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Is Cliqly Down- Discover The Truth

Do you want to make money online by sending out simple emails?

If yes, then you need to check out Cliqly, the world’s first wholesale email platform.

Cliqly was experiencing technical issues and maintenance problems, due to which its site was for several days. However, it seems that it has regained its all database.

Continue reading to discover if Cliqly is down and what are the ways to check it.

What is Cliqly?

Cliqly is an email marketing platform that aims to simplify reaching potential customers and driving traffic to your offers. 

Additionally, it provides access to pre-written emails, built-in email lists, and training resources to help you optimize your email marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, some users have shared their positive experiences with Cliqly.

Eventually, they claim they make money by emailing their lists and promoting various offers. 

However, some users have also expressed doubts and concerns about Cliqly.

Therefore, this includes the email lists’ legitimacy, the offers’ quality, payment delays, and customer service.

contact cliqly
It is an email marketing platform

Why Is Cliqly Down?

Cliqly was experiencing technical issues and maintenance problems that caused the site to be down for several days.

However, it seems that Cliqly is currently down.

Moreover, some users have also reported that they have not received their payments from Cliqly.

Additionally, they are unable to access their accounts.

A user is asking regarding Cliqly’s site on Reddit.

Moreover, there are also some allegations that Cliqly is a scam or a pyramid scheme that requires users to pay a fee and recruit others to join the platform.

scam cliqly
A user is asking if Cliqly is a scam.

Currently, it seems that Cliqly has restored its database but is not visible.

How To Check If Cliqly Is Down?

If you are a Cliqly user, you may want to check the official Cliqly website or their social media accounts for any updates or announcements regarding the situation.

1. Use The Downdetector

One way to check whether Cliqly is down is to use a website like Downdetector.

It monitors the status and outages of various online services.

You can enter the name of the service you want to check and see if there are any reports or complaints from other users.

You can also see the historical data and the live map of the affected areas.

Downdetector to check the server status
Downdetector helps you check the server status.

2. Check Customer Reviews

Another way to check whether Cliqly is down is to read the customer reviews and feedback on sites like Trustpilot.

You can see what other people say about their experiences with its site.

You can also leave your review or comment if you have any issues or concerns with its website.

Check customer reviews through Trustpilot.

3. Visit Online Forums

A third way to check whether Cliqly is down is to visit online forums and communities like Reddit.

You can find discussions and posts about this platform and other email marketing platforms.

You can also ask questions or share your opinions with other users with similar interests or problems with this website.

4. Contact Custome Care

You can contact their support team if you don’t find any answers regarding Cliqly’s sit.

If you have any issues or concerns with their service, you file a complaint.

contact cliqly
Contact Cliqly or send a mail

Alternatives To Cliqly

Alternatively, you may want to look for other email marketing platforms that are more reliable and trustworthy.

Some of the alternatives are:

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the world’s most popular and widely used email marketing platforms.

It offers a variety of features and tools to help you create, manage, and optimize your email campaigns.

Thus, you can integrate Mailchimp with other platforms and services like WordPress, Shopify, Facebook, and more.

2. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is another well-known and trusted email marketing platform that helps you grow your audience and connect with your customers.

It offers easy-to-use templates, drag-and-drop editor, automation, segmentation, and analytics. 

Therefore, you can also access hundreds of apps and integrations to enhance your email marketing.

3. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a powerful and affordable email marketing platform that allows you to create and send personalized and engaging emails to your subscribers.

Further, it offers other features such as SMS marketing, landing pages, chat, CRM, etc.

Moreover, you can benefit from advanced automation, segmentation, and testing tools.

4. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is an email marketing platform designed specifically for creators, such as bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, and more.

Additionally, it helps you build your audience and grow your online business with simple and elegant email tools.

Moreover, you can also create landing pages, forms, quizzes, surveys, and more

The Bottom Line

Cliqly is a website that offers email marketing services to online marketers.

It claims to have an extensive and legitimate email list that can generate traffic and sales for any offer.

However, before using Cliqly, it is advisable to research and read other users’ reviews.

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