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Top 8 ChatGPT Alternatives You Can’t Miss Out!

Millions of users rely on ChatGPT to write emails, essays, poetries, and whatnot, but the platform is relatively new and limited in features. However, there are a few best ChatGPT alternatives that you can use in 2024.

Some great ChatGPT alternatives include Chatsonic, Chinchilla, Bloom, Replika, and JasperChat, which provides from voice or image search and mimicking human interactions to creating a wide range of digital content.

Read on to access the list of top ChatGPT alternatives and their features.

What is ChatGpt?

ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a Chatbot based on artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning model.

Did you know the platform garnered over a million users within five days of launching?

Launched by OpenAI, an American artificial intelligence research lab, on November 2022, people have been using it for many different things, some even unimaginable.

ChatGPT generating custom programming code
ChatGPT can generate various responses, where custom programming code is one of them.

Here is what ChatGPT can do for you.

  • Write emails
  • Compose poetry and jokes
  • Write song lyrics in different languages
  • Questions & Answers
  • Write, Debug, and Explain Code
  • Solve complex math problems
  • Provide relationship advice
  • Explain complex subjects or topics

Therefore, it would not be wrong to admit that ChatGPT is a dynamic, multi-purpose virtual assistant.

However, this Beta app only caters to text-based inputs, lacking advanced features like creating or searching for images and running voice commands, as many ChatGPT alternatives do.

Reasons to Consider ChatGPT Alternatives

ChatGPT is excellent but is not free from limitations, which significantly undermines the AI Chatbot.

Here are some limitations to using ChatGPT.

  • Lacks Real-time Data: ChatGPT relies on pre-trained data up to 2021; therefore, you will not find any new information, news, update, etc.
  • Cannot Generate or Search Images: ChatGPT cannot generate or search images as it is only a text-input-based platform. You can generate results that can be fetched in the form of text.
  • Limited Integrations: You can only integrate ChatGPT with messaging apps like Whatsapp and Discord. Integrating with your Company application or website is not yet possible.
  • Traffic Capacity: As a Beta product, it can only take requests from a limited number of users. If you are aware, the Chatbot has started  limiting the number of generations, citing “Too many requests in 1 hour.”
chatgpt at capacity
Chat GPT is at capacity right now.

Top 8 ChatGPT Alternatives to Use in 2024 [Paid and Free]

If you feel your life will fall apart without ChatGPT, you should consider some fantastic alternatives.

Some are similar to what ChatGPT does, and others offer a more comprehensive range of features.

1. ChatSonic

If you open the ChatSonic website, it says ChatGPT but with superpowers.

It is a superhero Chatbot because Chatsonic is the next-generation conversation AI that excels in real-time data and voice searches.

The fact that it is integrated into Google Search makes it a handy tool for discussing current affairs severely lacking in ChatGPT.

Chatsonic interface outlines the guide beforehand
ChatSonic offers more updated information compared to ChatGPT.

Developed by Writesonic, it can quickly generate content based on your input, for example, Facebook ad copy and viral tweets, and creates and edits digital artwork.

Moreover, you can integrate it into your systems, including websites and mobile apps, to power customer support services like the Discord app.

The application comes for free for up to 25 generations every day. More than that, you must purchase the long-form paid plan.

Here are the advantages and limitations of Chatsonic compared to ChatGPT.

Only 25 generations every days are freeIt is completely free for use with no limitations.
The premium version costs $20 per month.
Processes text, voice, and image based inputsOnly processes text-based inputs
It allows you to choose up to 16 persona, tailor AI chat to your needIt does not provide any persona modes for now
It caters real-time information and voice or image commandsIt only caters information up to 2021
It allows integration to website and mobile appsIt only integrates to third-party apps like Whatsapp and Discord

2. Bloom

Bloom is an open-source, AI-powered Chatbot with a multilingual language model and natural language processing tool that offers more than a Chatbot experience.

A BigScience initiative, it provides an intuitive, conversational interface to allow users to interact, search for answers, and seek recommendations.

Bloom ai
Bloom supports a vast number of languages and programming codes.

