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Obtain The Free Car In Cyberpunk 2.0: Easy Steps

The free car in Cyberpunk 2.0 is obtained through a side quest. 

Furthermore, the car pays homage to one of the legendary rally racers Ken Block

The free car in Cyberpunk is acquirable after visiting one of the warehouses in the Night City. However, after visiting the warehouse, players must locate the key within the warehouse before adding the car to their arsenal. 

This article discusses the free car and its location in Cyberpunk 2.0.

What Is The Free Car In Cyberpunk 2.0? 

The free car in Cyberpunk 2.0 is a Type-66 “Hoon.” The car is a homage to the rally racing legend Ken Block. 

Players will notice the striking resemblance of the free car to the Hoonigan’s Ford “Hoonicor” Mustang RTR. 

Furthermore, the car sports the number “43” which is Ken Block’s racing number. 

Additionally, players will notice that the car is completely specced out with two machine guns on the hood of the car. 

Possessing the new free car can be a great addition to your arsenal because it allows you to engage in various vehicular fights. 

Furthermore, players can choose to either shoot from the car or use the machine guns on the hood to defeat their opponents. 

Players also claim that vehicular combat as a mercenary in Cyberpunk 2.0 is quite exciting.

Moreover, the new free car allows players to engage in such combats more often. 

But worry not if you are not someone who prefers vehicular combats. You can still use the vehicle to go around the city. 

Furthermore, the hoon also looks quite stylish for a free car.

Thus, players do not need to worry about driving a rather outdated car around Night City. 

ken block free car cyberpunk2.0
The Ken block is the free car
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How To Obtain The Free Car In Cyberpunk 2.0? 

Obtaining the free car in Cyberpunk 2.0 is quite easy.

However, there are a few prerequisites that you must complete before heading out to obtain the car. 

  1. First, you must complete “The Heist” main mission near the tail end of Act 1.
  2. Then, you must have met Johnny Silverhands, who Keanu Reaves plays. 

After completing the aforementioned prerequisites, players must follow a few more steps to obtain the free car. 

Steps To Obtain The Free Car In Cyberpunk

Here are the steps to obtain the free car:

  1. First, head to the Northeastern Watson section of Night City. You can use a waypoint to get there.
area for free car cyberpunk 2.0
Enter the area using the waypoint to find the free car.
  1. Then, in the area, you will notice various “Warehouses.”
  2. You must enter the second warehouse in the area, and inside, you will find the car.
  3. Then, interact with the car to trigger the “I’m in love with my car” side quest.
  4. After you trigger the quest, Johnny Silverhands will appear before you.
  5. Interact with Johnny Silverhands. Then, he will ask you to find the car keys.  
  6. You will find the car keys inside a container near the car.
the keys are in a container
Players can find the keys in a container near the car.
  1. After you find the keys, get inside the car and complete the side quest. 

After you complete the aforementioned steps, the car will be added to your garage, allowing you to use it whenever you prefer. 

Furthermore, as mentioned before, the car excels in vehicular combat.

Thus, you can just go and pick fights with enemies who try to challenge you. 

The Bottom Line

Free items and other game materials are a great way to retain your player base. 

Furthermore, in the case of Cyberpunk, the game’s release did not go well.

The game is also improving over time, thus, players are experiencing all the positive changes to the game. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in obtaining the free car in Cyberpunk 2.0.

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