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Discover The Dead Pixie In Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the dead Pixie is a creature found inside a broken moonlantern.

A moonlantern is a magical device that protects the holder from the Shadow Curse.

The dead Pixie and the moonlantern are two related items in Baldur’s Gate 3. The moonlantern is a magical device that uses the life force of a pixie.

This article discusses the dead Pixie in BG3 and the facts related to the dead Pixie and moonlantern.

Introduction To Dead Pixie In BG3

In the Shadow Cursed areas of Act 2, a shattered moonlantern may illuminate the way to the Moonrise Towers.

Apart from that, it is an item that contains a creature called the dead Pixie.

The moonlantern is a magical tool that summons the life energy of a Pixie.

Further, a Pixie can fly and perform spells to create a brilliant light that can banish the Shadow Curse.

Moreover, it can produce deadly dark magic that corrupts and kills anybody who enters the Shadow Cursed regions.

Act 1 introduces you to a goblin named Gut; it claims to have discovered the dead Pixie and the shattered moonlantern in the swamp.

The swamp is the place where you first come across them.

Also, you can try to steal them or convince him to give them to you for free.

If not, he will offer to sell them to you for 100 gold pieces.

However, you must wait until Act 2 to obtain a functional moonlantern.

This is because there is no way to fix the damaged Lantern or bring the dead Pixie to life in Act 1.

How To Get A Working Moonlantern In Act 2?

You must follow a series of events to get a working moonlantern and a live pixie in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3.

It would be best if you first went to the Shadow Cursed region.

It is a gloomy and dangerous region polluted by a Shadow Curse that will kill anybody who enters it.

Then, following the Harper scouts after the conflict at the Last Light Inn will lead you to this location.

Next, track down Kar’niss, a dragon who has caught a living pixie and turned it into a moon lamp.

A moonlantern is a magical creation that harnesses a pixie’s life power to create a brilliant light.

Further, players can locate Kar’niss next to a group of cult members who have discovered a means to escape the curse.

After that, either convince Kar’niss to give you the moonlantern or engage them in combat and seize it forcibly.

You will receive a functioning moon lamp from either choice, but you’ll quickly realize that the Pixie is in pain.

Dealing With A Pixie

After completing the above events, you must decide whether to let the Pixie go or keep it within your Lantern.

dead pixie bg3
You can release the Pixie from your Lantern.

This decision will influence how things turn out for you and how you feel about the Pixie.

Moreover, the Pixie will reward you with a Filigreed Feywild Bell if you let it go.

Also, this will give you the Pixie Blessing condition, shielding you from the Shadow Curse.

You may lose the Pixie Blessing if you engage in behaviors that enrage or offend the Pixie.

These behaviors include murdering innocent creatures or robbing people.

Moreover, if you lose the Pixie Blessing, you’ll need to find another means to avoid the Shadow Curse.

Further, use the Filigreed Feywild Bell to call the Pixie and apologize.

The Bottom Line

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the moonlantern and the dead Pixie are crucial things that impact your outcome and connection with the Pixie.

Therefore, you must be careful with your choices and actions regarding these items, as they may have lasting consequences for yourself and others.

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