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What Is Array Relationship On Facebook?

Users on Facebook can share any life event status on their feed with friends to update them about important life changes.

However, many users are facing an issue with the relationship status showing array after editing the life event.

Array relationship is a bug on Facebook that automatically changes the relationship status of users to the word array after editing. Users are frustrated as they cannot revert it back after editing.

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Array Relationship On Facebook: An Overview

Adding life events on Facebook is a way to share important milestones with your friends and family.

Users can choose from different categories of life events, such as work, education, relationships, family, travel, and more.

Further, they can also add photos, videos, locations, and tags to the life events.

Recently, Facebook users have been experiencing some issues with the relationship life event.

Array on Facebook
Facebook displays an array for relationships in life events.

The relationship status displays the word Array instead of Engaged or Married for all the users.

Further, adding the life event works fine but it shows the array only when users edit the section.

After editing the post, users are unable to remove the word ‘array’ and it remains unchanged.

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Is The Array Relationship Status On Facebook A Bug?

The array status is a common issue that all Facebook users have been facing for a few days.

However, many users are confused about what the array relationship means on Facebook.

Further, this seems to be a bug that some Facebook users have encountered when they edit their life event posts.

Users discussing about the array relationship bug
Facebook users discussing on Reddit about the array bug.

Facebook fails to display the correct caption for the relationship status and instead shows the word ‘array.’

Users can easily update the life event from what’s on your mind section and it shows the correct word.

However, the bug is encountered when users edit the life event status and it automatically changes to array.

How To Report The Array Relationship Bug On Facebook?

Many users who want to share their relationship status on Facebook are frustrated with this bug.

Meanwhile, there is no proper solution to this bug rather than waiting for Facebook to solve it.

Users can either delete their status with array relationship or report the bug from their Facebook account.

To report this bug to Facebook, follow the simple steps given below:

  • Tap the three Horizontal Lines (Hamburger Menu)
  • Scroll down and tap ‘Help & Support
  • Then click on ‘Report a Problem

You have to mention the bug in detail so that Facebook can take appropriate action on it.

Further, many users are reporting the same issue so it might be solved as soon as possible.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the array relationship on Facebook is a glitch that users are experiencing while updating their life events.

It shows the word array instead of the relationship and doesn’t allow users to change it.

Furthermore, there is currently no proper solution to this issue. However, we can wait for the developers to solve this glitch.

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