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Explore The Devastate Rune In WoW SoD

Players have been wondering what is Devastate Rune in WOW SoD.

It is a warrior rune that enhances your character’s ability and gameplay.

The Devastate Rune in WoW SoD provides extra damage when in Defensive Stance with a shield, starting at 100% weapon damage and increasing by 10% per use, making it a formidable tool against strong enemies.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Devastate Rune in WoW SoD.

What Is Devastate Rune In WoW SoD?

In WoW Classic: Season of Discovery (SoD), the Rune of Devastate is a special power for Warrior gloves.

Further, when you equip this rune, it imparts a notable advantage.

If you’re in a Defensive Stance and have a shield, using Sunder Armor also deals extra damage.

It starts at 100% weapon damage, but the damage increases by 10% each time you’ve used Sunder Armor before.

So, the more you stack it up, the stronger your attacks become.

Additionally, the Devastate Rune shines when facing strong enemies or elites.

Moreover, it’s like a warrior’s secret move to take down tough enemies.

To get this awesome power, you need to complete certain quests and bring specific monster heads to different characters in the game.

Once you have the Devastate Rune, your warrior will be even more formidable in the world of WoW SoD.

devastate rune wow sod
Devastate Rune in SoD is a useful warrior rune.

Devastate Rune Location In WoW SoD

Here are the different locations of the Devastate rune and how to get to it:

1. Night Elf Location

You must gather Severed Tiger Head, Severed Owl Head, and Severed Spider Head.

Further, go to Delwynna in Darnassus, near the Leatherworking trainers.

Once you’ve gathered the heads, turn in the heads to Delwynna.

2. Human Location

You must collect the Severed Kobold Head and Severed Murloc Head.

Likewise, visit Viktoria Woods in Stormwind after completing Monster Hunter quests in Old Town near LW/Skinning trainer.

3. Dwarf and Gnome Location

You must gather Severed Troll Head, Pristine Trogg Heart, and Severed Wendigo Paw.

Also, find Junni Steelpass in Kharanos, Dun Morogh after completing the Monster Hunter quest for Wendigo Paw.

4. Orc and Troll Location

Razor Hill is where players encounter Vahi Bone Splitter, the NPC initiating the quest for the Devastate Rune.

Find her between the gate and the fortress in Razor Hill.

talk to vahi
You will encounter Vahi Bone Splitter, the NPC.

Players need to defeat particular enemies, including harpies, quillboars, and centaurs.

Moreover, after you defeat them, players must collect their heads.

Turn the collected heads into Vahi Bone Splitter.

Completing the quest rewards players with runes, specifically Vero Glory to the Horde.

The combination of the acquired runes unlocks the Devastate ability, a powerful skill for Warriors.

The Bottom Line

In WoW Classic: Season of Discovery, the Devastate Rune is a powerful boost for Warrior gloves.

Equipping it gives a significant advantage – extra damage when using Sunder Armor in Defensive Stance with a shield.

To get this ability, complete specific quests and deliver monster heads to certain characters in the game.

Once you have it, your Warrior becomes even more formidable in the World of Warcraft Season of Discovery.

Happy Gaming!

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