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Why Players Can’t Run In Fortnite Chapter 5?

Since Fortnite Chapter 5 was recently released, all the players were excited to get their hands on the game.

However, many players are complaining that they can’t run in Fortnite Chapter 5.

Players can’t run in Fortnite Chapter 5, or their movement is slower due to some movement settings changes by the Epic Games. It is not caused by bugs or glitches but rather a new game mechanic.

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What Is Can’t Run Issue In Fortnite Chapter 5?

In the new chapter of Fortnite, players will experience motion matching and procedural layering.

The game introduces these features to improve animations while changing directions and transitioning from walking to running.

Further, it also improves the animation while using any weapon.

However, with all these changes, players feel their character is running slowly.

Initially, players felt that this was a bug that was causing the Can’t Run issue in Fortnite Chapter 5.

However, it is not any bug or glitch; instead, the epic games have intentionally added the changes to the game.

The players feel that the walking movement feels clunky, and this change doesn’t reflect Fortnite as a fast-paced game as it is.

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Is Fortnite Running Slow After Chapter 5 Update?

When Fortnite releases a new chapter, it comes with a lot of changes and additions.

Many Players are not satisfied with the new update that makes the character run slower in Chapter 5.

Players feel that since the running is slow, it drastically affects the gameplay for them.

However, comparing both animations, the speed is the same as in the old chapters.

In reality, it is not slow but the animations have changed, making the character’s movement look slow.

The running speed of the characters is the same and only the number of footsteps taken is lowered.

Further, the characters cover a huge distance only in a small step in this new update which was the opposite in the older version.

In the old chapters, the speed seemed fast because the steps taken were higher.

How To Solve The Running Issues In Fortnite?

The Epic Games has changed the movement settings and its workings in Fortnite Chapter 5.

Further, the change makes the characters walk slower, thinking it is some bug or glitch.

Although players cannot revert to the old movement feature, there are some workarounds to move a bit faster.

1. Keyboard Movement

Players can change the settings to Single Strafing with a setting of 71 or less.

The Strafe angle should be adjusted to run and sprint during the game properly.

Can't run issue in Fortnite Chapter 5
Players can change the Strafe angle in settings to run faster.

Further, changing this setting can somewhat enhance the running speed.

2. Reset Keybinds

Sometimes, the key bindings may be set to unusual settings, resulting in slower movement.

In this case, change the key binds settings to the default one for smooth functioning.

3. Contact Official Support

If you’re struggling due to the character running really slow, contact Fortnite’s official support for assistance.

They can provide additional support related to every issue in the game, including can’t sprint and can’t run issues.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, all the Fortnite players are disappointed with this movement change in Chapter 5.

This new game mechanic is more challenging and annoying to the players because the character is moving really slowly.

Further, the epic games may bring the old settings back, listening to all the players’ complaints.

Until then, players must wait and adopt new strategies to play in this setting.

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