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How To Romance Panam As A Female In Cyberpunk?

Players can romance with Panam as a male character, but is it possible to romance her as a female?

Panam is an NPC who plays an important role in the game’s progression and future events.

Players can romance with Panam as Female characters who are using PC mods. However, without external help, it is impossible to romance her due to the character’s sexual limitations.

Continue reading to learn if players can romance Panam as a female in Cyberpunk 2077.

Who Is Panam Palmer In Cyberpunk?

Panam Palmer is a merch and ex-member of  Aldecaldos organization currently living in Night City in Cyberpunk.

Panam Palmer is involved in various main in the game, including Ghost Town, Lighting Breaks and Belly of the Beast.

Riders on the Storm and Queen on the Highway are the side quests she is involved in with V.

Panam Cyberpunk
Panam appears in the main quest,

Thankfully, players can engage in the events with her and have a good time.

Excluding Panam, players can also romance with Judy, Kerry and River.

However, there are certain criteria for romance with each of the NPCs. 

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Romancing Panam As A Female

Many players have tried romancing as a female but have miserably failed, which has hurt many players.

Initially, while picking the character’s gender, the player will not know the future consequences and the upcoming characters.

Also, the player can only change the appearance of the V character, not gender.

Playing the missions will not be an issue; however, engaging in romance will definitely be upon the gender players select.

While progressing through the games, players will encounter various characters they may like or want to romance.

But picking either male or female will not grant romance access to all the characters.

The main criterion for romance is being a male V character, but if players have started as female, follow the procedure;

1. Download The External Mod

If players have started as a female character in Cyberpunk, they cannot romance with Panam without using Mods.

Many of the mods contain extreme bugs and lags in the gameplay, so be aware of this fact.

The player should be sure  they are 18+ as it contains sexualized content,

Moreover, players should have credentials and a plan to get the Mod. 

After players have an account visit the Nexus Mods Site and Opt for a Manual Download of Panam Romance with Female V.

Manual download Panam Romance with Female V mod.

Otherwise, players can also use other mods that change the gender of the character.

2. Opt For Romance

After installing and setting up the mods, it’s now time to romance Panam as a female character in Cyperpunk.

As male characters players should choose the dialogue straight forward. 

However, for the female characters initiating romance may take a longer time.

Also, try initiating the romance dialogue when other characters are not present.

Romance Panam with a female character.

The Bottom Line

The Player cannot romance with Panam as a female character without using any mods.

Unfortunately, players may face crashes and encounter various bugs using the Nexus Mods.

If players are unwilling to any external inputs, they can romance with Judy, River, Meredith and Rogue.

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