Chair Mat (Source: Amazon)

You might have experienced a situation where your chair gets stuck in the carpet, and to be free from that unexpected situation, you have to push the chair with your leg or hand.

But, if you get a chair mat, you won’t face such a condition as it is small compared to the carpets. And it is easier to get out of such a problem within seconds.

Why Use An Office Chair Mats Alternatives?

You can use numerous office chair mat alternatives to have a strain-free and not an ounce of scuff on your carpets or floor due to moving and rolling on an office chair.

But, are there any benefits of using the office chair mat alternatives instead of office chair mats? Absolutely! Big yes!! In this regard, we have listed some of the advantages below;

Advantages of Using Office Chair Mat Alternatives

  • It is budget-friendly.
  • It has many options so you can select it as per your choice.
  • It can be carried easily in comparison to carpets.
  • It can be cleaned in a short time.
  • It doesn’t eliminate the room’s beauty but makes it look more beautiful.
  • It takes less space in comparison to the carpets.
  • Most of the chair mat alternatives are eco-friendly.

However, even the blue sky has some dark lines, so the chair mat alternatives also have disadvantages. Some of them are given below;

Disadvantages of Chair Mat Alternatives

  • Alternatives like felt pads are unsuitable for the cheer with wheels on them.
  • Not every chair mat alternatives are eco-friendly.
  • Alternatives like polyurethane wheels cannot be used on legged chairs.

7 Best Office Chair Mat Alternatives in 2024

Here, go on reading the suggestions I have come up with. Also, I dare you to trust me because I have implemented most of the following in real life.

Finally, and in advance, I want to congratulate you on protecting your flooring from the office chair.

1. Place Tempered Glass Under Your Chair

If you are the one, who always prefers cleanliness, then go for tempered glass without any second thought. But, of course, it does not stop you from gliding and having fun at work.

Also, this alternative makes your space look neat.

However, you have to clean the piece every day.

Also, you might find it slippery if there is a lot of dust. Plus, wait until it dries up after cleaning with water, as you may hurt yourself.

On top of that, you may find it expensive.

Tempered Glass Office Chair Mat
Tempered Glass Office Chair Mat (Source: Amazon)

Reasons to Buy

  • It saves space.
  • It doesn’t scuff up your floor.
  • It is four times stronger than ordinary glass.

Reasons to Avoid

  • It is expensive.
  • It can break if something hard is struck on.

2. Use Aesthetic Rug as a Mat

Nowadays, most of us are into aesthetics. So, whether it is clothes, rooms or anything, we prefer decorating it per the trend. And, so, being aesthetic is the trend, you all!

Forget your worries about getting a plain chair mat because you can find stylish ones online and in the local markets.

Just buy the mat or rug and place it under your office chair; if you are not fond of using a chair with a wheel underneath, you can also buy a thick carpet.

However, you must be careful with the rug size because a smaller size can still create scuff on your floor.

So, before placing an order or walking into the shop, don’t forget to check the sizes. Also, you can measure your working space and buy on that basis.

Rug as a Office Chair Mat
Rug as an Office Chair Mat (Source: Amazon)

Reasons to Buy

  • A carpet is affordable.
  • It is stylish.
  • It has a long life.
  • It does not scuff up the floor quickly.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The thinner rug can tear fast.
  • Most of the rugs are to be changed within six months.

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3. Use Polyurethane Wheels

This one is one of my favorites, making it easy to roll over the floor.

Also, if you use polyurethane wheels for your chair, it is no need to buy a chair mat if your floor is well-furnished.

Next, polyurethane wheels do not leave scratch marks. Also, it is very cost-friendly, and everyone can buy it to be productive enough.

So, I suggest you purchase these life-changing wheels without wasting further time.

Polyurethane Wheels for Office Chairs
Polyurethane Wheels for Office Chairs (Source: Amazon)

Reasons to Buy

  • It is not expensive.
  • It glides effortlessly.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • It does not need high maintenance.

Reasons to Avoid

  • It is not suitable if you hate to glide.
  • It is not idle for every floor.

