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A Guide To Darkmoon Faire Alchemy Quest In WOW

The Darkmoon Faire event features several professional quests but the players are curious about the Alchemy one.

This is because players have trouble finding the specific items involved in this quest as they are tricky to find.

In WOW, players must take part in the “A Fizzy Fun” quest on Darkmoon Island to complete the alchemy mission of Darkmoon Faire. Then, they must create five servings of Moonberry Fizz drink to complete this quest.

Continue reading to learn about the Alchemy quest of Darkmoon Faire in WOW.

What Is Darkmoon Faire In WOW?

Darkmoon Faire in WOW is a monthly event that takes place on the Darkmoon Island in the game.

Players can easily enter this island after taking the portal in Mulgore at the base of Thunder Bluff.

During the event, players can partake in various profession quests to farm the profession skill points.

A fizzy fusion mission is the alchemy quest
A fizzy fusion mission is the alchemy quest of the Darkmoon Faire event.

Furthermore, each profession is tied to a unique quest within the boundary of the Darkmoon Island.

This event is the easiest way for players to upgrade their professional skills as the quests are fairly easy.

In total, players can take part in 15 profession quests when this event is active.

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How To Complete Alchemy Quest In Darkmoon Faire?

The Alchemy profession quest is a vendor-based quest that is given by Sylannia on Darkmoon Island.

So, players must interact with her stall to receive the Cocktail Shaker and start A Fizzy Fun quest.

The objective of this quest is for players to make five servings of Moonberry Fizz after gaining the required ingredients.

Specifically, players must gather two ingredients to make one serving of Moonberry Fizz. They are:

  • Fizzy Faire Drink
  • Moonberry Juice

Players can buy five Fizz Faire drinks on the same stall for 4 silvers and 25 coppers.

Similarly, players can easily purchase five Moonberry Juice from almost all the vendors in the game.

mixing moonberry fizz drink in wow
Mixing the Moonberry fizz drink using the Cocktail Shaker for the Alchemy quest.

Then, players must use the cocktail shaker from their inventory to mix both of these drinks.

Finally, players must repeat this process five times to obtain 5 Moonberry Fizz Drinks.

Rewards For Completing Darkmoon Fair Alchemy Quest

Since this event only occurs once a month, players can expect various forms of rewards.

  1. Players will receive thousands of experience points depending on their level in the game.
  2. They will receive 2 to 5 legion skill points in the Alchemy Profession.
    rewards of darkmoon faire alchemy
    All the in-game rewards of the Darkmoon Faire Alchemy quest.
  3. Players are also guaranteed to receive a +250 reputation with the Darkmoon Faire.
  4. The event-exclusive Darkmoon Game Token is also rewarded at the end.
  5. Finally, they will also receive 4 Darkmoon prize tickets to trade for additional rewards.

The Bottom Line

The exclusive Darkmoon event is a joyous one as players can collect various in-game resources with ease.

However, learning the mission’s location is essential as players can easily get lost on the island.

Hence, we hope that this article will help you to start your Alchemy quest journey during the event.

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