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How To Send Items To Camp In BG3?

Send to Camp in BG3 refers to supplying items and foods to free up inventory. 

Moreover, it helps to provide Long Rest for the Players in their base. 

To Send items to Camp in BG3, Players should search for Camp Supply in the Inventory and manage them according to Value. Then, Players must select the specific items for all four characters and Send them to Camp. 

Continure reading to learn about handling camp supplies and approaching the correct way.

What Is Send To Camp?

The Send to Camp feature is used to lessen the carry weightage.

Moreover, the feature allows users to Long Rest in the camp if players are out of the consumables.

Players can Send items to camp, including money, food or any other supplies.

Unfortunately, Players believe this feature is a hassle due to its complexity and inconvenience.

Players should keep two camp supplies for each character for the best use.

Further, if they carry more than six supplies, players cannot distribute them or obtain them.

However, some players face issues with the game as the sent supplies in the camp suddenly disappear. 

In addition, players must use the Send to Camp forty and eighty times for the long rest in lower and higher levels.

Taking a long rest will grant Spell reset, Hitpoints, Spell shorts and Short Resets.

Lastly, this will guide players in completing future events and provide a significant battle advantage. 

How To Get Lost Camp Supplies Back?

For Players who cannot extract the same set of camp items, they should search for a Traveler’s  Chest.

However, Players must be in the Selune Temple, one of the sacred locations in BG3.

Players can locate the Temple at the Goblin’s Camp in the Underdark location.

Furthermore, if Players camp in the location, they can extract the Chest.

The box is found in one of the entrances in the Ornate Doors, where players can locate lost inventory.  

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How To Use: Send To Camp?

For players trying to Send Supplies to Camp to free up the inventory, ensure to follow the procedure;

  1. Visit the Inventory section and search for Camp Supplies.
Inventory Badlur's Gate 3
Search for Camp supplies in the Inventory.
  1. Sort the items according to their Value.
camp supplies
Manage the items according to their Value.
  1. Compare the value of the supplies and Send fewer value items to Camp.
send to camp bg3
Compare the Supply value of all the items.
  1. Select the items, Right Click and Press Send To Camp Option.
send to camp bg3
Enter Send to Camp to supply the items.

Moreover, Send to Camp feature allows users to hollow out their inventory to store additional goods.

However, ensure to check the work of every item before opting to supply in the camp.  

The Bottom Line

The Send to Camp feature is used to free up the Inventory section. 

The feature allows players to take a long rest if they free up space regularly

Moreover, Players can have features including Spell reset, Hitpoints, Spell shorts and Short Resets.

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