It was created by amassing the intelligence of 1,000 researchers from over 60 countries and 250 institutions.

Because of its vast language access (up to 46), it receives a wide range of inputs and provides answers in many widely-spoken languages.

Like ChatGPT, it supports 13 different programming languages to generate workable code.

Moreover, it can tackle text assignments to generate text-based results such as emails, essays, resumes, lyrics, stories, etc.

Remember, it is a Beta product that is undergoing many upgrades. Therefore, look forward to enjoying more unannounced features.

Here are the advantages and limitations of Bloom compared to ChatGPT.

Bloom is completely free with no limitationsIt is completely free for use with no limitations.
The premium version costs $20 per month.
Knows 46 natural languages and 13 programming languagesKnows up to 95 natural languages but unsure about the number of programming languages
Bloom can generate text assignments that has not been taught to doIt does not generate anything outside the box
Helps developer with generating code from scratch and correcting themHelps developer with programming languages available in its database

3. Chinchilla

Chinchilla is the best ChatGPT alternative for generating sophisticated AI art, search engine, and writing tasks.

You can use this model to build Chatbots for usage in social media apps like Discord or Whatsapp and websites.

A 70 billion parameter language model outperforms almost every other model in the race and has about four times more data than Gopher, a predecessor by Deepmind.

Many experts even call it the GPT-3 killer (the model on which ChatGPT is based) because of the advanced mathematical MMLU dataset that allows for better reasoning and impressive accuracy.

Therefore, you can rely on Chinchilla for anything related to the Chatbot, virtual assistant, and predictive models.

An example of human interaction with Chinchilla
Here is an example of human interaction with a Chinchilla.

Here are the advantages and limitations of using Chinchilla compared to ChatGPT.

Chinchilla is not currently priced but may charge a fee in the futureIt is completely free for use with no limitations.
The premium version costs $20 per month
It boasts 70 billion parameter language model and 4x the data than any AI softwareIt boasts 175 billion parameter language models but lack in real-time data
It has 67.5% accuracy rateThe accuracy rate is unknown
It can be integrated to diverse platformIt has limited integration capabilities

4. Replika

As the name suggests, Replika is an AI-powered Chatbot replicating your style to stimulate human speech.

A step ahead of ChatGPT, it uses sophisticated machine learning, complex neural network, and scripted dialogue to stimulate human speech.

Users primarily use Replika to generate texts, chats, and natural conversations to indulge in virtual talk with an AI similar to the movie Her (2013).

It will come in handy when you feel alone or are an introvert who does not have anyone to chat with.

Moreover, you can give it a persona such as a girlfriend, mother, daughter, wife, husband, mentor, etc.

You can create personas in Replika not possible with ChatGPT
You can create personas in Replika which is not possible with ChatGPT.

In addition, it provides various additional features, such as video calling and augmented reality (AR), for a superior digital experience.

Here are the advantages and limitations of using Replika compared to ChatGPT.

It costs $19.99 a month and $299.99 for a lifetimeIt is completely free for use with no limitations
The premium version costs $20 per month.
You can place video call and image searchIt is used for general purpose AI tasks
You can create different personasYou cannot create personas

5. Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat is a powerful chat interface with over 100,000 users and a great alternative to ChatGPT regarding writing tools.

Launched by Jasper, Jasper Chat is a chat interface used mainly by businesses for sales and marketing purposes.

The fact that it is a paid tool makes it even more exclusive. It is a paid tool used mainly by business houses and content creators.

Jasper chat is a paid tool that is mostly used for sales and marketing
Jasper chat is a paid tool mainly mostly used for sales and marketing.

Like ChatGPT, it answers your queries, provides a chat interface, and generates on-demand content like articles, stories, poems, etc.

Moreover, it also remembers your old conversation so that you can hit it off from there.

Here are the advantages and limitations of using Jasper Chat compared to ChatGPT.

