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Learn About CC Glitch In Dragon Ball Legends (DBL)

A few Dragon Ball Legends (DBL) players use a glitch to get free Chrono Crystals (CC) without acquiring them.

Chrono Crystals (CC) are essential for assisting players in summoning characters and obtaining equipment.

Players can get a huge amount of Chrono Crystals(CC) for free by using the glitch in DBL, and DBL has done its best to fix the glitch. Moreover, players should focus on genuine and honest methods to get CC in DBL rather than focusing on glitches. 
Continue reading this article to discover more about the Chrono Crystals (CC) Glitch in Dragon Ball Legends.

Introduction To CC Glitch In DBL

CC Glitch in DBL means getting an unlimited amount of  Chrono Crystals (CC) from bugs that exist in the DBL.  

Previously, players in DBL have used the glitch that exists in the game to increase their CC in the game.

Players demanding CC for discovering glitch.
Players demanding CC for discovering glitch in Dragon Ball Legends.

However, Dragon Ball Legends fixed the glitch as soon as the players reported the bug on various platforms.

The game developer will also provide rewards to the players if they discover any bugs and report them to the developer.

Dragon Ball Legends has done its best to fix the glitches that exist in the game to maintain fair gameplay.

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Why Players Use Glitch To Get CC In DBL?

There are various benefits of Chrono Crystals in the game, so some players try to use a glitch to increase it.

Some of the main reasons why players are looking for a glitch in Dragon Ball Legends are listed below:

  1. Glitch provides a quick and easy way to gather Chrono Crystals in the game without investing time and effort.
  2. Additionally, players can buy rare characters and equipment which they can’t buy in normal way by using the glitch.
    Dragon Ball Legends CC glitch.
    Players asking about the Glitch to purchase a hero in Dragon Ball Legends.
  3. Players can upgrade their level very fast by utilizing the glitch which is quite unfair in the game.
  4. Lastly, it will be very hard to defeat the players who use glitch to increase CC in Dragon Ball Legends.

How To Obtain CC In DBL Without Glitch?

There are many genuine ways to get CC in DBL rather than getting from the glitch. Some of them are given below:

  1. Firstly, by logging in daily for 21 days, players can collect up to 700 CC and extra bonuses for staying consistent.
  2. Moreover, completing beginner missions and challenges gives 5-10 Chrono Crystals each to the players.
  3. Players can also receive more amount of Chrono Crystals and other extra rewards by participating in PvP battles.
  4. Likewise, another important way to get the Chrono Crystals is by unlocking soul boost panels and doing stories.
  5. If players are able to accomplish extremely difficult battles, then it will grant more rewards to the players.
  6. Finally, players must check the events regularly and finish the story chapters they get.

The Bottom Line 

In order to maintain fair gameplay, players should concentrate on obtaining the CC by genuine methods instead of using a glitch.

Similarly, game developers should also be aware that this kind of glitch might destroy the game’s integrity, and players will lose interest.

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