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Raven Team Leader Nerf: Fortnite Outfit

The Raven Team Leader bundle is back in the December update in Fortnite.

Moreover, the popular bundles and skins are back due to the ending of the Fortnite OG season.

The Raven Team Leader could be a subject of nerf in battles due to the clear visibility of Cuddly Style skins during the battle in Fortnite.

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Raven Team Leader In Fortnite

Raven Team Tealer is a revamped bundle initially released in early November for a small period.

However, due to sudden hype, Raven Team skin, and OF season-ending, the pack with the other few of them is back.

Players can get other skins, excluding Raven, like Stranger Things, Eminem, and Invincible Bundle.

In addition, Players who missed out on last month’s skins can get them at the same price.

Players can buy the Raven Team Leader outfit for 1600 V-bucks.

Moreover, players can get epic skin in the Item Shop’s OG Favorites inside the Nevermore Hearts Pack.

raven team leader nevermore hearts pack
Launch the Item Shop and head to OG favorites.

In the pack, players will also get a Brutal Bow and Iron Shadow Claw alongside the Leader outfit.

Unfortunately, players cannot buy only the Lego Raven Team Leader skin but must also get two other items.

Players can also use the Cuddly Style to switch from a Dark Outfit to a Pink Outfit.

Moreover, Players are not getting any discount when comparing the Raven Skin to the Stranger Things Pack or Invincibles bundle.

In other skins, players are getting 6oo to 1700 V-Bucks discounts.

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Raven Team Leader Nerf

Nerf term in the game is typically associated with changes in utilities, agents, or guns to balance the game.

The re-vamped change will have less damage and be more effective, or it will delay the times/ health in battle.

But, for Battle Royale games based on just in-game loot, only guns and other utilities take part, not the agents.

Nonetheless, the outfits in the game may not play a massive role in battle but suddenly affect the gameplay.

Players will be disadvantaged due to the dark color in the case of the default Raven Team Leader skin.

However, if players switch to the Cuddly Styles, they will be affected by a tiny margin.

raven team leader nerf
Avoid the Cuddle Style in the matchmaking.

The opponents will have more visibility from medium to long ranges and can deploy hits quickly.

Players can switch to free in-game outfits if they cannot access premium outfits.

The outfits will unlock from stores, completing achievements or progressing the levels.

The Bottom Line

The Raven Team Leader Nerf associates with the Cuddle Style outfit rather than the standard variant.

Moreover, the Outfort may not affect the game primarily, but it plays a crucial part in some parts.

Hence, players should prefer darker skin to affect the enemy’s visibility to avoid any disadvantages in the battle.

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