What Color Desk should you Get for Home Office?

Having top-notch lightings, the best desk positioning, or ornaments in your workspace could provide an individual the subconscious boost required for their better productivity. 

Among these factors, an essential component people overlook while setting up their office is the color of the work desk you work on. 

Different colors radiate different energy, and a specific color of the work desk could influence the spirit and mood of an individual.

If you were thinking of getting a work desk for your home office, this article contains the options of desk colors you can choose from. 

So, mentioned below are the color types and effects they can have upon a particular individual. Office work desks are generally available in few ranges of colors.

Desk ColorColor VariantsIts Effect on Work Productivity
GreySlate Grey/ Green Grey/ Marengo Grey/ Blue GreyProvides Calmness during Stressful days
RedMaroon Red/ Burgundy Fuschsia Red/ AuburnProvides Energy and Passion
WhiteOff White/ Silver WhiteProvides the feeling of Neatness and order in your Workdesk
BlackOak Black/ Charcoal BlackCreates Effect of Elegance
BrownWooden Brown/ Walnut Brown/ Rustic BrownHelps to relieve stress

So, why don’t we discuss the impact of different colors on your work productivity down below.

Does the Color of your Work Desk Matter?

Home office color influences your psychology on how you work and how productive you can be, how visitors and clients perceive and evaluate your home office.

So choosing a suitable color scheme is critical to effectively presenting yourself to both internal and external audiences.

Different office colors might affect the color of the furniture. The color of the home office furniture will almost certainly matter just as much in practice.

Colorful Home Office
Colorful Home Office (Source: Unsplash)

The central part of your home office is your work desk. Whether you choose a standing or sitting desk, it should complement the rest of your room’s decor.

According to studies, the color of your home office and the color of furniture impact your mind and behavior.

For example, desk color can help you think more clearly, soothe your nerves, and communicate authority and confidence.

Did you know that researchers have proven that colors can affect or influence our emotions?

Colors of Work Desks and Their Effect on Work Productivity

Any color has numerous shades that get included in a work desk. But, these various colors can subliminally trigger hidden energy that can enhance one’s performance.

Mentioned below are some suggestible desk colors for your home office.

1. Grey Colored Desk for Calmness

Grey is a color that’s generally associated with the official and industrial environment. It is neither a perfect black nor a perfect white but a mix with its unique feel. 

Furthermore, similar to the grey color itself, grey desks have a similar product that causes no distraction to the user. Thus, psychologically, the grey color does not cause many effects to a working mind. 

Grey Colored Work Desk for Home Office
Grey Colored Work Desk for Home Office (Source: Amazon)

Pros of Grey-Colored Desk

  • The personality cloaking effect of having a grey desk allows you to work without any environmental distractions.
  • It conveys a message of seriousness and dedication towards your objective.
  • During a time of nervousness and anxiousness, having a grey-colored work desk can help you feel calm. 

Cons of Grey-Colored Desk

  • A grey-colored desk evokes fear and lack of confidence in many people.
  • Having a grey-themed workspace with a central grey work desk might surround you from the outside world.
  • Grey Colored Desk could turn out to be more straining and energy draining.

Furthermore, we always tend to keep ourselves protected and fearful of the unknown and the future.

In such cases, grey visualization can provide a subconscious feeling of security. 

Despite its disadvantages, the use of a grey-colored work desk consists of more pros than cons.

If the properties of grey and its use in your home office feel compatible for you, you can think about purchasing any grey-shaded work desk. 

You can choose among Grey, Slate Grey, Grey Green, Marengo Grey, or Cool/ Blue Grey, some of the most popular.

But, if you feel uncertain about its effects on your productivity, let’s keep on going with the article.

2. Brown-Colored Desk for Relieving Stress

Brown is one of the colors often underrated for its positive effect on work productivity. The natural feeling of dark brown is comforting to the eyes and mind. 

Similarly, the lighter shades provide a warm feeling to the heart. The color brown is as natural as it can get, and seeing the brown color regularly duplicates the effect of the earth, evoking our human connections with nature. 

Brown Colored Work Desk for Home Office
Brown Colored Work Desk for Home Office (Source: Amazon)

Pros of Brown-Colored Desk

  • With a brown-colored work desk, you could get more confident over time with the work.
  • A brown-colored desk Provides relaxation and comfort to an individual during long workdays.
  • Psychologically, brown represents the color of strength and reliability.
  • Much like the earth we see outdoors, brown can be associated with safety, dependability, and resilience. 
  • Brown-colored Desk provides elegance.

Con of Brown-Colored Desk

  • Brown Colored Desk doesn’t reduce the stress level much.
  • The color brown is often considered dull.

Many of the brown-colored elements in nature seem to represent security, stability, and support, such as that of tree trunks and the ground itself. 

Brown-colored desk has more pros than cons. Additionally, the brown-colored Desk may have varied effects depending upon the shade you choose.

3. White-Colored Desk for Neat and Clean Feeling

The white color signifies neatness and an immaculate appearance.

Having a white work desk would allow the worker to perform their daily tasks in a seemingly organized and well-managed workspace, which would assist in producing better output.

All White Work Desk for Home Office
All White Work Desk for Home Office (Source: Unsplash.com)

Pros of White-Colored Desk

  • A white-colored desk provides the feeling of peace and calmness.
  • A white-colored desk looks more neat and clean.

