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Furina Constellations Or Weapon: Which To Pull In Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, with the release of version 4.2, Furina is introduced with unique mechanics, weapon, and Constellations.

However, many players doubt whether to pull off Furina Constellations or the weapon.

In Genshin Impact, both Constellation and weapon play a vital role in character building. However, it usually depends on whether the players pull Furina Constellations or Weapon. At the same time, both can significantly increase Furina’s Utility.

This article will discuss which you should prioritize Furina Constellations or Weapon

Who Is Furina In Genshin Impact?

Furina is the long-awaited Hydro Archon who made her first appearance after the 4.0 update.

However, with the 4.2, Furina has become a playable character.  She is a 5-star hydro element character who uses the sword.

Furthermore, she is an Archon who rules over the nation of Fountain.

Furina is a hydro archon with two different looks and can change into pneuma and Ousia.

She primarily offers off-field support for her team along with long-term damage.

Additionally, her unique ability primarily related to HP gain and loss mechanics made her attractive.

Meanwhile, many players have some anticipation of her Constellation and her signature weapon, the Splendor of Still Waters.

While both choices display huge possibilities for players.

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What Are Furina’s Constellations?

Furina can significantly provide a team advantage even without any Fountain characters.

Furthermore, even without Furina’s Constellations, she can be a formidable character immediately.

Even though players can play complete Furina at C0.

However, having the Constellation significantly improves the gameplay.

Here is the information about her Constellation:

C1: Love Is a Rebellious Bird That None Can Tame

The C1 constellation increases your Fanfare points upto 150 after you use her elemental brust.

Furina c1
The information about Furina’s Constellation 1.

Additionally, increasing the Fanfare stack by 100, making 300 to 400. This will boost her DMG Dealt bonus to 25%.

However, this Constellation is only good if players want to unlock C2.

C2: A Woman Adapts Like Duckweed in Water

In C2, Furina’s max HP is Increased after reaching the maximum Fanfare limit.

This means Furina’s healing and off-field DPS capabilities are significantly increased.

Furina Constellations Or Weapon
The Stats about C2 Furina.

Furthermore, this will allow you to focus on other sites like Hydro DMG bonus and crit damage.

Therefore, you can get upto c2 if you want Furina as more of an off-field DPS character.

C3: My Secret Is Hidden Within Me, No One Will Know My Name

C3 will increase the elemental brust by three levels which is about a 7% damage increase overall.

C4: They Know Not Life, Who Dwelt in the Netherworld Not!

Furina C4 constellation restores four energy every 5 seconds.

This significantly reduces her Energy Recharge requirement, so you don’t have to care.

Also, it gives her a 20% damage increase, as you can give more offensive stats to her.

Plus, the active character will be healed whenever her summoned minions attack.

C5: His Name I Now Know, It Is…!

C5 Constellation will increase the Skill talent level by 3. It will increase by around 18% damage for her.

C6: Hear Me — Let Us Raise the Chalice of Love!

Finally, C6 is the most essential Constellation for Furina.

It simply means that Furina’s normal attack will be combined with Hydro and increase damage based on her max Hp.

Also, it affects her attack according to her Arkhe alignment. The team will receive some healing while Furina is in the Ousia state.

While in Pneuma state,the damage dealt with Normal Attack talent will increase by 20% of Furina’s Max HP.

Furina Constellations Or Weapon
The information about C6 Furina.

Generally, this constellation is only preferred if players want to build Furina as a hyper-carry rather than an off-field character.

Also, players may find Furina lag if they have strong hydro DPS like Neuvillette.

What Is Furina’s Weapon?

Furina’s Weapon, the Splendor of Still Waters, increase all the stats related to Furina’s performance.

This weapon is the best and top weapon for Furina’s build.

While it has the stats such as Bse Atk: 542 and Secondry Stat of 88% Crit DMG.

Furina Constellations Or Weapon
The Stats of the Signature weapon of Furina.

When players equip this weapon, it enhances the elemental skill DMG by 8% for 6 seconds.

Furthermore, this skill can stack up to 3 times, providing a colossal damage boost.

Additionally, when the other team member’s HP increased or decreased, the equipping character’s Max HP increased by 12% for 6 seconds.

Furina Constellations Or Weapon: Which One To Pull?

Pulling for the Furina’s Constellation or Weapon entirely depends on the player’s choice and resources in Genshin Impact.

Both options will increase Furina’s abilities and need lots of primo gems.

However, players should consider their team composition and make decisions.

Furthermore, Furina is insane even at the C0 and can be used with other weapons.

However, you can try pulling her weapon since it costs less than Constellation.

Also, players can use the weapon with other characters.

The Bottom Line

Furina is a must-pull character in Genshin Impact since her general damage is excellent.

Moreover, Constellation makes her even more powerful but not as another archon like Riden Shogun.

She is suitable for support and doesn’t require constellations to be effective.

Instead, try to get her weapon since it can also be used with another character.

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