The subscription starts at $49 per month for business and boss plansIt is completely free for use with no limitations
The premium version costs $20 per month.
It is used for generating content for sales and marketing purposesIt is used for general purpose AI tasks
It remembers old conversationIt does not remember old conversation

6. LaMDA

LaMDA, a short form for Language Model for Dialogue Applications, is a conversational neural language model developed by Google and a great ChatGPT alternative.

The AI Chatbot is designed with 137 billion parameters and 1.56 trillion words (phrases) from publicly available web documents, which makes it a robust application compared to ChatGPT, which is still under development.

You can rely on it to generate context-aware, coherent, and natural responses for many different purposes.

It can provide you with general responses, opinions, and mentoring.
LaMDA provides you with general responses, opinions, and mentoring similar to ChatGPT.

The fact that it has a massive database of words, billions of parameters, and Google integration makes it quite a handy tool.

Here are the advantages and limitations of using LaMDA compared to ChatGPT.

LaMDA is not currently priced, but you must join the long waiting-listIt is completely free.
The premium version costs $20 per month.
It boasts 137 billion parameters and 1.56 trillion wordsIt boasts over 140 billion parameters with no data about words
It receives complex text-based inquiries and provide answers on a wide range of subjectsIt is a general purpose AI
It is useful for customer support purposesIt is yet to be implemented as a business or customer support AI

7. YouChat

YouChat is a popular AI-powered Chatbot designed to answer various questions posed by users.

It only receives text-based inputs such as general questions, academic reports, research, product reviews, etc.

Therefore, it is not much different from ChatGPT; however, it strives to provide more accurate information.

Moreover, it provides citations, relevant web links, and answers to help users find more information on the topic.

However, the product is in a beta phase and has minimal responses.

It is completely free for use with no limitationsIt is completely free for use with no limitations
The premium version costs $20 per month.
Responds to general inquiries, translatation, summarising text, ideas, code, and emailsChatGPT does it all and more
It is available cross-platform; web, android, and appleIt is only available on the web

8. DialoGPT

DialoGPT is an AI-powered Chatbot designed by Microsoft, one of the seed investors of ChatGPT.

It is a large-scale pre-trained platform to seek responses on various subjects, much like GPT-2.

Therefore, you would not find many differences between ChatGPT and DialoGPT, where the prior is more dynamic and serves multi-purposes.

DialoGPT is a more lighthearted version of ChatGPT
DialoGPT is a more lighthearted version of Chatbot.

If you are looking for a more conversational, energetic, and lighthearted AI Chatbot, then DialoGPT is your best bet.

Here is how you can access DialoGPT for free in the GitHub lab.

It is completely free for nowIt is completely free for use with no limitations
The premium version costs $20 per month.
It is a large-scale pre-trained dialogue response generation model with limited responses.It is similar but boasts larger repository
It does not support generating or inputng multimeda such as images and voice.It does not support generating or inputng multimeda such as images and voice.

Final Thoughts

Although widely used, ChatGPT is still a new product with limited features.

Using ChatGPT alternatives will provide you with features that are not yet available but are pretty helpful.

Anyway, keeping many options is always helpful regarding AI conversational tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GPT-3 Better Than its Predecessors?

GPT, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is an autoregressive language model that utilizes deep learning to produce human-like text.

GPT-3 is the latest version of the AI Chatbot model, considered the most powerful AI system.

Therefore, it is better than its predecessors, but it is still a Beta model that is being tested for flaws.

Do ChatGPT Alternatives Allow Creating of Digital Artworks?

Creating digital artwork is trending lately, but not all AI Chatbots allow that.

Remember, Chatbots are designed to bring up results for your responses.

To create digital artwork, you should delve into AI tools that take input and generate artwork, such as Midjourney, DALL·E 2, and Stable Diffusion.

Chatbots are designed to provide specific responses to users’ queries.

Some of these queries may seek searches similar to Google but are not substitutes for the Google search engine.

Google search is a robust tool with billions of data and parameters that is not yet available in the Chatbot.

What are the Best ChatGPT Alternatives to Create Codes?

Are you specifically looking for a chatbot to help you generate and rectify programming codes?

If you do not want to work with ChatGPT, you can resort to using ChatSonic, YouChat, and Bloom.

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