Cons of White-Colored Desk

  • A white-colored desk is not a great choice as it puts you in relaxing mode, which might affect activeness towards work.
  • It can also be challenging to maintain White Desk clean because the color draws attention to even tiny scratches on the surface.

The white reflective surface of white-colored work desks gives off the Desk’s appearance being more extensive than it is. 

However, even when your work gets a handful and all over the place, these spacious-looking surfaces will ease your mind. 

Though having a light color such as white on your work desk would not cause much difference to many people, it could be effective if used in a proper office setup.

4. Red-Colored Desk for Stimulating Activeness and Passion

Red is a color that’s usually associated with rush, passion, and activeness.

The multiple patterns of red color used in work desks are generally a sublime mix with brown with the effects of energized task completion. 

Red indicates the increase in blood flow, heart rate and points towards the scurry in one’s mood.

Similarly, being exposed to a red-colored work desk could benefit you if you’re a calm and collected person.

Maroon Red Colored Work Desk for Home Office
Maroon Red Colored Work Desk for Home Office (Source: Amazon)

Pros of Red-Colored Desk

  • The color red provokes the adrenal glands and neurons and is ideal for getting into an energized mood due to its stimulating effects.
  • The use of a red-colored work desk could provide an effective and active working environment.

Cons of Red-Colored Desk

  •  However, regular exposure to red color could cause stress and frustration.
  •  The stimulating effects of the color red could make an individual hyperactive and cause fatigue after a long day’s work.

Additionally, unlike cool colors like green or blue, regular exposure to red could trigger these emotions.

  • Excitement and Energy
  • Aggression
  • Danger and Warning
  • Dominance
  • Passion and Eagerness

Despite the adverse effect that having a red-colored work desk consists, it could be one of the most productive colors if used correctly. 

A good mix of red in your work desk can boost your work dedication and could help you to produce output more effectively. 

Red working environments might not be for everyone, but you can achieve maximum work dominance if you’re compatible.

Among various shades, you can choose between Maroon, Magenta Red, Burgundy Fuchsia Red, or Auburn.

But, you feel uncertain about its effects on your productivity, let’s keep on going with the article furthermore. 

5. Black-Colored Desk for Elegance

The effects of the color black might vary depending upon a person. For example, black can be associated with attractiveness or elegance. 

A black-colored work desk would surely give your clients the impression of being associated with a competent party. It would also be a significant factor in increasing your drive to work harder. 

Elegant Black Colored Work Desk for Home Office
Elegant Black Colored Work Desk for Home Office (Source: Amazon)

Pros of Black-Colored Desk

  •  A black-colored work desk gives the appearance of elegance and professionalism.
  • A black-colored desk provides strength in decision making and boosts your intelligence.

Despite its advantages, many link the use of black to symbolize negative aspects of various things.

Cons of Black-colored Desk

  • Black Colored Desk symbolized negative aspects of various things.
  • Color Black can evoke anger, fear, sadness, or fear and is generally related to evil or death.
  • During your workday, all the negative aspects associated with black might surface up to divert your attention.

6. Colorful Desk for Mood Booster

The colors mentioned previously are some of the most used and manufactured choices of work desks. But they’re not all there is out there. 

Though rarely used, colorful work desks can also be a motivation booster.

The cheerful colors such as yellow, green, or blue bring out the positive side to your work experience. 

Colorful Work Desk for Home Office
Colorful Work Desk for Home Office (Source: Amazon)

Yellow represents optimism, creativity and would help you bring out the extra steps you require in your creative thinking. 

Green colored work desk brings out harmony and allows the user to work long hours.

It is one of those colors that are easy on the eye and reduces stress over a long time. 

Pros of Colorful Desk

  • Colorful Desk can be a motivation booster.
  • They bring out the positive side of your work experience.
  • Colorful Desk brings out Optimism, Creativity, and Harmony.

There are more advantages of using a colorful desk than disadvantages.

Con of Colorful Desk

  • A colorful work desk might not give the feeling of professionalism.


Be it the wall color or the desk color, it significantly influences your mood, how you feel, and how you think. A relaxing and comfortable work atmosphere can assist you in concentrating on your tasks.

It also depends on the industry in which you work. Some colors are excellent for making decisions. You need to choose the desk color that blends smartly with your home office walls as well.

While choosing the color of your furniture, keep in mind the color of your home office’s walls. Want to find out more about Best Wall color for your Home office?

There is a lot of room for variation in tones of the same color, such as dark blue being more sympathetic than light blue.

The bright red color would be shocking; however, going with Auburn or Maroon would look more elegant.

Finally, colorful work desks or mixed color desks are hard to come around, but they can help boost your work productivity in more ways than you would assume it would.

So, while exploring with colors, be careful to create an overall environment of harmony and balance.

For example, choosing chairs in a similar or contrasting color can help to improve the overall ambiance of your space.

White color lighten the eyes, and the white light will affect our eyes, causing vision problems. However, the brown color is better for a work desk, according to psychological research.

Blue, black, brown, and red are the most stunning colors for your work desk. Finally, it comes down to personal preference; choose whatever calms your nerves and gives you confidence.

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