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Helldivers 2 Failed To Join Error: Try 4 Fixes

Many players are eager to try Helldivers 2, the sequel to the popular top-down shooter from 2015.

However, some encounter a frustrating error that stops them from joining a game lobby.

This error is called “failed to join” and is related to the game’s servers being overwhelmed by the high demand.

Continue reading to explore some possible cause solutions for the error “failed to join” in Helldivers 2.

Reasons: Helldivers Failed To Join

When you try to join a game in Helldivers 2, your device needs to communicate with the game’s servers.

They are computers that host the game and connect players.

However, if too many players try to join the game simultaneously, the servers may not have enough capacity.

Failed to join
Use powerful weapons to defeat the bosses.

Additionally, there may not be enough resources to handle all the requests.

This can cause the servers to slow down, crash, or reject some players.

Significantly, this causes the “failed to join” error in Helldivers 2.

Hence, your device cannot connect to the servers or join a game session.

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Fixes: Helldivers Failed To Join

You can take some steps to try to fix the error “failed to join” in Helldivers 2, but it is unsure if they work or not.

Nevertheless, the error may depend on factors beyond your control, such as the server status, the network quality, or the game settings.

Here are some of the possible solutions you can try:

1. Reload The Game

Sometimes, reloading the game might help. This means that you exit the game and start it again.

This can refresh your device’s server connection and clear any temporary issues that might have caused the error.

2. Disable Crossplay

Crossplay is a feature that allows players to play with each other across different platforms, such as PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch.

However, crossplay can also cause some compatibility or synchronization issues.

Especially, if the game is not well-optimized for crossplay.

Disabling crossplay could alleviate the issue, allowing the servers to filter additional teammates for Solod on your platform.

Bugs In Helldivers 2
The Bugs are also making a comeback with potential new abilities and mutations.

3. Play Solo

 You can try playing solo if you cannot join a game with others.

This means you play the game alone, without teammates or opponents.

As a result, this can reduce the server load and absolute errors.

However, playing solo might not be as fun or challenging as playing with others.

Further, you might miss some of the game’s features or rewards.

4. Check The Official Helldivers 2 Website

If the above steps do not fully resolve the issue, check the official Helldivers 2 website or social media.

You can find any updates or announcements regarding the server status.

The developers might post some information about the server issues.

Significantly, they may post the cause, the impact, the expected duration, or the possible solutions.

They might also inform you if they are working on fixing the issue or improving the game’s performance.

You can also contact the developers directly through their website or social media and report the error or ask for help.

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