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Caktus AI Vs. ChatGPT -Similarities And Differences

With the revolution in AI, ChatGPT and Caktus AI writing tools are gaining enormous admiration among students and educators.

Many users are trying to compare these AI writing tools regarding their functions and performance.

Caktus AI and ChatGPT are AI-powered platforms that generate content for various purposes. However, they have some differences in their features, models, methods, and applications.

Let’s start grasping more about what makes ChatGPT and Caktus AI similar and different.

What Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a Chatbot discovered by Open AI that uses your prompts as input and provides you with output accordingly.

ChatGPT strengthens supervised and reinforcement learning by using a fine-tuning method called Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF).

It relies on GPT-3, a language model that employs deep learning to produce human-like text, but the underlying LLM technology has been around much longer.

Chatgpt generated text to check on zerogpt
Chatgpt generated text about AI.

What Is Caktus AI?

Caktus AI is the upgraded version of ChatGPT. It is similar to ChatGPT but has more features than ChatGPT.

It is a Large Language Model (LLM) AI-writing tool that assists students with their homework and other academic tasks.

A Picture representing Caktus AI.
Caktus AI is an alternative to ChatGPT.

Caktus AI Vs. ChatGPT – What Makes Them Similar?

They are AI writing tools that generate content based on user inputs. 

Both AI writing tool works similarly. Here are some features that make them similar;

1. Implementation And Data Learning

Caktus AI and ChatGPT implement Machine Learning algorithms to acknowledge the context of user queries and provide valid responses.

They imply Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning to generate logical, applicable, and innovative content.

Natural language processing pipeline
Caktus AI and ChatGPT implement Natural Language Processing. 

2. Accessibility And Accuracy

Caktus AI and ChatGPT permit users to personalize their inputs with keywords, style, and length, and they are user-friendly.

Each provides top coding scripts, such as Python Writer and  Java Writer.

These AI writing tools offer language tutors using machine and natural language.

Moreover, they support multilingual languages such as French, English, Spanish, etc.

In terms of accuracy, they seem to have equal accuracy rates in creating any content.

4. Integration And Updates

Caktus AI and ChatGPT can be integrated with Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS, depending on the platform. 

Additionally, they constantly receive updates and improvements, and several applications can easily be integrated into ChatGPT and Caktus AI. 

5. Consistency And Reliability

One can not entirely rely on the responses provided by the Caktus AI and ChatGPT; they follow the protocols on how they are trained. 

Their responses are based on patterns in the text it is trained on rather than external information.

Caktus AI Vs. ChatGPT – Major Differences

Caktus AI and ChatGPT are not the same AI writing tool; some features make them different from each other.

Let’s look at what makes Caktus AI more comprehensive than ChatGPT.

FeatureCaktus AIChatGPT
Key FeaturesEssay writer
Personal statement writer
Coding assistant
Chatbot development
Language translation, Text summarization, Task execution
Training MethodSupervised learning and reinforcement learning from human feedbackReinforcement learning from human feedback and proximal policy optimization
Additional FeaturesParagraph generator, Language tutors
Convert youtube videos to essay
Edit content
Content moderation tooling
Embedding model
Main PurposeEducationalConversational
Target AudienceStudents and teachersGeneral users

1. Design And Development

Canadian Company AI4R invented Caktus AI with over 150 pre-trained models. It is designed for businesses emphasizing client support and sales mechanization.

Unlike Caktus AI, ChatGPT is an AI research non-profit language model developed by OpenAI.

ChatGPT is designed for a broad audience and can be implemented for various activities, such as generating text, writing code and answering questions. 

Here’s an overview of the working model of Caktus AI and ChatGPT:

FeatureCaktus AIChatGPT
Model ArchitectureBuilt on tensor flowPowered by GPT-3
Pricing Subscription-basedFree
Output QualityHigherLower
Training DataAcademic papers and textbooksText and Code

2. Features

Caktus AI is a content-creating tool that provides users with writing options with more alternatives.

Moreover, before logging in, Caktus AI provides you with a generator that generates services for every query, such as coding, fun, arts, science, STEM, studying and career.

