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How To Change Crosshair In Helldivers 2

The crosshair in Helldivers 2 is a small, reticle-like marker displayed at the centre of your screen.

It serves as a visual aid to help you aim your weapons with precision and accuracy during combat.

Changing your crosshair in Helldivers 2 requires your preference in the crosshair colour and size.

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What Is A Crosshair In Helldivers 2?

The crosshair is a central dot on your screen that plays a crucial role in aiming your weapon and targeting enemies.

When you aim your weapon in Helldivers 2, the crosshair indicates where your shots will land when you fire.

You can increase your chances of hitting enemies by aligning the crosshair with your intended target.

It is designed to be highly visible against various backgrounds and environments, ensuring that it remains easy to see.

Paying attention to the position of the crosshair can help you gauge the accuracy of your shots.

Crosshair In Helldivers 2
The size and shape of the crosshair in Helldivers 2 is default and cannot be changed.
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Choosing The Best Crosshair In Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2, in default, only offers a central dot with 2 lines side-by-side crosshair rather than traditional crosshair.

You can change the color, add or remove the outer line of the crosshair, and even level the thickness.

Since the game does not have a huge variety of crosshair settings and only contains outer lines and color editing.

Choosing the best crosshair won’t be hard as there is not much to work to build crosshairs like in other games.

To choose the best crosshair in Helldivers 2 follow these steps.

  • Choose a crosshair that is easy to see and track, even in the middle of battles.
  • The best crosshair for you is the one that feels comfortable.
  • Consider the best crosshair by testing its accuracy in the game.
  • Watch out for recommendations on crosshair choices.

Ways To Change The Crosshair

Changing the Crosshair in Helldivers 2 means changing the Colour or the outline settings.

Rather than these choices, there are not many settings for crosshair provided by the game.

Therefore, you can find the crosshair settings by following the steps.

  1. Goto Option in Main Menu or press Exit if you are in-game
  2. Choose Accessibility 
  3. There you can find 2 settings of Reticle Colour and Reticle Outline
Crosshair Settings
There are 4 options of crosshair color and toggle between On and Off for the outline.

However, you can change the color and the outline settings by following these ways.

1. Changing Colour

Helldivers 2 has various environments, sometimes the colors get unseen due to a match of colors.

Therefore, choose the color that highlights the 4 options of red, yellow, green, and white.

2. Changing Outline

Outline settings only of 2 toggle options of ON and Off which creates a boudaries of the recoil of the guns.

It’s better to turn it on as it gives you more information about the direction where the bullets are fired.

3. Crosshair With Different Meter Settings

The game has a feature where you can choose the type of crosshair according to the distance (25m, 50m, 100m).

It doesn’t mean that you can zoom but you should achieve perfect accuracy when shooting at a respective distance.

4. Test And Adapt

Don’t be afraid to try different crosshairs in gameplay scenarios like battles with factions.

See how each one performs in different situations and adjust accordingly based on your findings.

Collect Currency Samples In Helldivers 2

In Helldivers 2, samples are a valuable form of currency that can be used to enhance ship modules aboard the Super Destroyer.

They improve the player’s combat skills and increase the number of stratagems available for use in battle.

Common samples can be found in most areas of interest during a Galactic War mission.

While rarer samples are encountered on missions with difficulty levels higher than medium.

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