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Lords Of The Fallen: Overview On Lampbearer 

Lords of the Fallen allows players to embark on their challenging journey by playing with a friend or with a random person.

Players can join forces with random players over the globe by accessing the simple menu interaction.

In Lords of the Fallen, players do not have to set their journey to the dark and mysterious realm alone, they can play alongside Lampbearer as their companion or enemies to maximize their outcome in multiplayer sessions.

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 Lords Of The Fallen: An Overview Of  Lampbearer 

Players do not have to face the darkness of this evil world alone as they can cooperate with other players.

Similarly, it depends on players whether they want to master their multiplayer journey by playing with friends or a  random player.

Unlike other Soulslike game that appoints summon signs for multiplayer interaction, Lords of the Fallen’s approach is quite different.

Players can embark on their multiplayer journey with the enigmatic figure known as the Lampbearer.

Lampbearer is the random game player that you can align with to move together in the journey or to test your skills.

Thus,  moving forward to your multiplayer journey with Lampbearer is a smart decision.

Likewise, it can assist you in your journey as well as test your abilities.

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Initiate A Multiplayer Journey With The Lampbearer

Lords of the Fallen provides the opportunity to its users to set their journey on Story Mode as well as the multiplayer mode.

Usually, players have more engagement when playing with their friends or random players on the internet.

Similarly, after player decides to commence the multiplayer journey, they have to follow simple steps without further due.

Step 1: Interact With A Vestige

The Vestige is a mystical entity that players must pass through as it acts as the gateway to the multiplayer journey.

Firstly, players have to locate the vestige inside the game, which can be found in various locations of the game.

Vestige Interaction
Players interacting with Vestige in the Game.

Following that, you should interact with the vestige and access the menu to begin the process of befriending other players.

Step 2: Select The Multiplayer Option

Similarly, after accessing the menu following the interaction with a vestige players are provided with a multiplayer option.

Access the Multiplayer option from the menu which should expand the menu to reveal other multiplayer choices.

Step 3: Choose The Beckon Friend Option

Right After you get the expanded menu, you will encounter multiple choices to connect to other players.

Similarly, select the Beckon Friend option from the list of available choices to invite a friend to accompany you.

Step 4: Invite your Companion

Finally, after beckoning the friend, players can now invite in-game friends to assist them in their co-op adventure.

Similarly, you have to wait for other players to accept your invitation to connect to your game world to aid you.

Lord Of The Fallen: Multiplayer With Lampbearers

In Lords of the Fallen, players have the opportunity to engage with Lampbearers in other forms besides the traditional co-op method.

Similarly, players can decide whether to play a classic co-up match with the Lampbearer or compete with them.

Moreover, whether players choose to embark together on their journey or compete with each other, both provide a unique experience. 

1. Accompanying The Lampbearer

If players want to assist a random player on their gaming journey, choosing Accompany Lampbearer is the right choice.

As explained before, players can do it by accessing the multiplayer menu through Vestige.

Following that, players can choose the option Accompany Lampbearer from the expanded multiplayer menu.

Lampbearer Dead
The player is about to Take Revenge for Lampbearer’s Death.

Similarly, after choosing Accompany Lampbearer, the game connects you to a random player seeking assistance in their world.

Finally, you will be teleported to another player’s world, where you can present your cooperative and supportive role.

2. Slaughter The Lampbearer

For those players who want competition and are willing to hone their skills, choosing Slaughter Lampbearer is the right choice.

Choosing this option will allow the players to enter another world and invade it as an opponent.

Upon accessing the Expanded Menu, choose the Slaughter Lampbearer option to invade other player’s world.

Compete with Lampbearer
Players compete with Lampbearer by fighting each other.

Similarly, the game will select a suitable target to invade, and your main task is to disrupt their progress and engage in combat.

Moreover, this competitive nature of the game allows players to have a thrilling experience while accomplishing their objectives.

The Bottom Line  

Lords of the Fallen provides users with a unique experience where they can embrace the multiplayer options.

Similarly, Lampbearers can either be your friend or a foe, it will be based on the decision that you make.

Players can expand the richness of the game’s multiplayer aspect by choosing options that match their preferences.

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