4. Use Bell Glides

The bell guides are the best and most affordable substitutes for office chair mats if you are willing to save your carpets from damage.

And do you know that if you keep up the hard floor rather than carpeting above it, you don’t have to use bell glides? But wouldn’t it cost you more if you rip off your furnished carpet?

So, you can keep your carpet as it is if you buy a bell glide and install it on the office chair. The bell will reduce the chance of any damage made by the chair on the carpet.

However, if you want your chair to roll and move over, then, better not to buy the bell glides, as it deducts the wheeled chair’s primary function.

In other words, bell glides are not meant for the wheeled chair until and unless you decide to stop gliding over.

Bell Glides
Bell Glides. (Image Source: Amazon)

Reasons to Buy

  • It is affordable.
  • It is suitable for wooden, metal, and tubular chairs.
  • It takes up less space.

Reason to Avoid

  • It is not suitable for a chair with wheels.

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5. Buy Felt Pads

As said before, we have come up with every possible alternative to the chair mats; we didn’t lie.

If you are a person, who feels comfortable working on a legged chair, then felt pads are the best substitute for the mats.

A chair with legs is most likely to cause damage and leave a blunt mark on the carpet or floor. Those chairs do not come up with any substances that protect the floor.

So, for that, buy the felt pads, which are very easy to install on the bottom of the chair.

Felt Pads
Felt pads. (Image Source:

However, the felt pads are not eligible for the wheeled chairs.

Reasons to Buy

  • It is not expensive.
  • It is easy to install on the chair.
  • It keeps the chair stable.
  • It does not take up more space.

Reason to Avoid

  • It is not suitable for the cheer with the wheels.

6. Buy a Chair Without Wheel

The best office chair mat alternatives are the chair without the wheel.

It is very safe for your carpet and floors as it has no wheels that create damage or marks.

Also, the chair without a wheel provides comfort and flexibility while working.

However, you need to be aware of those chair types with a sharp bottoms as they are most likely to degrade the floor’s quality.

But many of them are built up with floor guards, so you don’t need to be in tension regarding the topic.

Office Chair Without Wheels
Office Chair Without Wheels (Source: Amazon)

 Reasons to Buy

  • It is affordable and stylish.
  • It needs low maintenance.
  • It comes in various designs.
  • It does not produce any damage to the floor.

 Reason to Avoid

  • It is not suitable for people who like rolling on chairs.

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7. Buy Standing Desk

Nowadays, people have become highly conscious about health; therefore, we are always searching for objects that help keep us healthy and do not harm our work simultaneously.

So, for that, many companies have introduced the standing desk.

Also, many professionals say that the standing desk most likely increases employees’ productivity by up to 45% compared to regular office chairs and desks. 

The standing desk is good for health and is best for the floor and carpets as it does not have a chair.

Reason to Buy

  • It is durable for a long time.
  • It is suitable for health.
  • It saves space.

Reason to Avoid

  • It is tiring to stand for many hours.
  • It is expensive.
  • It is not available everywhere.

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Can I Use a Chair Mat in the Corporate Office?

In recent years, many corporate offices have been using high-quality marble, tiles, or tempered glass to make the working area look fashionable yet clean.

So, there is no need to use a chair mat; however, it gives additional protection to the flooring.

So, yes, you can use a chair mat in any office.

Corporate Office with Many Chairs
A Corporate Office (Source: Pexels)

To Wrap It Up!

The truth is that we want our working hours to be productive and fun, but, at the same time, we need to take care of our working space.

For example, while sitting in an office chair, we constantly pressurize our floor and carpets, which might eventually create damage.

So, to free our tiles, flooring, and carpets from any damage, we need to use office chair mats. And, nowadays, we can replace office chair mats with many alternatives.

You can select any office chair mat alternatives from the article above and see the magic.

If you are not into legged chairs, then using the alternatives among polyurethane wheels, rugs, and tempered glass will be the best.

On the other hand, if you cannot shift to the wheeled chair from the chair with legs, I recommend you buy a bell glide. Or you can purchase the alternatives like felt pads and chairs without wheels.

Hence, it is better to use chair mat alternatives for your office chair to have fun and productive working hours.

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