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Use Of Crafting Components In Cyberpunk 2.0

Cyberpunk 2.0 allows players to make changes in the item by using crafting components.

Crafting can help to enhance firepower and have a significant advantage in the missions.

Players can use the crafting components in Cyberpunk 2.0 to get higher-quality weapons and cyberware. They can get the components after converting the get in the loots, progress through games or buy from the vendors.

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What Are Crafting Components In Cyberpunk 2.0?

Crafting components in Cyberpunk is the list of items that allow upgrading cyberware and weapons.

The weapons include melee, pistols, SMGs, sniper, and assault rifles.

Players can get the crafting components via loots, exploring different locations and buying them from the vendors.

Also, there are different tiers of the components, including the legendary components, tier 1, tier 2 and so on.

After the revamp of the game, the prices of the guns and other weaponry has skyrocketed.

So, players opt for easier ways to upgrade their weapons without spending too much Eurodollars.

How To Use the Crafting Components in Cyberpunk 2.0? 

If players are willing to use the crafting components, ensure to follow the procedure,

1. Extract The Crafting Components

Before upgrading the weapons, players will need various types of crafting components. 

If players cannot get the components from loots or missions, they can still get them from a vending machine.

Players can find vending machines all around the map, including the Ripperdoc near Goldsmith Street.

Over there, players can purchase tier 1 guns for around 100 ED; be sure to get more of them.

Vendor machine cyberpunk
Buy a gun from the vending machine.

The gun has a value of five crafting components, which is a great deal that can come in handy while upgrading other weapons.

2. Head To The Inventory

After getting the components, head to the inventory section and search for a backpack to combine the crafting materials.

cyberpunk menu
Enter crafting in the inventory menu.

Further, players should select the weapon they want to get and use the crafting components in the Crafting section.

cyberpunk 2.0 crafting components
Craft the gun using the crafting components.

The crafting material will depend on the gun’s nature, so ensure to get plenty of them.

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How To Get The Best Crafting Components in Cyberpunk 2.0?

Like the weapons, Cyberpunk also offers a variety of crafting components that are rare in nature.

However, players should progress through missions and climb ranks faster to get the items quickly.

Players should explore various locations, including the Reconciliation Park, to gain hands on the legendary crafting item.

 Try to beat the gangs around the area and grab the legendary time or any items from the loot.

Further, players can head to the inventory and craft the required gun to enhance their firepower.

After players select any melee weapon or other kind of weapon, they can view the crafting component they are using when getting a weapon.

cyberpunk 2.0 crafting components
Head to the inventory section.

The Bottom Line

Crafting components is one of the essential items in Cyberpunk to get a new weapon or cyberware.

Upon reaching higher levels, players can get much higher value, and items convert them into crafting materials.

So, be sure to loot the legendary guns and melee weapons from the hubs with many enemies.

Lastly, the boxes and the chests may contain various items, so extract all of those. 

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