Some additional features of Caktus AI are listed below;

  • It can help you solve complex science and mathematical problems and aids you in writing lyrics and movie scenes.
  • It provides sources of citation to your documents and dodges you from AI plagiarism detection.
  • Flashcard tool in Caktus AI helps you make studying a breeze, fun and collaborative.
Caktus AI providing alternatives beyond writing
Caktus AI provides alternatives beyond writing

On the other hand, you ne.ed a paid subscription for the advanced features of ChatGPT.

In addition, it has some limitations on generating several characters per prompt.

Some features of ChatGPT are listed below;

  • It aids you in generating codes in any language or inputting a particular piece of code; you can request to fix it or add more.
  • It helps create marketing content with a social media headline; you can even request food recipes.
  • It can convert any text swiftly and accurately into human-readable language without interruption.
  • Additionally, you can get the jist of any research papers, films or any longer paragraphs. 

3. Capabilities And Functionality

Caktus AI functions like Jasper AI, where the Chatbot creates content after inputting a text prompt for your desired service.

However, you can’t log in to Caktus AI using your Google, Apple or Microsoft accounts; you must create your login credentials, particularly for Caktus AI.

Contrarily, it furnishes various topics within each section, such as fun, art, coding, science, etc.

Caktus AI needs own log in credentials
You must create a Caktus AI account to sign in. 

Nevertheless, ChatGPT has more functionality in comparison to Caktus AI.

The global generation of human-like text also helps you generate responses to prompts diversity.

In addition, ChatGPT assists you in generating content in multiple formats. Additionally, it adapts the user’s style to summarize an earlier conversation.

ChatGPT summarizing the provided webpage.
ChatGPT summarizes your given document.

4. Pricing Difference

Caktus AI is not free; you must pay 10$ per month to use it.

Regrettably, abandoning the service is quite challenging per its terms and conditions.

Caktus AI With Subscription plan
Caktus AI is not free, and users must have a subscription plan.

On the other hand, ChatGPT is accessible for the most part, with restrictions on the utilization of the tool.

You need to pay a subscription if you need to use the advanced features available on it.

Further, the platform or the tool you’re using varies the cost of ChatGPT. However, if you want to unleash more features, you can upgrade to ChatGPT Plus.

ChatGPT upgrade subscription plan
A subscription Plan is a must for the upgrade version of ChatGPT.

5. Pre-Training With Data

Caktus AI is trained to employ an extensive text database that includes customer service chat logs, manuals, product descriptions, and more.

Subsequently, it acknowledges user queries with relevance and accuracy, apprehending natural language.

On the other hand, ChatGPT was trained on a massive internet dataset encompassing text from websites, books, and other sources.

It proportionally allows the acknowledgment of natural language and generates human-like responses.

training module of chatgpt
ChatGPT is pre-training with Data, Source: Open AI official Blog post.

6. Performance And Reliability

Caktus AI is capable of handling complex doubts with a high accuracy rate. 

Additionally, it can reply instantly without any delay, which aids in providing timely support to its clients.

However, Caktus AI may have problems acknowledging questions with grammatical or spelling errors. 

Similarly, ChatGPT is highly pendent on the training data quality and the accuracy obtained by GPT-3.

Generally, it provides accurate and relevant responses. However, it can sometimes provide incorrect responses or misunderstand the conversation.

ChatGPT can sometimes misunderstand the conversation. (Source:

7. Security And Reliability

Caktus AI is the upgraded version of ChatGPT; it provides enterprise-grade security features such as firewalls, encryption, and intrusion detection systems.

Similarly, the Caktus AI system or its data is more prone to vulnerability by Caktus ransomware or other malicious persons.

In ChatGPT, the Redis open-source library was exploited via a susceptibility that enables users to review the chat history of other active users.

However, ChatGPT’s security relies on the integrated messaging platform.

To ensure the security of the data of users, OpenAI, the developer of GPT-3, has established strict security protocols.

As a new platform, Caktus AI may be proven better for newly developed security services; you can choose accordingly.

The Bottom Line

ChatGPT and Caktus AI are powerful language models that generate text for different purposes.

Caktus AI is better for creating content on a collective subject, and ChatGPT is better if you want to generate human-like text adapting to your style. 

You may choose one over the other or use both in combination, depending on your project’s needs and budget. 

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